I. Viner interview “The dying swan” Soldatova is not yet ready. Bet on the Averinas

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At the last stage of the World Challenge Cup in Kazan, the Russian team won all the gold medals, and the sisters of Averina have already won the first double for the first time. With what our team in rhythmic gymnastics will go to the world championship in Italy, which will be held in Pesaro in two weeks, the head coach of the Russian national team Irina Viner-Usmanova told ” Match TV ” Evgeny Evnevich.

– Are you pleased with the performance of the girls at this stage of the World Cup?

– For this performance, an expensive price has been paid. The huge work was additionally complicated by a change in the rules of refereeing, which occurred after the Olympics. Now the judges do not have cards to check on them during the performance of the gymnast, and, unfortunately, few judges at the moment can work well under the new rules. In the individual program of the Averinas, as well as with the Russian team in group exercises, all elements go one by one, without any pauses. This is very difficult to achieve in the preparation of the program, and then it is also difficult to get an appropriate assessment for it. 

In general, as they say, the winners are not judged. But if you tell the truth, there is still a lot of work to be done in the twelve days that remained before the World Championships. I saw a lot of things that need to be worked out, completed, so that it was at the level at which Russia should perform.

– How are things with Arina Averina, she admitted in an interview that she came to Kazan not in the best shape, in terms of physical condition. Will it be able to fully recover to the World Championships?

– I think that Arina has already recovered, because she has performed successfully here. Yes, before these competitions we were very careful, and I did not even want to put her on this Cup to save her health at the World Championships. But she said that she feels well enough and is ready to perform. As a result, she took two gold medals in individual finals, plus she became the second in the all-around. The result is very good, but, as I said, there are mistakes over which you need to work.

– Is it worth waiting for Aleksander Soldatova as a part of the Russian national team at the World Championships and in the near future?

– Not yet, not worth it. She also suffered an injury, after which she is being restored, not so much even physically, as morally. She has quite complicated compositions, “The Dying Swan”, which no one else did 16 years old after Barsukova, “Spartacus”, and these things require not only physical, but also moral readiness. While this was not achieved, so far – Averiny.

– Is it possible to say that the spring European Championship was decisive, from the point of view of the leadership of the Averinas in the Russian team?

– At us all competitions are defining, we track performances constantly, and the European championship and the World games, all these starts in execution of Averinas were determinative.

– There have been changes in the composition of the team exercises?

– Yes, the Olympic champion Rio Nastya Tatareva returned, she also had a trauma, we waited, everyone was healed, and now, she had the first start here. She showed herself very worthy.

– Do you plan to perform anywhere else after the World Championships?

– Most likely, we will go to Japan for the AEON Cup. Everything else, as they say: “Night in the Crimea, all in the smoke.” We will not think about this.

Photo: RIA Novosti / Vladimir Pesnya

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