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Picture of the Day – Evgeniya in 2003 by Tom Theobald

Picture of the Day on the website of photographer Tom Theobald.-Evgenia in 2003! very very cute! He wrote on website: “Young Zhenya… From a recent request to research all Evgeniya images (still working on it). I found the earliest were from … Continue reading

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Zhenya WIKI Project finished! This is a gift for Her 20th Birthday!

(Thanks RC for this beautiful photos-Zhenya-Ball-Final-GP Thiais 2010) Dear Zhenya fans: catts, Alyona and I made a gift for Zhenya’s upcoming 20th Birthday! We called it “Zhenya WIKI Project” Before Zhenya’s profile in wiki was very poor only few information. So … Continue reading

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Grand Prix Thiais 2010

Zhenya will be in Thiais this weekend (Thanks her mom Svetalana confirmed me this information  )  Official Website: List: Full Results of AA Results EF Best Wishes for Zhenya!!!P.S. Zhenya’s Mom told me France was Zhenya’s first … Continue reading

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Introduce “Master of Sports”-Unified Sports Classification System of the USSR

  Written by Alyona On December 4, 2009 Evgenia Kanaeva was awarded to the title of the Honored Master of Sports. A special badge with serial number was handed to her by Irina Tchashina at Galina Gorenkova’s Memorial Cup in … Continue reading

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The Rite of Spring: Nijinsky vs Disney!

Since Zhenya use this music for her Hoop 2010,I totally fall in love with this piece!!! haha  Actually I have the album for a very long time,but rarely listen to it till Zhenya used it orz…The music is so complicated, … Continue reading

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What would you say to her when you meet Zhenya in person first time

  OK one week rest for Zhenya! that’s good for her, she need it!Since there is no competition for ZhenyaI create this topic: What would you say to her when you meet Zhenya in person first time!Actually this was a question that … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day: Zhenya Gala photo @Portimao 2010!

  Beautiful one!!! I watched this many many times when I first saw it. Zhenya’s posture is simply great!!!  Event: World Cup Portimao 2010 Date: 14-Mar-2010 Taken by Raquel Esteves here’s her photos album for previous “Picture of the Day” please … Continue reading

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Some Zhenya video clips translation!

English translated by Alyona! Billion Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!News report+Zhenya short interview @Russia Championship 2010 on January 2010RG sank-peterburg         Zhenya said: ”The routines are much more difficult with a lot of apparatus work, with new elements, new images. And of course new is always better, because … Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva: The Last Tsarina-a very good montage by Anita!

  This is a great montage which was made by Anita, sooo good with a wonderful music!And Congratulations Anita, She won a montage contest with this video+another one(montage contest results video: )   Music Title: Fill My Heart by Two Steps From HellAlbum: Legend

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World Cup Portimao 2010, 11-14 Mar

Non-Stop! after WC Debrecen this weekend Zhenya will participate World Cup Portimao. Official Website: Senior Individual Participants List: Senior Individual participants list by FIG Schedule: 11 Mar | Tuesday 5.30-8.00 – Juniors Individuals (Rope and Hoop) 9.00-9.20 – Open Cerimony “Estrelinhas … Continue reading

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