Cup of Russia 2016 Penza, 26-27 Nov.


26-27 November in Penza will be held Cup of Russia 2016 (individuals & groups), which will be attended by ‘2016 Russian Сhampionship finalists (individuals) – Ekaterina Selezneva, Ekaterina Vedeneyeva, Karina Kuznetsova and many others. Dina and Arina Averinas may also take part in competitions. click here  Continue reading

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The Sun “Hope of Russia 2016” in Penza, 03-10 Nov. (individuals and groups)

Live Stream: individuals and groups
(not free, you have to pay to watch)

News report:
In the Palace of Sports “Burtasy” will be held All-Russian competition “Hope of Russia” in rhythmic gymnastics for individuals and groups.

The first to come to the platform gymnast performing on the individual program – from 3 to 6 November 2016, and 9 and 10 November will be competitions in group exercises.  Continue reading

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Russian Championship in group in Kazan, 28-30 Oct 2016

Russian Championship in rhythmic gymnastics in group exercises
29-30 October 2016 will be held in Kazan Russian Cup in rhythmic gymnastics in group exercises. The competition will be attended by athletes from 30 regions of Russia from Murmansk to Khabarovsk Territory, including top teams from Moscow, Omsk Region, Nizhny Novgorod Region, the Ulyanovsk Region, the Penza region, Volgograd region, St. Petersburg, Rostov Region, the Belgorod Region and the Republic of Tatarstan.

Official website: click here
Live Stream:
day one:
day two:
Program: click here  Continue reading

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The FIG enters a new cycle with Morinari Watanabe as President

article link: The FIG enters a new cycle with Morinari Watanabe as President

Morinari Watanabe (JPN) was named as the next President of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) Wednesday after a landslide election victory at the FIG Congress in Tokyo.

Mr Watanabe, 57, currently Secretary General of the Japan Gymnastics Association and an FIG Executive Committee member, will take up his new position on January 1, 2017, Continue reading

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Irina Viner-Usmanova’s rhythmic gymnastics centre

Irina Viner’s RG centre,
Introduction quote from the official website:
“Our Gymnastics Centre was created by the unbeaten coach Mrs Irina A. Viner-Usmanova and bears her name. Irina A. Viner-Usmanova is now the President of the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation, Head Coach of the National R. G. Team, Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation, Prof. Dr. of Pedagogical Sciences and one of the most respected persons in world sport. Modern rhythmic gymnastics is being promoted under the influence of her personality and among her gymnasts are Champions and Medalists of 6 Olympiads!

Official website: centerviner (RU/EN)  Continue reading

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“Young gymnasts – 2016” in St. Petersburg, 06-09 Oct

06-09 Oct., “Young gymnasts-2016” will be held in St. Petersburg. Competitions are under the new rules FIG 2017-2020 and for the girls born in 2004-2005 (Individual and group exercise program).

Official Website: “Young gymnasts – 2016” in Saint-Petersburg
Start Lists: click here 
Program: click here
Program of All-Russian contest “Young gymnasts” 04-10 October 2016, St. Petersburg

October 04, Tuesday – the day of arrival, the admission fee (from 10:00 to 16:00), training

Group exercise – testing the primary site Continue reading

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UEG changes Rhythmic Gymnastics competition formats starting in 2017

31st European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships - Minsk/BLR, May 1-3, 2015

31st European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships –
Minsk/BLR, May 1-3, 2015

27 Sep, 2016
news from UEG ! link here

European Championships are held annually but the format is different between the pair and impair years. The Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Committee, led by its President, Heide Bruneder (AUT) proposed some significant changes to the programme. This was approved by the UEG’s Executive Committee last weekend and will go in force on 1st January 2017.

Here’s an overview of the new competition formats!

Impair years

The team competition will change from only senior gymnasts to a combination of the junior group and the senior individuals.

On day 1 the seniors (2 to 3 per team for 8 exercises) perform 4 exercises with two apparatus while the junior group show their first performance. This combined result will determine the starting order on day 2, where the seniors competed with the other 2 apparatus (4 exercises)again and the juniors show their second group exercise. Continue reading

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Zhenya leads Squad Camp at Lake Placid, USA, 17-30 Sep 2016

Zhenya leads Squad Camp at Lake Placid, USA, from 17 to 30 Sep 2016,  including different ages and scheduled  in different days. (according to the information I got Zhenya will stay there till 30 Sep)
The report about the young squad camp: click here 

The inaugural Young Squad Camp took place at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center, September 17-21, 2016. Sixteen talented gymnasts born 2007-2009 were invited to attend this selective camp, based on their abilities and performances at the Open Championships last May.

The Young Squad staff included 2-time Olympic Champion Evgeniya Kanaeva, Galina Burns, Continue reading

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Video Translation: Boryana Kaleyn – new hope for BUL rhythmic gymnastics


Many Many Thanks Alexandra Grashkina-Hristov for the translation!!!!

“Boryana, now 16, started training at age 6 because she was a very energetic child who “ran around and broke everything.” From a way to spend energy, gymnastics became her lifelong love. What she loves the most about gymnastics is that “it builds character.” Her favorite apparatus is rope, which, unfortunately, is no longer part of the senior program for individuals, but she still likes it. She finds the ribbon the most difficult apparatus. She also has other hobbies like reading and painting. She believes that to succeed in gymnastics you have to be be expressive. “You can’t just perform with an empty look in your eyes and expect the judges to be impressed.” Her first large event was a tournament that accompanied a world cup competition in 2013. She was very excited to perform alongside very famous gymnasts. Unfortunately, she broke her legs and was recovering for 8 months; during that time she kept training with her cast on. “Unlike everyone around me, I took this very calmly and thought that it is temporary; it will just pass.” She says that her biggest challenge is “being stubborn” and “thinking I know more than the coach, which is just not true.”

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Grand Prix Eilat (ISR) 2016, 23-24 Sep

AA Podium-GP Eilat 2016

AA Top 3: 1. Aleksandra Soldatova 2. Dina Averina 3. Arina Averina, Grand Prix Eilat 2016

21-25, Sep for the first time- Eilat, the Israeli most attractive vacation city, will host the RG Grand Prix competition! The event will be taken place in the new Ice mall and will be open to the public. This is the final stage of the Grand Prix series 2016. International tournament also will be held for seniors and juniors. Gymnasts from 14 countries. Israel will present Victoria Veinberg-Filanovsky and Lina Ashram. Among the guests of the competition from Russia claimed Aleksandra Soldatova, Arina Averina and Dina Averina, from Ukraine Ganna Rizatdinova. The host federation organized a total amount of 18,000 euros in prizes. Grand Prix winner will receive a prize At 10,000 euros from international organizations Grand Prix. Good luck to all the gymnasts and the organizers!

FIG Event Page

Official Website
Facebook Page
Live Stream: (finals only)
Participants: (detailed information pls wait)
Grand Prix: 
ISR: Linoy Ashram, Victoria Veinberg-Filanovsky
RUS: Arina Averina, Dina Averina, Aleksandra Soldatova
UKR: Viktoria Mazur
and more…
International Tournament:  Continue reading

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