Updated-Zhenya Has Seen All the Gifts!!!

Dear Zhenya fans:

Good news from Svetlana,I just got her e-mail,Zhenya has opened the parcel but she has intense trainings so she asked Svetlana to tell BIG BIG THANKS to me and to EVERYONE who sent her these amazing and special gifts…
here I quote Svetlana’s words:

"She(Zhenya) was so amazed by everything, huge picture and all
the cards  and DVD!!!!!!!!! She even seemed sort of shocked by all of this, it
really really made her happy. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! You can’t
imagine  how much it means  for her and for all of us. Thank YOU and  all the
FANS, what a gift to have people like that as fans."

Zhenya will send me the photo today and she will write a letter, send it to Svetlana, and Svetlana will translate it for me.

Keep waiting my next update, I will forward this Svetlana’s letter to those who participated this project.


WAHAHAHA I am SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY to know that Zhenya was HAPPY!!!!!
Zhenya is always so
diligent,No wonder I love her SO MUCH and willing to do so many things for HER!!!!!
哈哈哈哈 太開心了!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 而且Zhenya這麼勤奮,真不愧我這麼疼她,為她做這麼多了。
Zhenya要好好加油喔!!!!! 永遠支持你 !!!!! GO GO ZHENYA KANAEVA !!!!!

here’s Zhenya Hoop 2010-Russia Championship 2010-BIG Thanks to the Uploader!!!
Music: The Rite of Spring by Stravinsky
I LOVE THIS ROUTINE VERY MUCH,I love all her news rouitnes,but HOOP is my favorite so far!!! Simply amazing and powerful!!!!!

for download this video click here
Evgenia Kanaeva-Hoop-Russia Championship 2010

I also uploaded full version music
The Rite of Spring by Stravinsky-including 2 parts

and and here comes the BALL WOW WOW WOW NO WORDS beautiful elegent difficult and my beloved Preisner’s Music, now My favorite goes to Ball!!!!!
and tudou, Thanks RC for uploading

for download, click here:
Zhenya Kanaeva-Ball-Russia Championship 2010
and I uploaded the full version music-mp3 as well, it contains 2 songs
01. Kanaeva-Ball 2010-Full Version-01-Loss-Preisner
02. Kanaeva-Ball 2010-Full Version-02-Decision-Preisner

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15 Responses to Updated-Zhenya Has Seen All the Gifts!!!

  1. SUMI says:

    Wow~~~!! great!! Please let me know If you have another project! I will take a participation it for any reason!!!

  2. ★勰小cC★ says:


  3. Wan and catts says:

    Seems msn space has problem again, all the pictures were not showed orz….msn space又有問題了, 圖片全部都無法顯示 orz….Now It\’s difficult for me to choose only one for favorite. When I watched the ball routine and listened to the music last night, I was totally in this beautiful and some kind sad ball routine. Today I watched Hoop few times again, I find that I still love Hoop very much. Hoop & Ball, different style, I LOVE BOTH VERY MUCH! (L)(L)(L)昨晚剛看了Ball時, 一整個被那優美哀傷, 充滿回憶的音樂跟Zhenya絕美且難度超級高的動作所吸引, 情緒完全沈浸在這套rouitne裡, 可是今天我又看了幾次Hoop, 發覺我還是很喜歡這套, 要我只選一個最喜歡的很難, 兩套的風格完全不同, 我都非常愛 <3333333

  4. says:


  5. Laura says:

    OMG!! OMG!! the ball routine! I can\’t believe it!! SPECTACULAR! Superb music, wonderful choreography,beautiful elegance and marvellous DIFFICULTY! It\’s really difficult can choose just one routine…They are extraordinarily magnificent. But If I have to say one routine, I would choose ball routine.2010 Zhenya\’s routines are very good and extremely difficult. I\’m sure we will say PERFECTION every time we see her.Я ♥ Евгения Канаева!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  6. alyona says:

    SPEECHLESS is the word to describe the impression evoked by the new ball routine. It takes your breath away and leaves you speechless. So much innovative and beautiful. Of course, not everything goes smoothly yet, but it takes time to reach the perfection. And I am sure that Zhenya will achieve it!

  7. RC says:

    哈哈哈,不仅是充满回忆的音乐,某动作对于CHN RG fans来说也绝对是充满回忆和感慨。。。

  8. Wan and catts says:

    兔子:我貼了, 包括你的土豆, 這套真的太太太美了, 音樂又是我很愛的, 充滿回憶的音樂啊~~~影片跟音樂完整版mp3我都上傳到SkyDrive了。added Zhenya\’s new ball routine video to the article, and I uploaded the video, full version ball music to the SkyDrive,check the download link at article!!!

  9. RC says:


  10. Wan and catts says:

    @Michel, Don\’t worry, I had already sent Svetlana a greeting card with amulets to All Kanaeva Family and Shtelbaums last Saturday, soon she will get my package :)別擔心, 我上個禮拜去龍山寺幫Zhenya全家人跟Shtelbaums都各求了平安符,然後已於上週六寄了卡片+平安符給小兔媽媽。當然還是寄到Novogorsk,過不久小兔媽媽就會收到了。

  11. Michel says:

    Shocked ist good *haha* – this face I would liked seen :)Also thank you to Svetlana, who takes care so good around the fans and wants to translate the letters (much work). Actually, one should also send her fan letters – would be a nice idea *ggg*.

  12. Wan and catts says:

    hehehe few days later, Zhenya will get another my package. Hope she will be surprised and happy too。:)再過幾天, Zhenya會再收到我另一個包裹, 希望到時她也會很高興, 我想如果小兔媽媽沒事先跟她說的話, 應該也會覺得surprised的。^-^@Motai: 我會把你的音樂寄給小兔子跟小兔媽媽。

  13. RC says:


  14. monv says:


  15. alyona says:

    New Hoop routine is really amazing! When I watched it for the first time (Laura, thank you for the link!), I didn\’t know the plot of the ballet \’\’Rite of Spring\’\’. After watching Zhenya\’s performance I searched for the description of the ballet in google and was absolutely amazed, because I had created the same image in my head while watching the new routine. Although there were mistakes, Zhenya managed to express music perfectly. She is a true actress! Here I join Zoe – so far this is my favourite routine!

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