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Zhenya Gala Videos Collection-2004-2009 & Happy Lantern Festival!

Today is the Chinese traditional holiday-“Lantern Festival” (元宵節) In Taiwan,we will release sky lantern(天燈) to wish our country and people a good fortune!  Happy Lantern Festival to everyone and wish you all peace and happiness And I uploaded All Zhenya’s … Continue reading

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A Lovely Card from Zhenya’s Mom-Svetlana

Today Zhenya’s Mom-Svetlana sent me a lovely card, she is sooo sweet She said: "Dear Zoe !!! Just a little card for you))) It says in Russian- THANK YOU! That’s to you, catts, Alyona, and all the fans that are … Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva: It is not normal to execute all the new routines perfectly at once

Reported by allsport,original link: here’s the translation for what Zhenya said。Many Thanks to Alyona  As I have already told you before the competition started, I wanted to perform with dignity, in a worthy manner. It’s hard to say whether … Continue reading

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  Original Link: Translated by Alyona This preview of the Moscow Grand-Prix tells about first strength examination in Rhythmic Gymnastics before the Olympic Games in London, about tough selection for the Youth Olympics in Singapore and about the hot … Continue reading

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Grand Prix Moscow 2010+Picture of the Day

This weekend comes the first stage of Grand Prix 2010-held in Moscow. For individul senior competition-the Cup of Gazprom will be held on 20 & 21 February. Here’s the start list for 20 Feb.2010 translate with google Indiv. Senior … Continue reading

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RG Calendar 2010, sorry for the late+Some Updates

made some updates @space 1. Added "RG Calendar 2010" in Relative Links which was made by very very detailed!RG competitions started much earlier than usually, this is because of "Youth Olympic Games" and IMO the soccer’s "World Cup @South … Continue reading

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Summary: Zhenya Competitions Results @Senior-2006-2010 Now!

Today I made a summary for Zhenya’s most competitions results @senior (2006-2010 now) Because I started following Zhenya’s competitions from OG Beijing 2008,I can’t get all her events results before year 2008! For sure,2008-2010 now,the list of her competitons results … Continue reading

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PREVIEW (I) : European Championships Bremen Germany-16-18 Apr. 2010

Information from GymMedia.comOriginal Link: Website for ECH Bremen 2010: information:〈=en * P r e v i e w : 26th EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2010 of  R h y t h m i c    G y m n a s … Continue reading

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OMSK – THE CITY WHERE THE STAR WAS BORN-A Great Video Made by Alyona! This video is a short presentation of a beautiful siberian city OMSK. OMSK is a home town of the Olympic and World RG Champion Evgenia KANAEVA. This video contains information gained from Music by Michael Silvanovich ”Omsk Streets” … Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva-News+Interview Videos 2009-33 Files!

3          Dear Zhenya Fans  Chinese New Year is coming-this sunday, 14.Feb.2010! same day with Valentine’s Day this time.And this year is "Year of The Tiger" according to Chinese Calendar (Lunar Calendar)I would like to give you all a special gift!I … Continue reading

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