Four Classic Routines from WC Corbeil 2007

I have been searching Zhenya’s 4EF routines’ HQ videos for a long time,I only have ribbon final。Today finally I found the High Quality videos on facebook! I am sooo happy!   very classic routines (even though Zhenya dropped her clubs many times) and some very precious moments,for example Shtelbaums tidy up leotard for Zhenya,Zhenya laughed at the begining of ribbon routine because the backgroud music didn’t stop and her music didn’t play She was so sweet and lovely then。

here’s the videos link on facebook,
please register a facebook account first then you can watch it。

I captured this great video and upload to megauplaod。
Here you are: (mp4, 105.83MB)

and for Ribbon final here’s my wmv high quality video

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4 Responses to Four Classic Routines from WC Corbeil 2007

  1. Wan and catts says:

    啊哈哈哈 兔子,你的惡搞版超讚的啦!!!太有意思了,每看一次笑一次。大謝!!!

  2. RC says:


  3. Wan and catts says:

    兔子, 你在CJJ的留言, 不打算弄惡搞版的了嗎? 我很期待耶, 那首歌超適合超配的啊~~

  4. RC says:


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