RG Calendar 2010, sorry for the late+Some Updates

made some updates @space
1. Added "RG Calendar 2010" in Relative Links which was made by
GymMedia.com very very detailed!
RG competitions started much earlier than usually, this is because of "Youth Olympic Games" and IMO the soccer’s "World Cup @South Africa"。According to this calendar,the last stage of RG’s world cup this season is WC Pesaro @beginning of June, just before the opening of soccer’s World Cup! Maybe it’s because FIG wants to avoid this BIGGEST EVENT of 2010!
and there are sooo many competitions @MarchSEVEN events! Many events are held at the same time or very close in this season. it will reduce gymnasts’ load, and this is good for Zhenya!!! 

2. Uploaded SEVEN colors Cheburashka photos to "Cheburashka Photo Album". very cute! Big Thanks to Michel!!!  
Now there are red、blue、white、orange、pink、purple、and yellow-7 colors。but still dosen’t not have "Green"。

3. Uploaded more Zhenya photos to "GP
Final Berlin 2009
Special Letter Paper-Designed by RC

photos 2008+2009+2010"、"Little
and Young Zhenya
photo albums。

Photo by Tom Theobald

1. 左邊欄位的Relative Links新增了 "RG Calendar 2010"。這是GymMedia.com網站做的,非常詳細清楚。今年比賽都提前,原因大概就是之前提過的"青年奧運會",還有可能是為了要避開6月至7月的"南非世界盃足球賽"。今年RG世界杯分站賽最後一站-是6月初的 "WC Pesaro",就剛好在足球世界盃開始前結束,因此不由得不這樣猜了。
還有,三月份的比賽非常之多-共有七個賽事! 今年很多比賽不是撞在一起同時舉行就是非常靠近。這樣相對而言也減低選手的負擔,也因此Zhenya今年將不會像去年一樣參加那麼多比賽了,這對她來說是好事。

2. "Cheburashka Photo Album" 上傳了七種顏色的Cheburashka! 造型很可愛,非常感謝Michel提供照片!!!
目前Cheburashka有-紅、藍、白、橘、粉紅、紫、黃,七種顏色! 不過還沒有綠色。

3. 上傳了一些Zhenya的照片到
"GP Final Berlin 2009"、"Zhenya Special Letter Paper-Designed by RC"、"some
photos 2008+2009+2010
"、"Little and Young Zhenya"

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4 Responses to RG Calendar 2010, sorry for the late+Some Updates

  1. Wan and catts says:

    I changed the Calendar Link, now it is linked to FIG\’s website. it\’s more accurate. FIG changed some events\’ schedulehttp://figfront.lx2.sportcentric.com/events?another_year=&event[starts_on(3i)]=1&event[starts_on(2i)]=1&event[starts_on(1i)]=2010&event[ends_on(3i)]=31&event[ends_on(2i)]=12&event[ends_on(1i)]=2010&event[discipline]=4&event[title]=&event[country_id]=&event[city]=&event[event_type_id]=&event[participants]=&event=&display=&commit=Search左邊欄位RG Calendar 2010的Link, 我改了, 改成連到FIG網站上的, 他們的更正確, 因為有些賽程更改了

  2. Michel says:

    Therefore, the Cheburashkas from the last three Olympiads are in white, red and blue – the colors of the Russian flag (the Bosco\’s are naturally more expensive as the normals): http://yfrog.com/0wweiblaurotj 🙂

  3. Wan and catts says:

    I hope I can get red, blue and white! the color of Russia National flag 🙂

  4. Michel says:

    If Cheburaschka comes out in green, I\’m the first one, which gets him. I search and find him! *g*

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