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World Cup Montreal 2010-Finals!

 Thanks Tom for this beautiful photo (my favorite leo )Few hours later, apparatus finals will start! 13:15 local time! (Montreal is GMT-5)ALL THE BEST FOR ZHENYA @EVENT FINALS!!!!! GO GO ZHENYA!!!!! GOOOOOOO!!!!! ДАВАЙ ДАВАЙ Женечка!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ДАВАЙ ДАВАЙ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will update … Continue reading

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Here Comes the First 2010 Competiton for Zhenya: WC Montreal+AA videos

OK,2010 season started now! This weekend Zhenya will show her new 4 rouitnes @first World Cup of this seaon! The organization of Montreal will provide on-line broadcast for both 2 days of senior competition!and for your reference Montreal is GMT-5,13 … Continue reading

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Translation: ETO Sport Magazine-No.22 Nov/Dec 2009

On-Line Link:  This article, originally written in Russian for ETO Sport On-Line Magazine, tells about the results of the Galina Gorenkova Cup, which was held in Omsk in the end of 2009. Here you will read short interviews of … Continue reading

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Introduce National Anthem of Russia Federation by Alyona

                 Evgenia Kanaeva singing National Anthem @OG Beijing 2008 by wanwan0402 When I was a child, my first music lesson at school was learning the National Anthem of Soviet Union. Every child had to know it by heart. Years later … Continue reading

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Received Zhenya’s Photo Taken with Our Big Parcel Today!

Updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally I received Zhenya’s photo taken with our Big Parcel today!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooooo Lovely and Cute! Like Fanny said before: CUTENESS OVERLOAD I will send this lovely photo to those persons that took part in this project in private.I am very … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day: Ira Awarded the Certificate of “Honored Master of Sports” to Zhenya!

Photo from ETO Sport Magazine No.22-Nov/Dec.2009 awarded the certificate of “Honored Master of Sports” to Zhenya! Event: Gorenkova Cup-OMSK RG competition-02-06.Dec.2009 Date: 06.Dec.2009 Sooo glad to see it was Ira to give this Honor to Zhenya! Two Legend RG … Continue reading

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News: Best 10 Sportsmen of Russia 2009 + catts’ Montage

Zhenya received “Silver Doe” @2009 original russian news link: Zhenya was selected to the “Best 10 Sportsmen of Russia 2009” ! This list was selected by russian journalists. All the winners will receive “Silver Doe” award @end of Jan. Zhenya got this … Continue reading

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Updated-Zhenya Has Seen All the Gifts!!!

Dear Zhenya fans: Good news from Svetlana,I just got her e-mail,Zhenya has opened the parcel but she has intense trainings so she asked Svetlana to tell BIG BIG THANKS to me and to EVERYONE who sent her these amazing and … Continue reading

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YOU NAME IT! by Alyona

YOU NAME IT! written by Alyona Many people are confused by the variety of the names a Russian person can have. Some people even think that all the additional names are nick-names, but they aren’t. Today we will throw light … Continue reading

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Updated: Our Big Parcel to Zhenya!

Dear Zhenya fans, sorry for the late, due to the New Year and Christmas holidays in Russia from 01.Jan.-11.Jan.2010, so the parcel took so long time. I was very worried about this, because this parcel is not just mine, it … Continue reading

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