Listed Zhenya Kanaeva Complete Events of this season+short clip of interview

Zhenya took part in so many events this year,after the OMSK RG competition last weekend,her RG competing schedule finally ended this season。Now I would like to sum up the complete events that Zhenya participated this year。I think she definitely set a record for the numbers of events participated in one sigle year!My list will include exhibition shows,here you are:

1. Miss Valentine-EST-21-22 Feb 2009
    results: 1st @hoop、ball、ribbon (due to her right foot issue,she didn’t compete rope)

2. Grand Prix Moscow-RUS-28 Feb-01 Mar 2009
    results: 5 golds – AA+4 EF

3. World Cup Budapest-HUN-06-08 Mar 2009
    results: 1st @AA、rope、hoop、ball+2nd @ribbon

4. Grand Prix Brno-CZE-14-15 Mar 2009
    results: 1st @AA、hoop、ball、ribbon+2nd @rope

5. Grand Prix Thiais-FRA-28-29 Mar 2009
    results: 1st @AA、rope、hoop、ball+2nd @ribbon

6. World Cup St. Petersburg-RUS-4-5 Apr 2009
    results: 1st @AA、rope、hoop、ball+2nd @ribbon

7. World Cup Portimao-POR-16-19 Apr. 2009
    results: 1st @AA、rope、ball、ribbon+2nd @hoop

8. Grand Prix Holon-ISR-25-26 Apr 2009
    results: 1st @AA+4 EF

9. World Cup Pesaro-ITA-30 Apr-02 May 2009
    results: 1st @AA rope、hoop、ball+2nd @ribbon

10. European Championships Baku-AZE-14-17 May 2009
      results: 1st @team competition+4 EF

11. Russia National Championships-22-24 May 2009
      results: 1st @AA (Zhenya only competed AA)

12. Grand Prix Marbella-ESP-29-30 May 2009
      results: 1st @AA+4 EF

13. CariPrato-ITA-20 Jun 2009
      results: 1st @ 4EF (this event only compete one day for 4 apparatus)

14. Universiade Belgrade-CRO-09-11 Jul 2009
      results: 1st @ AA、rope、hoop、ball、ribbon

15. World Games Kaoshiung-TWN-17-18 Jul 2009
      results: 1st @ rope、hoop、ball、ribbon (without AA competition)

16. World Cup Minsk-BLR-22-23 Aug 2009
      results: 1st @AA+4 EF

17. World Championships Mie-JPN-07-13 Sep 2009
      result: 6 GOLDS- team competition+4 EF+AA
      1st gymnast at RG history to win whole 6 GOLDS at one single World Championships!

18. Hyundai Capital Gymnastics Gala Show-KOR-19-20 Sep 2009

19. Cup of Russia Kazan-RUS-22-25 Oct 2009
      Zhenya only took part in Gala show

20. Serie A Fabriano-ITA-24 Oct 2009
      results: club ranked 4th place (Zhenya compete rope & ball)

21. Euskalgym 2009-ESP-14-15 Nov 2009
      exhibition show,Zhenya performed hoop+ribbon+2 galas

22. Serie A Foligno-ITA-22 Nov 2009
      results: club ranked 5th place (Zhenya compete hoop & ribbon)

23. Grand Prix Final Berlin-GER-28-29 Nov 2009
      results: 1st @AA+4 EF

24. 24th Galina Gorenkova’s Memorial Cup-OMSK-05-06 Dec 2009
      results: 1st @AA、hoop、ribbon (Zhenya didn’t compete rope & ball)

25. Gymgala Gent 2009 Belgium-19 Dec 2009
exhibition show,Zhenya performed hoop+ball

OK,I finished my list,25 events totalled-21 competitions among them,incredible!Zhenya is really amazing!
and Zhenya won 80 GOLDS+6 silvers totalled this season!

and following is a short clip of Zhenya’s interview after the OMSK’s competition

English translation for the this interview (text version) by Alyona,billion thanks to her!

Before so longawaited vacation the famous
gymnast from
and her trainer Vera Shtelbaums are summing up the sports results of 2009.

This year was a real triumph for
Beijing Olympic Champion. She has earned so many gold medals that it is
impossible to count them all. Evgenia Kanaeva has won  all the
events she took part in – from Grand Prix in Budapest to recent Gorenkova Cup
which took place in our city.

‘The hardest time was in the
beginning of the year, – says Evgenia. – It was hard to train new program, I couldn’t manage it at
first. I behaved myself capriciously though it was my entire fault. But then,
thanks God, I managed to cope with it’.

Now Evgenia will leave on a long-awaited
holiday. She is going to celebrate the New Year in Omsk, with her family. In the beginning of
January 2010 she is going to start the trainings again together with her coach
and prepare some new programs for the coming season according to new rules. The
judges always judge this invincible athlete from Omsk according to the highest standards.

‘I don’t get bored of winning. I am
happy when I win. The only hard thing is moral tiredness from the competitions.
Physical tiredness comes only from the trainings. At this moment I am fine. If
I manage to avoid injures everything will be Okay…’

also mentioned that presence of Irina Tchashina in the beginning of her carrier
was a great help for her. She thinks that Gorenkova’s Memorial Cup is a very
good event for formation of young gymnasts. Moreover, E
Kanaeva hopes that with opening of new Rhythmic Gymnastic’s Center in 2015, Omsk region will be able
to host the largest competitions such as Russian Nationals and World Cup

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11 Responses to Listed Zhenya Kanaeva Complete Events of this season+short clip of interview

  1. Wan and catts says:

    Added Gymgala Gent 2009-an exhibition show to the list!

  2. alyona says:

    You are welcome Michel! It is always a big pleasure for me to translate articles about Zhenya 🙂

  3. Wan and catts says:

    Michel, Big Big thanks for your sharing 🙂 GREAT QUALITY!!! with love from Taiwan

  4. Michel says:

    I thank you for this surprise, has pleased me very much.I have already seen the translation.If it interests… I\’ve uploaded the gala of the Olympic Games with Zhenya in mediafire. The gala, I had recorded last year in the German TV. The same video is also available on Youtube as a chinese or japanese TV recording. It is a VOB file, and therefore a good quality (65 MB). It is my favorite gala.

  5. Wan and catts says:

    @Michel,According to this news, Zhenya will participate WC Montreal @end of Jan 2010 also made a transaltion, pls check the previous article!F902A19D7223ADF5!1561.entryand I sent you another gift, check your hotmail. hehe I got Zhenya\’s 3rd leter today.

  6. Michel says:

    Thanks for translation Alyona.The vacation she has really earned. In a few weeks she will probably have to train again for Montréal. I\’m assuming that she comes with new routines – I\’m curious already.

  7. Wan and catts says:

    added english translation for the short interview, many thanks Alyona!

  8. Wan and catts says:

    OK I finished my counting, Zhenya won 80 GOLDS+6 silvers totalled this season.

  9. Wan and catts says:

    @Michel, thanks for counting the numbers of Zhenya\’s Gold medals this year! I will post it on the article. and I tell you, Zhenya\’s medals didn\’t put in her house of OMSK because there are no room to collect her medals @her house. Her medals are putted on OMSK\’s museum, but for OG Gold medal, ocne a reporter asked Zhenya where her OG gold medal is? Zhenya said: 「It\’s a secret」hehe…@Motai, 我用IE8的話, 只能看到上頭的Banner跟左邊欄位的東西, 要點部落格/ 博客才能看到文章, 以前不會這樣, 用firefox就正常, 用opera也可以, 不曉得問題是出在哪.

  10. Michel says:

    Then she has won this year about 70 gold medals?! For all the medals and trophies she needs an extra room *hehe*

  11. monv says:


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