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Greeting from Alyona

Dear friends! Let me introduce myself very shortly for those who don’t know me yet. My name is Alyona and I was born in Russia. At present I live in Antalya/Turkey. I am very happy to be a member of … Continue reading

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Zhenya WON “BREAKTHROUGH” Award yesterday

On-line news cliphttp://news.sportbox.ru/Vidy_sporta/Events/spbvideo_Po-itogam-goda-molodezhi-v-Rossii-vruchena-novaya-Nacionalinaya-premiyaDownload Link:http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KMJET7KYscreenshot: and relative news:http://www.fadm.gov.ru/news/3556/http://visualrian.ru/images/item/531875http://mirtv.ru/content/view/86343/16/http://itar-tass.com/level2.html?NewsID=14652208&PageNum=0 Zhenya won "Breakthrough" award yesterday for the title "Best Young Athlete"。This is what Zhenya said @ the award ceremony,「”I want to thank my teachers – Vera Stelbaums and Irina Viner first of all. … Continue reading

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Funny news: Panda bear-WAN WAN

Today, Alyona told me one funny news on msn, she said: 「Today in the news on TV I saw one Panda bear which was brought to Russia from China. And the name of Panda is… WAN WAN。」 HaHaHa,I am very … Continue reading

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