Evgenia Kanaeva: Criticism of Deriugina helped me a lot

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http://www.sovsport.ru/news/text-item/551664 on 13 Septmeber 2012
Orignally written in Russian by I. Rasskazova
English translated and edited by catts

While talking to reporters of “Soviet Sport”, the first ever two-times Olympic champion in the individual competition of rhythmic gymnastics admitted that criticism of the Ukrainian national team coach, who often utters unflattering remarks on the Russian gymnasts … has helped her a lot.

Q: Zhenya, can you easily tell people what you think: friends, people who are close to you?
A: You cannot speak behind people’s back. It is an insult. People will then listen the unpleasant things from others. If something is not appropriate, you can always tell the person. I hope he will understand it correctly. I hope that the relationship does not get changed. It can only get better.

Q: And are you so mindful about criticism? When they tell you right in the face, “you’re not right.”
A: It can never be loveliness all the time. Though I would like to be the best among all. It is nice to hear nice things. But criticism makes a person stronger. And the critique must be extracted to become something positive. I had one situation that turned out likewise: I was reading an interview about Irina Deriugina, a trainer from Ukraine. It happened that she criticized specifically and directly. I can say thanks for such criticism. Because I was looking at my shortcomings, which she pointed out, and I tried to correct them.

Q: Do you agree that Deriugina is often bias. In the sense that she does not like the Russian national team gymnasts. Should it be treated as objective criticism?
A: Any criticism is something. We cannot say what she does is right. Likewise, we cannot say she is wrong. It’s her decision to say so. No one dares to condemn her. Each person says what he/she thinks. Of course, bad things happen. She said Inna Zhukova was like a grey mouse, and I – the ugly duck. However, the Olympics showed differently. But it is her opinion, and no one can judge. She has a wonderful school, wonderful girls.

中文翻譯: 李悠悠


答:人无完人。人总是喜欢听舒服的话。但批评能让一个人变得更强壮。从每一个批评中都要尝试找到善意正面的东西。我曾遇到过这样一个情况:我看了一篇Irina Deriugina的采访。她对我说了一些很具体的批评的话。我要对她说特别的感谢。因为从这些批评中我看到了自己的不足,并且我开始尝试去改正它们。

答:任何批评都不是凭空的。我不能说她的行为是完全毫无指摘的。她说的都是她想说的话。没有任何人能为此而指责她。每个人有权利说自己想说的话。当然,这些话可能会很刺耳。比如她评价Inna Zhukova 说她是隻灰鼠,而我是一隻丑小鸭。但奥运会的结果显然给了她回击 (指北京奧運)。但这是她的观点,没人能评判它。她的学校非常棒,她的姑娘们 (選手) 也非常棒。

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6 Responses to Evgenia Kanaeva: Criticism of Deriugina helped me a lot

  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks for the alternatif. Nice translated articles you have here….

  2. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Amanda, sorry I can’t…I am not Zhenya’s agent. You can send your letter to Novogorsk training center, this is my suggestion. wish you luck!

  3. Amanda says:

    Hi Wan Wan …not sure whether you read my request yesterday…Maybe you can give me your email address through my email address and I will send my personal note through you to forward to her … appreciate it if you can.

  4. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @satya pal, I think she doesn’t decide anything yet…Viner said so: “Zhenya Kanaeva is not training – treated and resting , but at any moment she might come back. She never gives definitive answer: just “yes” or just “no,”..and Zhenya said so in the long interview at Soviet sport too, soon I will post translation. Note: she said she is still thinking…I think to say she will continue or retire now is meaningless. Till that day you see her getting on the carpet then you can confirm she decides to continue, otherwise meaningless…this is my opinion. (like the example she said in soviet sport interview, Alina Kabaeva returned to RG, and everybody thought she will take part in Beijing OG, but at the end she retired suddenly…)

  5. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Many Many THANKS catts and Chinese friend 李悠悠!!!!!!!!
    Well said Zhenya!!! Her attitude about criticism is sooo good! That’s why she is champion.

    Another long article-interview, my friend is doing translation now, please be patient.
    and I uploaded this interview video (37 mins) to youtube yesterday
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ud18FizTtM (including she showed drawing at the last 7 mins)

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