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This article, originally written in Russian for ETO Sport On-Line Magazine, tells about the results of the Galina Gorenkova Cup, which was held in Omsk in the end of 2009. Here you will read short interviews of Irina Tchashina, Evgenia Kanaeva, Daria Dmitrieva and Elena Arais (Zhenya’s first coach and the judge of the tournament). As always Zhenya is very modest and thankful for the support of the fans)))). Enjoy reading and feel free to leave a comment!


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Evgenia Kanaeva has won the All Around competition of the traditional memorial cup of Galina Gorenkova. No one could doubt the victory of the Olympic Champion for today she is an absolute leader of the world’s rhythmic gymnastics. But she insists that the all the competitors were very strong!

More than a hundred of gymnasts from Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Uzbekistan and Belorussia took part in the competition. Different regions and countries were represented by 16 teams.
By tradition the competition was held in two “weight categories”. At first there was a tournament among young Russian gymnasts who were trying to achieve Master of Sports degree. The second part of the competition was held among the gymnasts of the international level.
The honorable guests of the tournament – Galime Shugurova and Irina Tchashina – with great pleasure watched performances of the strongest gymnasts of Russia and other countries.

– When I am here, I always experience happiness, – says Irina Tchashina. – It has become a good tradition of mine to visit this tournament in Omsk every year. Here I started my career, many times I took part in this competition and I always tried not to miss it. And now it is my duty to visit this event. It gives pleasure to me and at the same time I can see new girls and discover some new talented gymnasts.
– Irina, who do you support at this tournament?

– Of course, the team from Omsk!

– It is almost a year that you work as a vice president of the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation. What does this position mean to you? What are you busy with?

– Vice-president is a very significant social position. My task is to attend competitions, including the most important ones such as European and World Championships, observe and make conclusions. At present we are busy with the preparation for the World Championship, which is going to be held in Moscow in 2010. But my main occupation is at government service. I am Prefect Deputy of the Northern District of Moscow. I am responsible of the sports, mainly sports for the masses, tourism and interregional cooperation.

– Irina Viner, head coach of the National Team, leads the Federation. Please, tell us if your relationship of the “worker-chief” differ from those of “gymnast-coach”.

– Well, I wouldn’t say that my Irina Viner was my coach. My teacher was Vera Shtelbaums. Of course, we used to work under the supervision of Irina Viner, but these are different things. Although I can say that our relationship has changed. I think for the better. Not that it ever was bad, but now it is full of reciprocal respect and understanding. It is a different level of communication. I am not doing sports any more and that’s why I look at the situation from a different angle. I am glad that having retired from the gymnastics, I managed to preserve good relationship with people. Believe me, it is very important.

It was Irina Tchashina who had an honor to award the title of “Honorable Master of Sports of Russia” to her younger friend Evgenia Kanaeva. And Irina did it with great pleasure.

– First of all I would like to wish Zhenya health, which is the main thing in professional sports. Zhenya is a clever girl and she is aware of her goals. I want her to achieve her targets and make all her dreams come true. That is why I wish her good luck!

Gorenkova Cup was the final competition for Evgenia in her really golden season. And here at home in front of all the fans she couldn’t lower the standard. The Olympic Champion won the All around Competition of the international tournament leaving Daria Dmitrieva behind with four point’s difference. Bronze went to Alexandra Narkevich from Belorussia. Her performance impressed even the strictest judges.
– I really enjoyed Sasha’s performance, – says Elena Arais, judge of the international level, – She is very young, only fifteen years old, but she already has a title of European Champion. I am sure that this girl will be a future star, a very talented and promising gymnast.

In the event finals Kanaeva and Dmitrieva divided the gold medals – Evgenia took Hoop and Ribbon and Daria – Ball and Rope. (note by WanWan: Zhenya only took part in Hoop & Ribbon Final)
– I enjoy performing at home! – assures Evgenia. – It is so nice when people welcome me so warmly and girls support me greatly. I am happy to meet my friends again. Many good gymnasts attend Gorenkova Cup and this year was not an exception. Dasha Dmitrieva, Sasha Narkevich, Anya Ryabtseva, Zeynab Dzhavadli are very strong and promising athletes. Our rivalry was very intense. I cannot evaluate my routines; in this matter I absolutely trust the judges and the reaction of the fans (smiles). But I am very happy that I could win.

– At this tournament I feel myself at home, – a runner-up champion Daria Dmitrieva does not look upset.  – The atmosphere here in Omsk is always very warm. They provide good conditions for living and training. I have participated in Gorenkova Cup for five times as a junior and already for the second time as a senior gymnast. This year I am pleased with my own performance. I have shown a good result and won many medals. It was nice to compete with Zhenya Kanaeva, during such competitions I can always gain new experience.

– We tried to organize the tournament on the highest level, – says Elena Arais. – And I think we have succeeded, all the girls and coaches have enjoyed it. This year we have prepared special gifts for our guests from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Estonia and Belorussia. We wanted them to have not only good impressions and emotions after the competition, but we also wanted them to have some memorable gifts which will remind them of the event. And of course, we will always remember those bright and beautiful routines which we could see during those four days!

All Around Podium-Zhenya, Dmitrieva and Narkevich
Chinese translated by Zoe Wan

這篇報導是刊載於OMSK的雙月刊體育雜誌-ETO Sport 第22 期2009年11/12月號。報導2009年12月2日-12月6日在OMSK舉辦的RG賽事-Galina Gorenkova Cup。文章裡有Irina Tchachina、Evgenia Kanaeva、Daria Dmitrieva跟Elena Arais (Zhenya’s 第一任教練跟這場比賽的裁判) 的訪問。一如往常,Zhenya依然非常地謙虛,並感謝所有Fans對她的支持。
Enjoy reading and feel free to leave a comment!


Evgenia Kanaeva贏了很有傳統的memorial cup of Galina Gorenkova的AA冠軍。沒有人能質疑這位奧運冠軍的勝利,她是現今RG世界的領導者,但她堅稱所有的參賽者實力都非常堅強。

來自Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Uzbekistan 跟 Belorussia 超過100名選手參與了這場賽事。不同地區與國家,共分成16個隊伍參與團隊競賽。
“Master of Sports”的水準而努力的年輕選手。第二個層級是國際選手間的競賽。
Galime Shugurova 跟 Irina Tchachina。她們非常榮幸能欣賞俄羅斯跟其他國家實力堅強選手們的表演。

每次我出席這個比賽,我都非常的開心,Irina Tchachina說。每一年回來欣賞OMSK的RG比賽已經成為我一個良好的習慣。我是在這裡開始我的運動生涯,我參與了很多屆比賽,而且我總是盡可能不錯過它。現在出席這個賽事是我的義務。這是我的榮幸而且我能看到新的女孩們並發掘新的具有天賦的選手。
Q: Irina,這個比賽你支持誰?
A: 當然是OMSK的隊伍。
Q: 你擔任RUS RG Federation副總裁 (總裁是Viner) 的職位已經將近一年,這個職位對你的意義是什麼? 你負責的職務是什麼?
A: 副總裁是個意義重大的負責社交的職位,我的任務是出席各項RG賽事,包括最重要的RG比賽,例如歐洲錦標賽跟是世界錦標賽,然後觀察並做好分析跟結論。現階段我們忙著籌畫將於今年九月在莫斯科舉辦的世界錦標賽,但我主要的工作是政府職務。我是莫斯科北區首長的代理人。我負責運動,主要是大眾化運動,旅遊跟區域間合作方面的事務。
Q: 可以告訴我們你跟國家隊的主教練-Irina Viner,你的長官,你們之間的關係是否跟其他的RG教練有所不同?
A: 嗯,我不會說Irina Viner是我的教練,我的教練是Vera Shtelbaums,當然我們向來是在Irina Viner的監督之下工作,但這是不一樣的事情。雖然我可以說我們的關係已經改變了,變的更好。並不是說以前的關係不好,但現在是充滿互相尊重與完全理解的關係。我們已經進入另一階段的溝通。我已經不再從事職業運動,這就是為什麼我可以用不同的角度去看待我們兩人之間的關係。我很開心我從RG引退後,依然跟很多人保持良好的關係,相信我,這是非常重要的。

是Irina Tchachina將“Honorable Master of Sports of Russia”的證書頒發給她的年輕朋友-Evgenia Kanaeva。Irina非常感到榮幸能擔任頒獎嘉賓。
– 首先我希望Zhenya能保持健康,這在職業運動中是最重要的事情。Zhenya是個很聰明的女孩而且她很清楚自己的目標。我祝福她能達成自己所有的目標,實現自己所有的夢想。這就是為什麼我祝福她好運!

Gorenkova Cup是Zhenya這個黃金賽季的最後一場比賽。在這裡,在所有她家鄉的fans面前,她不能降低自己的水準。奧運冠軍以4分的差距-領先第二名的Daria Dmitrieva贏得國際競賽的個人全能冠軍。銅牌是由來自白俄羅斯的小將 Alexandra Narkevich所獲得。她的表現,即始是最嚴格的裁判都感到印象深刻。
– 我真的很欣賞Narkevich的表演,國際裁判 Elena Arais (Zhenya的首任教練) 如此表示,- 她很年輕,才15歲,但她已經擁有歐錦賽冠軍頭銜。我相信這個小女孩是明日之星,她非常有天分,前途一片光明。

,Dmitrieva是Rope跟Ball冠軍 (note by Zoe Wan: Zhenya只參加Hoop跟Ribbon的單項決賽)
– 我很享受在自己家鄉比賽!Zhenya 語氣堅定的說。- 很高興受到大家盛大溫暖的歡迎且女孩們這麼的支持我。我很開心再度跟朋友們見面。往年總是有很多好選手參加Gorenkova Cup,今年也不例外。Dasha Dmitrieva, Sasha Narkevich, Anya Ryabtseva, Zeynab Dzhavadli都是實力堅強,前途很看好的選手。我們之間的競爭是很激烈的。我不能對自己的成套做評估,這方面我完全信任裁判們跟觀眾的反應 (微笑)。但我很高興我贏得比賽。

– 這個賽事讓我感覺好像在家裡比賽,- 第二名的Daria Dmitrieva並未因此感到失望。- OMSK的氣氛總是非常溫暖,他們提供很好的居住跟訓練環境。我已經參加過五次Gorenkova Cup少年組比賽,二次成年組的賽事。我對我今年的表現感到滿意。我的成績很不錯並且贏了好幾面獎牌。能跟Zhenya Kanaeva一起比賽是很棒的事情,這樣的比賽總是能讓我獲得一些新的經驗。

– 我們盡可能要呈現一個最高水準的比賽,- Elena Arais說。- 我認為我們做到了,所有的選手跟教練們都非常享受這個比賽。今年我們替來自Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Estonia and Belorussia的客人們準備了特別的禮物。我們希望他們在賽後不只能留下好的印象,並且希望能送給他們能想起這個比賽的難忘的禮物。當然,我們總是記得在這四天比賽中那些燦爛與美麗的rouitnes。

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