Irina Chaschina: … meet at the restaurant in the evening and Chaschina did not say why she did not open a RG school with Polezhaev

(photo by Vyacheslav Tingilyov, many Thanks!!!)
Two more translation of Ira Chaschina’s interviews. Many Many Thanks my friend catts!!!

Irina Chaschina: … meet at the restaurant in the evening
Author: Alena Gribanova (originally written in Russian)
Date: 15 December 2014
Translated and edited by catts

Today, 13 December, at a press conference in Omsk, Irina Chaschina – the former European and World champion, as well as the current vice-president of the Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics – amazed everyone with her impressive figure. She shared with BK55 on how to keep fit after leaving sports. Continue reading

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Irina Chaschina: I love my fans, interview with Ira and Masha <3

Maria Titova-Galina Gorenkova Memorial OMSK 2014-09
Article link:
English translated by my friend Alyona, Billion Billion Thanks!!![心][心][心]

During her visit to the native town Omsk the famous athlete told about the lack of professional coaches and “life after sports”. And her young colleague Maria Titova revealed her plans to conquer fashion podiums in Paris.
Maria Titova-Galina Gorenkova Memorial OMSK 2014-03
The girls came to Omsk for the XXIX Memorial Cup of Galina Gorenkova,

Continue reading

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29th Galina Gorenkova Memorial Tournament 2014, 10-14 Dec, OMSK

Omsk famous gymnasts will take part in the opening ceremony of the Galina Gorenkova Memorial tournament, which will be held on December 12 at the Palace of Rhythmic Gymnastics. The tournament will be held in the 29th time and this year is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of gymnastics in Russia.

As the press service of the regional Ministry of Sport, national competitions will be held in Omsk from 10 to 14 December. At the opening of the tournament will be attending the first European champion in rhythmic gymnastics, Honored Coach of the USSR, a student of Galina Gorenkova Galim Shugurova, Olympic silver medalist Irina Chaschina and Olympic champion in 2012 Rhythmic Gymnastics Ksenia Dudkina.

Masha Titova will perform gala in this event. Read news report about this competition here and here. Good Luck to Masha!!! Hopefully she will have good performance.[許願][許願][許願]

Below are some information about this event: Continue reading

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Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium – Five Years Old

ZKG 5 years old wallpaper
I just realized today this website – Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium has been running over five years since I created it in October 2009. This is really a surprised myself, because I am a impatient person, I always give up things halfway. I can’t say I will maintain this website forever, but I will do my best to keep it running as long as I can. Thank you very much for visiting this website!!! [可愛][可愛][可愛]

Zoe Wan

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Video by IOC: Kanaeva’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Double Gold | 90 Seconds of the Olympics

IOC made a montage for Zhenya, a look back to review Zhenya’s two times Olympics. Here’s the video

screenshot from this video

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Evgenia Kanaeva: and mom, no matter what, would not love me less …(7th March 2013)

Evgenia Kanaeva-interview with
Posted at on 07/03/2013
Author (in Russian): Anatoly Samokhvalov & Andrei Simonenko

English edition was translated and edited by catts and Alyona, MANY MANY THANKSSSS!!!!

Gymnast Kanaeva, winner of ‘the most success athletes in 2012’ ranking organized by the agency “R-Sport”, refused to define the best one. She wished the impossible – grant every competitor the first place. In an interview with “R-Sport”’s Anatoly Samokhvalova and Andrei Symonenko, the double Olympic champion talked about the fan from Taiwan (Note by Zoe: means me hahaha :D ❤), a sincere smile and eating chocolate  behind the coach’s back.

A beautiful view and subjectivity

R-Sport: Evgenia, do you want to place all the male athletes in the leading positions, but to have the footballers (like almost all other survey participants) excluded in the end?
EK: I have never thought nor said anything bad about footballers. They work hard, break legs … Of course, there are some … Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva: Everything I did, I did it with love for people (exclusive interview from Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium)

Evgenia Kanaeva-Ribbob-AA final-London 2012 by Perlle - Photographie

I have no words!!! about two months ago, I asked Zhenya’s mom Svetlana: May I do an e-mail interview with Zhenya? I am not belong to any media, so I only have little confidence that they will say yes. But Svetlana accepted my request without any hesitate!  So I with my friends: Alyona, catts, Ekaterina and Fanny worked together to discuss the questions. Special thanks to Fanny, she wrote most of the questions. There were many things in these two months and Zhenya has been very busy, but finally She answered our questions and sent it to me last night via Svetlana’s help. Big Big Thanks Zhenya and Svetlana!!! I love both of them ♥ ♥ ♥ And also thanks my friends: Alyona, catts, Ekaterina, and Fanny for working with me to do this project. We DID IT!!!!!!!!! This interview is well deserved to read! Zhenya has never such opened in an interview before…

Here you are the exclusive interview from ZKG, in English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Italian. All are in pdf format.

English translated by Ekaterina, Spanish by Gaby, Italian by Anita and Chinese by Zoe

ENG-WP-Zhenya interview for ZKG-Everything I did I did it with love for people

RUS-WP-Zhenya interview for ZKG-Everything I did Idid it with love for people

CHN-WP-Zhenya interview for ZKG-Everything I did I did it with love for people

ESP-WP-Zhenya interview forZKG-Everything I did I did it with love for people

ITA-WP-Zhenya interview for ZKG-Everything I did I did it with love for people

BTW, Zhenya RG career recap by FIG, published on 8th-Jan-2013,10869,5187-187975-19728-49291-317645-20935-5233-layout210-205197-news-item,00.html

Evgenia Kanaeva-Ball-AA Final-WCH Montpellier 2011-FIG

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Top 5 Sexiest Russian Sportswomen, Zhenya ranked 5th

Few days ago, a Russian website chose top 5 sexiest Russian sportswomen, Zhenya ranked 5th. Here’s the link:
1. Tatiana Navka – Figure Skater
2. Darya Klishina – Long jumper
3. Elena Ilyina – Figure skater
4. Maria Sharapova – Tennis player
5. Evgenia Kanaeva –  Gymnast

Evgenia Kanaeva – the first ever two-time Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics.  Continue reading

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The chairman of Omsk region Vera Shtelbaums was nominated for the National award in sports

Article link: click here
English translated by Alyona, many many thanks!!!!![心][心][心]

The award is presented by the Ministry of sports. The famous coach from Omsk Vera Shtelbaums is one of the finalists nominated for the National award in 2014.

Every year the Ministry of sports determines the winners of the award in sports. Continue reading

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Russian Championships in Penza, 22-27 Nov 2014, Individual and Group (No Masha TAT)

Updated! Masha told me She won’t compete >< I guess it’s to give her a break and let her preparing new routines. BEST Wishes to Masha!!! [許願][許願][許願] – Zoe 22-Nov-2014

From 22 to 27 November 2014, Russian Championships will be held in Penza. Masha will compete. Good Luck to Mashenka!!! Wish her all the BEST !!! 臭小tt加油 !!! Davai !!! [加油啊][加油啊][加油啊][許願][許願][許願]

Official website: click here and here
Individuals: 25 gymnasts, born on 1998 and older.
Groups: 20 teams, born on 1999 and older.
Live stream
Day one: click here (finished)
Day two: click here
Day three: click here
22 November
Day of arrival, the credentials committee for the admission of participants, accommodation, computerized draw, workout Continue reading

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Grand Prix Final Innsbruck 2014, 14-16 Nov (Masha won’t compete TAT)

Maria Titova the Swan-FB Banner-Angel and Demon#2
Updated! Masha didn’t go to Innsbruck due to injury :'( news link here Take good care of yourself Masha!!! I hope it’s not serious and wish you getting well soon!!!  [许愿][许愿][许愿] – Zoe 15-Nov-2014

This weekend Masha will take part in Grand Prix Final Innsbruck, this last stage of GP series 2014. Good Luck to Masha!!! Wish her all the BEST!!! [许愿][许愿][给力][给力]

Official website:
Participants: click here
Live stream:
Training schedule-14 Nov 2014
Schedule: (Local Time, GMT+1)
Friday, November 14th

8:30-11am: Public training of participants
12am: International Juniors Competition Continue reading

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Grand Prix Brno 2014, 01-02 Nov

Happy Halloween 2014
This weekend Masha will take part in Grand Prix Brno 2014. Good Luck to Masha!!! Wish her all the BEST!!! Davaiiiii!!!!!!!! [給力][給力][給力][加油啊][加油啊][加油啊]

Official website:
Facebook: click here (live score)
EF Start List: click here
Live Stream:
EF: 02 Nov 13:25 at here
Gala: 02 Nov 15:45 at here
Participants List:
Grand Prix

1. AUT – Natascha Wegscheider Continue reading

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