Evgeniya Kanaeva: Nowadays They Practice less Than We Used To Do

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Translated by my friend Alyona, Many Thanks!!! 💕

Evgeniya is a two-times Olympic Champion in All Around. There are no other rhythmic gymnasts of this kind. And probably they will never appear again. At least in the nearest future. Kanaeva arrived to Krasnodar as a coach. However, she doesn’t reveal the names of the gymnasts she trains – well, she knows better. Nevertheless she answered the questions of our correspondent with great pleasure.

– Do you like the hall where the competitions of the rhythmic gymnastics are held?
– Yes, it’s not bad. And the girls like it as well.

– Do you and your girls see any difference between Spartakiade and Russian Nationals?
– Yes, indeed. On the Russian Nationals there is selection to the national Team. And here the girls represent their regions and get the points.

– Have you ever participated in the Spartakiade?
– Yes, I performed as Candidate and later as Master of Sports. Nowadays there is only Candidates’ program.

– Did you represent Omsk region where you had started gymnastics or Moscow region?
– I have always represented both regions. One shouldn’t forget his/her roots. The first coach’s input is of much value. Usually the girls come to more experienced coaches at the age of 12-13-14 years old. Averina sisters for example came at the age of 14.

– What was your age when you moved to Moscow?
– At the age of 12 I was invited to my first training camp. That time there were no juniors in Novogorsk at all. But they let me stay and I grew up near Irina Tchachina, Alina Kabaeva, Vera Sessina and Olga Kapranova.

– Do today’s girls differ much from what you used to be?
– Nowadays children are more talented, but it is very difficult to motivate them for the reason that there are too many temptations. They practice less. I haven’t seen any gymnast who would work more than we did. We, by the way, practiced less than Irina Tchachina.

– What does success in rhythmic gymnastics depend on?
There is no ideal gymnast. Someone possesses beauty, the other one a perfect body, some have unique technique. But to meet all these things in one person is quite a rear thing.

– Please tell us who you brought to this carpet?
– There is nothing to tell yet. They are very ‘green’ yet. But they are good (laughs). They have perfect background and highly qualified first coaches. My goal is to make them Master of Sports.

– There were four Master of Sports of International Level who performed on Spartakiade 2017. Have you acquired this title when you were 14 years old?
– Probably yes. But it’s not always good. Sometimes you don’t have motivation to go on. But in my case it was for good. My personal coach Vera Stelbaums lived with me in Novogorsk and she kept me in her hands very strictly. Not every coach has a chance to be near the gymnast during the training camp. Irina Aleksandrovna took a great role in my raising as well. I used to be very shy and she would step by step reveal me.

– Do you enjoy being a coach?
– Quite a lot! I enjoy moving, feeling the apparatus and dealing with kids’ psychology. The fact that I used to be a gymnast helps me a lot. I used to get great pleasure from gymnastics and I want my girls to feel the same. Our sport is an art and without putting your soul into it you cannot achieve anything.


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2 Responses to Evgeniya Kanaeva: Nowadays They Practice less Than We Used To Do

  1. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    @M, Zhenya’s son is 3 years old now. 🙂 He was born on 19-Mar-2014.

  2. M says:

    Great. It’s great seeing her coaching now. I was wondering what she has been up to. Her child should be around 4 now, I think.

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