Translation: Kanaeva New Record-FIG DVD1 Bonus

This is the English translation for FIG Mie DVD1 Bonus-Kanaeva new record,it was did by my new friend Alyona。

This FIG Mie DVD1 Bonus, is a 7 mins documentary。but the oral english translation is just a little for Zhenya and Viner’s interview. Therefore I ask Alyona to translate the complete interview of both Zheya and Viners’ for me。Many thanks to Alyona,her translation is excellent!I welcome her join our translation team of this space!

here you are and enjoy your read。


Znenya: Well, I haven’t realized it yet fully, because for me about a year or two years ago it seemed like something not real.

Viner: I think first time she became a part of the history when she won the Olympics with the difference of 3,5  points between first and second place. It has never happened before. Then again she went into history as an athlete not losing any event and any apparatus for the last two years. And the last thing is what you have said already – she won all the six gold medals with a great score difference and a great advantage. This gymnast is above everyone at the moment.


Zhenya: Well, Beijing competition was very special for me. It was quite unexpected for me to take part in that event. In the beginning I was not chosen for that event at the World Championship in 2007. But our head coach Irina Alexandrovna said that she will make the final decision according to the results that we show. Thanks God, my personal trainer Vera Efremovna Shtelbaums helped me a lot, she was sitting with me every day, training me.
Irina Alexandrovna Viner also was sitting with me every day. So I managed to reach the girls, we competed between each other and I got the chance to go to the Olympics. I was very happy to perform at that event, because it was the most special competition in my entire career. I think I will never forget it.

Viner: First if all, this girl has wonderful manners, she is a very kind person, very thankful person, very noble person, well-brought-up girl. She is always ready to tell everyone ‘thank you’ not just because it is needed to be done, but because it is in her nature.
Secondly, this girl is very talented and hard working and it is a great pleasure for her to work. She is very devoted to Rhythmic Gymnastics and she likes to express the music she is performing by. When we chose the music for her, we always ask for her opinion. We always show preference for the music that she likes, because inside she is a real actress but at the present she has not shown herself fully. She has everything ahead. I mean the artistic side.

No doubt, that her biggest privilege is to work more than the others and longer than the others. She can work at the carpet as long as she considers to be necessary. This is her privilege to work more and longer. Her second privilege is that she can choose the leotards, which we order to be made for our performances. First of all she chooses and gets the best ones, the ones which she likes most. The other girls share what is left for them. The rest is the same. Our state government gives really great financial support to our sport to make our children feel financially independent. After the Olympic Games she got an apartment. Now after the World Championship she will definitely get a significant bonus which will enable her not to think about her and her family’s future and comfortably continue training.


Zhenya: You can see it probably better from the side. But inside I am of course nervous. I am a regular person like everyone and I get nervous as well but I just try not to show it. No, I just burst into emotions, because it was a really tough competition. For two days we have been performing in the morning and in the afternoon. And then on the last day there was the main event The All Around. So I can say that I had lots of stress and then finally

I don’t make any plans. Of course I dream of taking part in the second Olympics. Every athlete is dreaming of performing there as much as possible. But the life will show its course. I hope I remain healthy and continue to listen to my coaches. Everything is in God’s hands. We will see what is going to happen.

FIG Mie DVD1 Bonus-Kanaeva new record,當初在看時我就覺得背後的英文口譯肯定少很多,因為Zhenya跟Viner說的話都蠻長的,可是那英文口譯只有一點點,也許重點都有提到啦。

我原本是請catts幫我翻譯,不過他最近很忙,剛好前幾天我認識了一位Zhenya Fan,她是俄羅斯人,唸的是外語學院,我就順口跟她提這件事,問她是否DVD裡頭的英語口譯不完整,她很熱心的主動說可以幫忙翻譯全部談話內容,那當然是太好了。很高興翻譯小組又多了一個高手加入- Alyona!


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  1. Wan and catts says:

    Michel,Thank you sooo much!!!so quick. I will tell you when I got your parcel.

  2. Michel says:

    Is sent off… the next week you have it. Announce you, if you have it.

  3. Wan and catts says:

    Michel,I have already reply your e-mail 🙂

  4. Michel says:

    THANK YOU!!I have also sent you an email… 🙂

  5. Wan and catts says:

    Michel, welcome you to join us next time ^-^I sent you a X\’mas gift, pls check your hotmail 🙂

  6. Michel says:

    With the time zones is already an amusing thing. When one gets up, goes the other into bed :)I have now for example 8:45 o\’clock Monday morning (UTC+1 ->CET).

  7. Wan and catts says:

    Last night, me, Alyona and Joao had a chat @msn, it was very interesting. we were in different time zone and different continent-3 continents-Asia, Europe and South America. Really a very impressive talk and interesting experience!I love all Zhenya\’s Fans

  8. Hsu says:

    CooL~DVD訪問有翻譯,因為那時我看DVD時覺得旁白翻譯小姐唸好快,我都來不及反應翻譯講了什麼,謝謝會長 and Alyona,thanks for your translation

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