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Happy Birthday to Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium! 3rd Anniversary :)

(photo by Tom Theobald, Many Thanks!!! I edited it a little) Today 10th Oct is the 3rd Anniversary of Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium. It’s also the national day of my country. I created this website on 10th Oct 2009 in windows … Continue reading

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There is no better one-Zoe at London 2012-English version

(It’s just a surprised!!! I saw myself hugging and kissing Zhenya at the end of this video!!! outside Wembley Arena-12th-Aug-2012, 0:34-0:42 can see me and Svetlana and in the end XD. Big Thanks the recorder!!! Now with this video, this … Continue reading

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There is no better one-Zoe @London 2012

English version click here Intro 自從去年在Montpellier看完世錦賽後 (心得這邊走:Not Perfect but Happy Ending-the magic week in Montpellier),一直在想著到底要不要去看倫敦奧運。我是非常希望能現場親眼見證小兔寶 (Zhenya)創造歷史完成RG史上首位在奧運個人全能二連霸/贏兩面金牌的選手。RG迷都知道她機會很大。而且我一直想著如果這次不去看她,以後機會可能很小了。因為猶豫不決所以我錯過正常買票的時機。奧運官網的線上售票系統只限英國跟歐盟國家的居民購買,其他地區的民眾得找官方授權的代理商。而且一開始售票是用抽籤的,抽到的人才可以買。這段我不是很清楚。反正後來就算線上開放售票了,在台灣就只能找運佳旅行社。我打電話去詢問時,票已經沒有了。所以我後來是在eBay買到了個人全能決賽那天的票。我打算資格賽也看的,但當時時間緊迫,我想等到了倫敦在去買就好。雖然正式管道都已經沒有票了,但我相信要買絕對買的到!

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Congratulations Zhenya!!! Two Times Olympic Champion!!!

(photo from Big Big Congratulations to Zhenya !!!! My little bunny, YOU DID IT!!! First RG gymnast to win two times Olympic champion in individual all around!!! All these years of handwork, and Great performance today You deserved it!!! … Continue reading

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Photos: Press Conference-Team Visa London 2012-RUS

some photos from the Press Conference-Team Visa London 2012 RUS which was held on 23rd April, 2012 check photos slideshow below article link: and here: Relative articles:

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Picture of the Day and Guess Zhenya new leo color game 2.0-moment of the truth

(photo by viktorphoto, many thanks!!!) Now we had already seen Zhenya’s new Chopin ribbon 2.1 leo, the color are light green and pink. and I had checked all the answers (including in Chinese weibo), too bad, no one got the … Continue reading

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Zhenya’s new leotard for Chopin Ribbon 2.0

OK now the designer of Zhenya’s leo shows her new Chopin Ribbon 2.0 leotard to us…and remembered the guess her ribbon leo color game? So the answer is light green in combination with pink decorated with 7000 swarowski….(I think no one … Continue reading

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Why Chopin Ribbon 2.0 is a Masterpiece written by RC

Written by RC, English translated by catts, Billion Billion Thanks!!! I have already seen the routine “Chopin 2.0” several times since the Moscow GP in early 2012. However, they were mainly DV recordings instead of television production . This time, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Vera Efremovna Shtelbaums ♥

С днем рождения !!!! Happy Birthday to Zhenya’s great coach Vera Efremovna ♥♥♥ Wish you a long and happy life. May God Bless You today and always!!! Hope to see you and Zhenya in London!!! Zoe with Love from Taiwan

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Guess Zhenya new leo color game 2.0 XD

(photo by my friend RC, many many thanks!!!) Dear All, Last February I played a game to guess Zhenya’s new ball leo color, I thought to play it again XD. This time let’s guess what will be Zhenya’s new ribbon leo … Continue reading

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