Updated: Our Big Parcel to Zhenya!

Dear Zhenya fans,

sorry for the late, due to the New Year and Christmas holidays in Russia from 01.Jan.-11.Jan.2010, so the parcel took so long time. I was very worried about this, because this parcel is not just mine, it contains many other people’s greeting and gifts, and I am the person in charge of this project, I have the responsibility to those Zhenya fans that trust in me. Therefore I kept in touch with Zhenya’s Mom Svetlana all these days! She is such a nice, kind and goodhearted person always give me immediately reply.

and I just got her letter again, our big parcel finally arrived Novogorsk Training Centre @16-Jan-2010. But at that moment Zhenya was in St. Petersburg for Russia Championship. Anyway, Svetlana told Zhenya the receiver’s last name and Zhenya is going to find out! Soon she will get all our gifts and give us a respond.

I will keep to inform you the newest situation.

Thank you!

Best Wishes


I finally can release the stone upon my heart all these days, when I read
Svetlana’s warm letter
that moment and after that for a long time till now this morning I am still
very emotional. I got tears in my eyes.



但是我是個急性子的人,加上自己統籌整件事,包裹裡的東西如果只是我的就算了,那是包含那麼多人的祝福,我得對信任我的這些Zhenya Fans負責,因此我始終無法安心。經常地我上郵局的線上查詢系統去check最新的消息,可是始終令人失望,好多天了系統的資料一直停在12月31日。

是上週六的時後送到了Novogorsk,雖然當時Zhenya人在St. Petersburg,所以包裹是由別人代收,但小兔媽媽已經告訴Zhenya代收者的姓名,Zhenya會去找那個人。

禮物很多,還有信件,所以我想要一些時間Zhenya才能慢慢看完。我是已經先將我自己附在裡面手寫的信備份的scan file傳給小兔媽媽了,這樣她可以先幫Zhenya翻譯,呵。


Best Wishes

WanWan/ 萬萬

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17 Responses to Updated: Our Big Parcel to Zhenya!

  1. Wan and catts says:

    Considering the first competition-WC Montreal is coming, Zhenya need to practice her new routines, plus there are so many stuff @the big parcel and need Her Mom-Svetlana to translate everything for her. so even I am so impatient and eager to get Zhenya\’s respond and the photo. We should be patient, let Zhenya focus on her job @this moment. after all RG is always the priority for Zhenya and the BEST way to show her heart to her fans!考慮到本季Zhenya的第一個比賽WC Montreal就在下週末了, 她需要積極的投入練習新的rouitnes+我們的包裹裡有太多東西, 並且需要小兔媽媽一一幫Zhenya翻譯, 她看完需要一些時間. 因此即始我是急性子的人而且迫不及待想收到Zhenya的回信跟照片, 但還是要讓Zhenya專心做她現階段該做的事, 畢竟RG才是她的priority, 也是她對fans展現真心的最佳方式.

  2. Hsu says:

    CooL~ 好期待!!!

  3. Michel says:

    I\’m already excited, I\’m looking forward to the photo with Zhenya and the package. If she is surprised and happy, is everything achieved.

  4. RC says:


  5. Wan and catts says:

    To All:Updated!!! Got Svetlana\’s letter @midnight, Zhenya got the parcel, Svetlana said she was sooo surprised how big that parcel was! but Zhenya was in a hurry to get to training, so Svetlana couldn\’t talk to her long, and she didn\’t open it yet. Zhenya promised will take a photo with the parcel/ or our gifts after training! and Svetlana promised that she will translate everything for Zhenya半夜的時候小兔媽媽跟我報告最新狀況, Zhenya打電話跟她說拿到包裹了, 但當時她急著要去訓練所以小兔媽媽不能跟她講太久, 且Zhenya還沒拆開包裹. Zhenya非常驚訝那包裹那麼大! 她答應等訓練後會跟包裹(or禮物)拍張照片, 小兔媽媽承諾會為Zhenya翻譯所有的內容.keep waiting for my next updating, I will post an article when Zhenya have time to take a look the whole gifts and give me a respond.等Zhenya有時間看完所有東西&給我回應的時候, 我會再發一篇通知. p.s. Thanks Motai, 兔子, "沒有名稱"的Stella小姐, m_nn & Laura ^_^

  6. Laura says:

    Great news! Zoe, thank you so much for your incredible hard work (L)

  7. Stella says:


  8. m_nn says:


  9. RC says:


  10. monv says:


  11. says:


  12. Wan and catts says:

    I made some modification to this article/ 文章做了一些修改。

  13. Wan and catts says:

    Alyonka, 巧克力, Michel & Joao,Thank you all, I wrote down some of my feelings for the whole thing in Chinese.Anyway, I am happy and relax, some how felt like crying when I read Svetlana\’s letter. I was very touched by her warm words. I thanks fot that there so many good people around me, all my dear friends, Zhenya and Her Mom-Svetlana. <33333THANKS to EVERYONE!

  14. Lion says:

    Yes, I agree with alyona, great news *-*

  15. Michel says:

    At last, was about time * joy *.

  16. Hershey says:


  17. alyona says:

    Great news! Better late than never! I am sure Zhenya will be happy to see all the nice messages and presents that we sent to her. It can be a good motivation for the coming season, because for each artist and sportsman the love and support of the fans are really very important!

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