Received Zhenya’s Photo Taken with Our Big Parcel Today!

Finally I received Zhenya’s photo taken with our Big Parcel today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooooooooooooo Lovely and Cute! Like Fanny said before: CUTENESS OVERLOAD 
I will send this lovely photo to those persons that took part in this project in private.

I am very Happy Happy Happy right now!
Zhenya does have intense trainings and soon competitions,so she asked her Mom to send me this photo and say thanks to me and all my friends that made these gifts for her

Wishes Zhenya can perform well @up coming competition-WC Montreal


BTW here’s Zhenya’s new ribbon-2nd version!
Different leotard and few modifications to the routine. better execution!

For download click here:
Zhenya Ribbon-2nd version-Russia Championships 2010

And here’s Zhenya-Hoop 2010-Full HD version! BIG BIG THANKS TO yBRUNA
for download click here: avi 45.4 MB
Zhenya Kanaeva-Hoop 2010-Russia Championships_(FullHD).avi

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13 Responses to Received Zhenya’s Photo Taken with Our Big Parcel Today!

  1. Michel says:

    A few hours ago, I could see the great picture finally. If the package was still a little bit bigger, I wouldn\’t see Zhenya any more *gg*. Her smile… simply fascinating 🙂

  2. Steven says:

    嗯嗯 沒關係~~可以請問Zhenya的媽媽是在莫斯科跟你接洽的嗎還是在omsk??

  3. Wan and catts says:

    msn space occured error again. all photos can\’t be showed Orz…….. :(space又出狀況, 圖片又全部無法顯示 Orz……..

  4. Wan and catts says:

    @巧克力Hershey:我也很想撲上去, 呵呵. I also want to give Zhenya a big hug when I saw this lovely photo ^_^
    Hershey said: finally she knew how big the parcel is! you can tell from the contrast between Zhenya and the big parcel! Zhenya was sooo cute in this photo, really hope can run to give HER a BIG HUG!
    @Laura: Hopefully, our gifts can give Zhenya strength! GO GO ZHENYA KANAEVA!!!
    @Steven:Sorry, 我已經說過了(在, 這是Zhenya的私人照片, 是我特地在寫給她們的信中要求Zhenya跟包裹拍照留念. 我只會分享給有參與計畫的人, 抱歉了.Sorry, this photo is private! It was me asking Zhenya to take a photo with the big parcel in my letter. I only will share this photo with those persons who took part in this project.

  5. Steven says:


  6. Laura says:

    Yes! I\’m very happy! I love the photo. Zhenya looks happy too. I think our gifts have arrived Moscow with a lot of good luck for 2010 Zhenya\’ season.GO ZHENYA!We LOVE you(L)

  7. Hershey says:

    我终于知道包裹到底多大了…….有对比啊有对比…卡纳太可爱了, 真想扑上去…

  8. RC says:


  9. Wan and catts says:

    補上Zhenya Hoop 2010 Full HD version-1080p-Youtube跟下載.Added Zhenya Hoop 2010 Full HD version-Youtube and downlaod link

  10. RC says:


  11. Wan and catts says:

    YA "繼續衛冕" 我喜歡 <3333333 I Love Motai\’s words-"Defending the Champion" ^-^I will print out this photo and put it on my desk, watch it EVERYDAY ^-^Now this photo is the wallpaper of my cell phone :)我要把照片洗出來放相框擺在我桌上, 每天膜拜一番 hehe現在這張照片已經是我的手機桌布了 ^_^

  12. monv says:


  13. monv says:


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