Evgenia Kanaeva-News+Interview Videos 2009-33 Files!

Dear Zhenya Fans 

Chinese New Year is coming-this sunday, 14.Feb.2010! same day with Valentine’s Day this time.
And this year is "Year of The Tiger" according to Chinese Calendar (Lunar Calendar)
I would like to give you all a special gift!
I uploaded all the news and interview videos of Zhenya in year 2009 that I collected: 33 files totalled!!!
from the very beginning to the end of year 2009, hopefully you will like this gift.

I uploaded to two places-two folder’s links
1. Mediafire:
Evgenia Kanaeva-News+Interview Videos 2009
2. MSN SkyDrive: MSN SkyDrive-Evgenia Kanaeva-News+Interview Videos-2009
3. 2nd MSN SkyDrive: http://cid-195a5d8881ad6fe8.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Evgenia%20Kanaeva-News+Interview%20Videos%202009

Following is the list of 33 files, some videos you can find in my youtube channel!

Evgenia Kanaeva-News+Interview Videos-2009

01. Japan Premium Project-Fuji TV-News-End of Jan.2009.wmv
02. Japan Premium Project-NTV-News Zero-End of Jan.2009.wmv
03. Japan Premium Project-NTV-Oha! 4-End of Jan.2009.wmv
04. Japan Premium Project-NTV-Real Time-End of Jan.2009.wmv
05. Japan Premium Project-NTV-Zoom In Super-End of Jan.2009.wmv
06. Zhenya in Japanese program-Japan Premium Project 2009.mp4
07. Zhenya-News Report+Short Interview-Miss Valentine 2009.wmv
08. Zhenya-interview-GP Moscow 2009-1st day.wmv
09. Zhenya-interview-GP Moscow 2009-2nd day.wmv
10. News Report-GP Moscow 2009-1st day.wmv
11. News Report-GP Moscow 2009-2nd day.wmv
12. Zhenya-Interview-GP Brno 2009.avi
13. Zhenya-Interview-OMSK-08 Apr 2009.flv
14. Zhenya on Radio-OMSK-09.Apr.2009.asf
15. Zhenya-Interview-before EC Baku 2009.asf
16. News-RUS RG Team Trainning Before EC 2009.wmv
17. Zhenya-News+Short Interview Video-Russia Nationals 2009.asf
18. Zhenya-Interview-Russia Nationals 2009.flv
19. Zhenya-News-AA Final-Russia Nationals 2009.ivr
20. Zhenya-News+Short Interview Clip-Universiade 2009.flv
21. Zhenya-Interview-WC Mie 2009-11.Sep.2009.wmv
22. Zhenya-News+Short Interview Clip-WC Mie 2009-01.flv
23. Zhenya-News+Short Interview Clip-WC Mie 2009-02.flv
24. Zhenya-Back to RUS after WC Mie 2009-01.wmv
25. Zhenya-Back to RUS after WC Mie 2009-02.flv
26. Zhenya-Back to RUS after WC Mie 2009-03.flv
27. Zhenya-back to OMSK-after WC Mie 2009-01.asf
28. Zhenya-back to OMSK-after WC Mie 2009-02.flv
29. Zhenya-Back to OMSK after WC Mie 2009-03.flv
30. Zhenya-Back to OMSK+Press Conference after WC Mie 2009.flv
31. Zhenya Interview-after Galina Gorenkova’s Memorial Cup-OMSK-08.Dec.2009.flv
32. Zhenya Won Breakthrough Award-17.Dec.09.avi
33. News+Interview Clip-Zhenya New Routines Training-22.Dec.09.avi

and there is one more-Zhenya’s documentary-Step
to Success-with english subtitle-HQ

I released it on the space @16.Jan.2010


Download Link:



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10 Responses to Evgenia Kanaeva-News+Interview Videos 2009-33 Files!

  1. Michel says:

    I\’m glad that we have in midsummer at most "only" 32-35°C (record was on one day 40°C). But what I always say: More clothes you can dress always, but undress has sometime an end *ggg*. Therefore, I don\’t like the midsummer… but to each their own.

  2. Wan and catts says:

    Added another MSN SkyDrive\’s download link (I opened to everyone): http://cid-195a5d8881ad6fe8.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Evgenia%20Kanaeva-News+Interview%20Videos%202009補上另一個MSN SkyDrive下載連結, 權限已開放給所有人@Michel: Yes, Maybe you should move to Russia someday. 😀 just kidding.Actually, Svetlana also didn\’t like sooo cold weather, she said: "we miss summer"An Italian fan told me 2 days ago : I am so lukcy, got 30°C+, catts said the same to me too. But got so high temperature in winter, you can image how hot is here in summer. we got almost +40°C, usually around +38°C in summer! I can\’t see it\’s lucky to live in a place sooo HOT! too cold or too hot both no good, but -30°C is more horrible.小兔媽媽也不喜歡這麼冷的天, 她說他們想念夏天, 那天有個義大利fan跟我說我很Lucky. 住在這麼溫暖的地方, 她說她受不了冬天. 他們那裡約零下1 or 2°C吧。可是我得說冬天都能熱到33度, 你們可以想像夏天會有多熱了, 那是將近40度的高溫, 夏天大約是38度上下。我可一點不覺得在這麼熱的地方很Lucky. 過熱跟過冷都不好吧。不過感覺零下30度比較可怕。

  3. Michel says:

    Happy Chinese New Year!-30°C is a good (my) temerature, we have now only -5°C. For this we have since over nine weeks every day snow (now a little bit it snows again). From +20°C without wind it becomes disagreeable for me, +30°C is for me the horror *aarrrgh*. Sometimes I think I live in the wrong country…

  4. Wan and catts says:

    @Mónica & Yao: Thanks for your greeting and you\’re welcome :)BTW, Zhenya\’s Mum-Svetlana told me in her e-mail: it\’s very cooold now in OMSK- about -30ºC! And there is not so much snow this year, which is not nice, when it snows it\’s much warmer usually. just few days ago, we got 33ºC here. what a big contrast between Taiwan and OMSK! but after that day the temperature decrease fast and start to rain, you will feel more cold when it\’s cold and wet! it\’s about 12-18ºC here this week, the central Taiwan.小兔媽媽在她最新的那封e-mail中說: OMSK非常冷, 目前溫度是 -30ºC! 因為今年雪下的比較少, 所以更冷. 我在台中, 幾天前曾熱到33ºC, 真是非常大的反差! 但之後天氣就變冷了還下雨. 又濕又冷的天氣感覺會更冷. 這週台灣中部的溫度大約是12-18ºC。

  5. Ира says:

    Zoe, than you so much! Big collection!Happy Chinese New Year!!

  6. Wan and catts says:

    @Michel:Thanks, but I already putted these two in "Zhenya WC Mie 2009 videos Package" I don\’t think need to add these two in this ablum. These two videos are with routines not just news or interview.

  7. Michel says:

    @Zoe: The interview from Croatia and one from Mie (with a Japanese reporter) is missing too.

  8. Hsu says:


  9. Wan and catts says:

    Added one interview video-"Zhenya-Interview-GP Brno 2009.avi". so it\’s 33 files in totalled! Thanks Michel for reminding me.漏了一個GP Brno的訪問, 感謝Michel提醒, 已經補傳, 所以總共是33個檔案!

  10. Wan and catts says:

    By the wy, I received Zhenya\’s Mum-Svetlana\’s greeting letters today and yesterday. <33333 I am very very happy and there is a special words for me in today\’s letter!!! this is really me made me happy*thousand times ^_^ 昨天跟今天小兔媽媽都來信, 祝我跟家人新年快樂, 也代Zhenya向我問候, 真是太高興了, 尤其今天這封, 有個關鍵句讓我非常非常的高興!!! 撒花~~~

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