Results: Kanaeva was the Winner of 24th Galina Gorenkova Memorial Cup

according to the above three news,Zhenya won AA @ 05 Dec. 2009 by 4 points-totalled 116.9 pointsand Dmitrieva rankned 2ndAs for EF,she only took part in hoop and ribbon and won these two,Daria Dmitrieva from Irkutsk region won rope and ball。and Zhenya will participate WC montreal, Canada @Jan. 2010。

Here’s the English translation by Alyona for this news:
many thanks to her!

Evgenia Kanaeva – winner of All
Around  at Galina Gorenkova’s Memorial Cup

Leader of the world’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Evgenia Kanaeva has won the AA competition at the 24th Galina Gorenkova’s Memorial Cup. This athlete won all the events. In All Around she outstripped the closest competitors from Belorussia, Russia and Azerbaijan with 4 points.

Sixteen tournaments which Evgenia has won this year gave her a great experience. Precise technique and emotionality is now accompanied by the artistic abilities. This year each Evgenia’s program is a little theatrical performance with a delicate directing and splendid execution. Evgenia showed the best she can to the audience in Omsk.

Young gymnasts also had their chance. In event finals Kanaeva only took part and won two apparatus – ribbon and hoop. Daria Dmitrieva from Irkutsk Region won the first place in ball and rope events.

Among juniors the main reward was taken by Margarita Kamynina and Anastasia Rozhkova from Omsk Rhythmic Gymnastics Olympic Center. Next year the gymnasts will take part in new events. In January Evgenia Kanaeva will compete at World Cup event in Canada. Omsk region will held competitions for approving the title of candidates for Master of Sports.

and paste the translation of google language tool for this report:

The Final victory in the team event won the first and second teams of the Omsk region. In individual competitions were equal Eugenia Kanaeva.

In the competition was attended by about 100 of the best gymnasts from Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Belarus – total of nineteen teams. The tournament was held in the regional training center for Olympic reserve gymnastics.

The program of this master of the tournament was divided into two parts. The first was a nationwide competition level, which enable young gymnasts perform standard of master of sports. The second part of the competitive program has international status. In the framework of its strongest rivals "artist" of our time. This division at national and international competition exists in the program of the memorial since 2004.

In the all-around in the international part of the tournament expected won Omsk prima, winner of all major tournaments in 2009 Eugenia Kanaeva with the result of 116.900 points. Second place at irkutyanki Daria Dmitrieva, bronze won Belarusian gymnast Alexandra Narkevich. Also in the "top ten" included two omichki – Margarita Kamynina (6 place) and Svetlana Ustinskaya (9 seats). Kamynin as she won the all-Russia competition section.

The Final victory in the team event won the first and second teams of the Omsk region (398.05 and 393.225 points respectively). The triple winners a loop the first team of the Irkutsk Region (365.475 points). At the ninth line of the table – Coach number of 24. GP Gorenkova.

Note by Zoe Wan: Zhenya finally finished this season’s whole competitions,she ended with a great results,great record!

Congratulations Zhenya!and I hope you a very successful 2010!
Zhenya上週末在OMSK的比賽-XXIV Memorial Galina Gorenkova,她以極大差距贏得AA Title,領先第二名4分,總分是116.9。AA第二名是Daria Dmitrieva,第三名是BLR的
Alexandra Narkevich。前10名還有2個是來自OMSK地區-第6名的 Margarita Kamynina 跟第九名的 Svetlana Ustinskaya。單項決賽的部份,Zhenya只參加了Hoop跟Ribbon,拿下這兩個單項冠軍。她沒有比Rope跟Ball,這兩個單項是由來自 Irkutsk地區的Daria Dmitrieva奪冠。

團隊競賽的部份,前兩名都是OMSK地區的隊伍,總分分別是-398.05 跟 393.225。第三名是Irkutsk地區隊伍,總分365.475。

Note by Zoe Wan: 比完了OMSK的比賽,Zhenya今年的賽事終於全部結束了。繁忙辛苦的一年,但很開心是很成功的一年,雖然身體上她非常勞累。展望明年,首先年初/ 一月底時她將會參加 WC montreal, Canada @Jan. 2010, 依然繁忙的schedule,等於沒休息多久又要比賽了,而且她得準備新的routines,也沒什麼時間休息吧。anyway,還是希望她能好好保養身體,期待明年新賽季+新 Routines!

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2 Responses to Results: Kanaeva was the Winner of 24th Galina Gorenkova Memorial Cup

  1. Wan and catts says:

    Michel,Hopefully You can make it next year and can meet Zhenya in person @EC Bremen.

  2. Michel says:

    Congratulation for this year Jewgenija! For a successful 2010.I hope the next year I create it to Bremen to the European Championships (… I hope it this time 🙂

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