Evgenia Kanaeva: I don’t like to be called the best

Originally written in Russian by GZT.RU
, english text was translated and edited by Alyona
published on 08-Dec-2009


Leader of the world’s Rhythmic Gymnastics tells about her weak points, being capricious, working with physiologists and about her professional interest in Anastasia Volochkova.

This year Evgenia Kanaeva has not lost any significant event and made a collection of about two dozens of gold medals. This kind of advantage over the other gymnasts is not typical even for Russian National Team in rhythmic gymnastics, which for a long time has been the leader in all the major events. At the end of the season GZT.RU met the invincible 19 year old Olympic champion and tried to learn the secrets of her unconditional leadership on the carpet.  

This year you have completely entered the world’s sportive elite. Has your life changed a lot?

I wouldn’t say so. If you mean euphoria, I have really good coaches. My personal trainer Vera Shtelbaums knows how to find right words. She would always convince me: ‘As soon as you have left the pedestal, you become one of many and you have to start from the beginning’. I don’t like to be called the best either. It is so easy to relax. It seems that everyone around is waiting for my mistakes.

Do you think that everyone has had enough of your victories?

Probably. Even judges have this feeling. Anywhere you go, always one and the same person wins. Who will like it?

Is jealousy in gymnastics a common thing?

I don’t know. Let’s take National Team of Russia. I have wonderful relationships with all the team mates. I am sure they know how hard for me is to get all these medals. I work from eight to ten hours a day in Novogorsk training centre. And, by the way, even this is not enough. For example I need to improve my leaps; it should be a bit higher. I am not flexible enough. I could never become a ballet dancer with the kind of foot I have.

Are you a fan of any ballet dancer?

Gymnasts need to visit ballet performances, it is true. But I wouldn’t say that I follow Lopatkina or Volochkova. I have just professional interest in them because their work resembles mine.

This year you  have won European Championship, Universiade, World Games and World Championship in sequence. This is a crazy responsibility.
I don’t conceal the fact that I was very tired. By the end of WC in Japan I was absolutely exhausted. The competition in Tokyo lasted for five days. It was much harder for me than the Olympic Games. I am lucky that in our national team great attention is devoted to rehabilitation. There is massage, psychological help. Many people contributed to my victory and I am grateful to everyone. 

So what did psychologists tell you?

Usual things. “Everything will be fine, tiredness will go”. I think it helped.

You used to say that when you had free time you were fond of embroidery. Are there any changes in this field?

I quit embroidery. Now I try to read more. Support of my family is of great help for me. We always talk on phone with my mom; she is concerned about me so much. I like to travel very much. This year I spent my vacation in Paris.

You make impression of a straight “A” student. Don’t you ever change even during the trainings?

How come? Of course, when I can’t cope with a new program I sometimes behave capricious. Last winter my coaches had a hard time with me. I couldn’t manage the program and I was very nervous. Then somehow I felt the music and I slowly I succeeded in new elements. Then after I won the first tournament of the season, I became more confident and the trainings went on smoother. 

Nowadays it is popular to make shows with participation of famous sportsmen. Have you ever received any of these kinds of offers?

Yes, this summer I was invited by our main TV channel “Number 1”. The producers of “Big Race” show called me as well. Frankly speaking, I am not very enthusiastic about this sort of projects. First of all, they don’t fit well in my competition schedule. Secondly, I think these kinds of shows are good for those who have ended their sportive career already. And I am not going to retire in the nearest future. I am not bored of winning!

 Anastasia Volochkova


Evgenia Kanaeva: 我不喜歡被稱呼我是最好的
Chinese translated by Zoe Wan
原文網址: http://www.gzt.ru/topnews/sport/276127.html

韻律體操世界的領導者談她的弱點,她的任性/ 變化無常,與心理學家之間的配合,還有她對於芭蕾舞者-Anastasia Volochkova的專業興趣。
今年Zhenya沒輸過任何一個大的賽事而且斬獲了大約兩打的金牌 (這應該是指AA, 如果加上單項遠遠不只這個數字)。這樣勝過其他選手的優勢,即使是長期在RG重大比賽居於領先地位的俄羅斯國家隊都不常見。GZT.RU在賽季末與這位19無敵的奧運冠軍見面,並試著去發掘她在體操毯上絕對領先秘訣。

我不會這樣說,如果你是指安樂感” (指沾沾自喜於自己沒輸過的事),我有個很棒的教練。我的個人專屬教練-Vera Shtelbaums知道如何用適當/ 正確的話。她總是會能使我信服我: "一旦你走下頒獎台,你就變成眾人中的一個,你必須重頭開始"。 我也不喜歡被稱呼是最好的。鬆懈下來很容易。似乎身邊的每個人都在等我發生失誤。


我不知道。以我們俄羅斯國家隊來說好了。我跟隊上的所有人關係都很好。我很確信她們知道我是付出多大的努力才能贏得那些獎牌。我在Novogorsk訓練中心一天訓練8-10個小時。此外,即使這樣還不夠。譬如: 我需要改進我的跳躍;應該要跳得更高些。我還不夠柔軟。像我這樣的腳,永遠不可能成為芭蕾舞者。

韻律體操選手需要去看芭蕾表演,這是事實。但我不會說我是Lopatkina Volochkova的追隨者。我對她們有專業上的興趣是因為她們的工作跟我類似。




你給人的印象是個好學生。你在練習的時候從來沒有改變過? (指從來沒改變好學生的形象)
怎麼可能沒有? 當然會有,當我新的成套做不好時,有時我會變得很任性。去年冬天,我的教練跟我在配合上有段困難的時間。我沒辦法做好新的成套而且我很緊張。但不知何故,我感受到音樂而且我慢慢地成功做好新的動作。之後我贏了賽季的第一個比賽,我變得更有自信,訓練也更順利了。

是的,今年夏天我有收到“Number 1”電視頻道的邀請,“Big Race”節目的製作人也打電話邀請我。坦白說,我對這類的企畫不是很熱衷。首先時間上無法跟我的賽程配合。其次,我認為這種活動比較適合已經退役的選手。短期內,我還不打算退役。我對勝利還沒感到厭煩。

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    Added Chinese translation!這篇加上中文翻譯!

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    I think Zhenya was so sincere in this interview. I love her.

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    Alyona, thank you so much. your translation is EXCELLENT!!!interesting interview. everytime I read Zhenya\’s interview I love and admire her more and more. She is so intelligent, sincere and modest.

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