Evgenia Kanaeva: It is not normal to execute all the new routines perfectly at once

Reported by allsport,original link:
here’s the translation for what Zhenya said。Many Thanks to Alyona 

As I have
already told you before the competition started, I wanted to perform with
dignity, in a worthy manner. It’s hard to say whether I managed it. I would say
fifty-fifty. On one hand, two gold medals in event finals and one in all around
is good. On the other hand some time I was not happy about my performances. I
lost the routines which I executed with mistakes. I need to go on working at
them. They are far from being perfect. Especially rope and ribbon. You see, as
soon as I miss a little part of the performance, I lose (smiles). But it is
good. Last year in the beginning of the season I was also losing. Don’t think
that I win always, I often lose event finals. But till now I have always won
the AA. It would be not normal to execute all the new routines perfectly at
once. It is good that mistakes appear now, because there is time to correct
them. There is one and a half month to the European Championship and we must manage
BTW,this is a news clip with a short Zhenya’s interview at the end
Click here
Translation: Zhenya said “The judging was very good. They were right to give me less points when I didn’t perform my elements well  and when I did well I got what I deserved.  It was absolutely fair and I am satisfied.”

Evgenia Kanaeva: 馬上就能把所有的成套都做得很完美是不正常的
allsports的報導: http://allsportinfo.ru/index.php?id=37736
Chinese translated by Zoe Wan
note: 只翻譯Zhenya的訪問,文章其他內容就是寫Zhenya在這次GP的比賽成績。

就像我在比賽之前跟你說過的,我希望自己的表現很體面,很值得觀賞。很難說我是否達成自己的目標。我會說一半一半吧。決賽的兩面金牌跟全能的一個成套,表現的好。另一方面,有時我對自己的演出感到不開心。當輸掉了那些我出現失誤的成套。我需要多加訓練,他們離完美還有一段差距。特別是繩跟彩帶。你看,一旦我有一些小瑕疵,我就輸了 (笑)。但這是好現象,去年在賽季初我也是會輸,不要認為我總是贏,我經常輸掉單項決賽。但直到現在我總是贏個人全能。馬上就能把所有的成套都做得很完美是不正常的。現在出現失誤是好事,因為還有時間去修正。距離歐錦賽還有一個半月的時間,在那之前我們必須做好。以下是一個新聞影片,結尾有Zhenya的小訪問。
Click here
中譯-Zhenya說 “裁判非常好,當我表現不好時給我比較低的分數,當我做得好時給我應得的分數。這絕對公平,我很滿意。”

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  1. Wan and catts says:

    Alyona:Glad your laptop is OK now. I sent you a msn message, when you are on-line, pls check.

  2. alyona says:

    Dear Zoe! Thank you very much for your warm words and greetings! My laptop got virus yesterday evening and I was fighting with it for half of the day. Now everything is ok. Difficulties make us stronger))))) Today I got many greetings and some nice presents. I am very happy to have such nice friends even if some of them are virtual)))). Hope we can meet one day!

  3. Wan and catts says:

    To Our Translation Queen-Alyona :))) Happy Birthday!!! I thanks for everything for what you did-translations, your beautiful art design, and the great support to this space! But the most precious thing is your friendship! Many Many Good Wishes to You! May God be with You!

  4. Wan and catts says:

    Alyona! BILLION TAHNKS FOR THE TRANSLATION!!!Love sooo much about Zhenya\’s talking <333。such a good attitude toward to her lost and weakness!小兔子總是這麼謙虛+實事求是實在太讓人喜歡了。不自大自滿,知道自己的弱點並勇於承認且努力去改進,真是RG界的模範生。

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