The Best Sportsman of the Year 2012 by PP (Russian Reporter)

Evgenia Kanaeva-London 2012
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This is the annual survey of “PP” («Русский репортер» Russian Reporter), they send the list of candidates to experts to choose the best 10 among 30. Zhenya ranked 6th this year, she got 95 points (she was 1st in 2011). Congratulations to Zhenya!!! She is the top 10 in the annual poll of PP for five consecutive years.

Below is the top 10 list:
01. Anastasia Davydova synchronized swimming (149 points)
02. Ilya Zakharov diving (140 points)
03. Aliya Mustafina Artistic gymnastics (134 points)
04. Natalia Ischenko / Svetlana Romashina synchronized swimming (102 points)
05. Oxana Savchenko paralimpiyka, swimming (95 points)
06. Evgenia Kanaeva Rhythmic gymnastics (95 points)

Four years ago, Kanaeva won gold at the Beijing Olympics. 18-year-old gymnast did not expect victory rate tends to be on more experienced Olga Kapranova, which eventually left without a medal. Since then, Evgenia Kanaeva – Leading Russian gymnast and the world. In Britain, the athlete went to the status of main favorite and she admitted that her main rival – herself. Kanaeva advantage over all it was so obvious that even if she made mistake, you still would have become the first ever two-time Olympic champion in the individual all-around. But Evgenia performed perfectly, once again proving that the Russian school of rhythmic gymnastics is the strongest in the world.

Achievements in 2012
Gold of Olympic Games in London and European Championships

Expert Commentary
Larisa Latynina, nine-time Olympic champion in gymnastics

“I think Evgenia Kanaeva is one of the best athletes of the country. To achieve a truly record-breaking results, you need to adore what you do, and for this to be able to give up everything from favorite food, free time, and all the usual pleasures of life. If you’re ready for it and if the sport is still for you, not only hard work, but you love, then you’re really a great athlete. Zhenya Kanaeva she is. ”

07. Sergey Tetyukhin volleyball (92 points)
08. Sergey Kirdyapkin athletics (80 points)
09. Anna Chicherova athletics (72 points)
10. Ivan Ukhov athletics (69 points)

Outside of poll, selected by pp
Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov figure skating-pair

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1 Response to The Best Sportsman of the Year 2012 by PP (Russian Reporter)

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    RUS sport journalist federation also announced their top ten list on 20 Dec. 2012 (silver doe award)
    click here
    click here

    It’s a pity that Zhenya was not selected this time…(Zhenya is the 4-time winner-2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011) I thought she will be selected this year…with the breaking record-first 2-time OG Champion in RG individual AA…anyway here’s the top ten list by (ФСЖР)
    Natalia Vorobyov (wrestling), Arsen Galstyan (judo), Ilya Zakharov (diving), Natalia Ischenko (synchronized swimming), Evgeni Malkin (ice hockey), Aliya Mustafina (gymnastics), Maria Savinov (athletics), Oxana Savchenko (swimming – paralympic sport), Sergey Tetyukhin (volleyball), Anna Chicherova (athletics).

    And at the request of the International Sports Press Association, the Executive Committee of Sports Journalists Federation of Russia (FSZHR) first isolated from this stellar list of three more winners. Best sportsman and sportswoman of Russia 2012 – Sergey Tetyukhin and Anna Chicherova, the best team – men’s volleyball national team.

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