Zhenya’s new leotard for Chopin Ribbon 2.0

OK now the designer of Zhenya’s leo shows her new Chopin Ribbon 2.0 leotard to us…and remembered the guess her ribbon leo color game? So the answer is light green in combination with pink decorated with 7000 swarowski….(I think no one got the right answer, I will check all your answers later…)

Original article link:
English translated by Alyona, many many thanks!!!

A designer from Nizhniy Novgorod made a leotard for Evgenia Kanaeva decorated with 7000 Swarovski stones

For many years the success of the Russian National RG Team depended on two people – the team coach Irina Viner and the designer from Nizhniy Novgorod Marina Gogua. On the 27th of July the United Kingdom will host the XXX Olympic Games – the competition every athlete is dreaming about. But only the best sportsmen deserve to participate in the World Games: the strongest and the most effective. Just as in previous Olympics the designer from Novgorod will be responsible for the beauty of the Russian gymnasts. Wearing leotards made by her our gymnasts have achieved many historical victories. In fact, leotards made by Gogua are special, with the mascot. A beautiful eye hidden in the pattern of the leotard made Alina Kabaeva the queen of the 2004 Olympics. And in 2008 there was no one equal to Evgenia Kanaeva in Beijing.

– An eye is my talisman that brings victory, – confessed Gogua on the eve of the Beijing Olympics. – But it is just a little bonus. Because the main reason of the success of Russian gymnasts is their immensely hard working.

So what has Marina created for London?

– I have really many ideas how our Team should look like, – says Gogua looking through the album with patterns. I thing this year the ‘Olympic’ leotards will be in gentle colors. But at that they will look luxurious, rich, decorated with gems. I wouldn’t like to open all the secrets now. But be sure all the costumes will be ‘saturated’ with good energy.

Marina Gogua made an exception for our newspaper and showed us one of the most exclusive leotards sewed for the star of the Russian Rhythmic team Evgenia Kanaeva.

– This leo looks very gentle due to the ornament of small and big stones (There are 7000 Swarovski stones on it!). Zhenya liked the transition from green to pink. She will wear this leotard during the European Championship which will be held in Nizhniy Novgorod in the beginning of June, – Marina Gogua opens the secret. – And then I hope to see this leotard on her during the Olympic Games in London. She will surely win!

and watch the video (in this video the designer says this leo is for Zhenya’s ribbon)

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17 Responses to Zhenya’s new leotard for Chopin Ribbon 2.0

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Sonia, I am very sorry, I don’t know how to contact with the designer.

  2. Sonia Socquet says:

    Brilliant those leotards! Can we contact the designer, in one way or another? My daughter is itself gymnast.
    She is completely away from those leo’s!!! Would she design one voor 2 lovely girls from Belgium?

  3. Eva says:

    I ❤ it

  4. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Alyona translated this article for us!!!! Big Big Thanks to her!!! now I posted her translation.

  5. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Tanya, same as 2008 and 2010, anyway on even number year no EF only AA for senior individual. And on odd number year, no AA for senior individual only EF and team competition.

  6. Tatiana says:

    it’s the same as 2008. they didn’t have even finals as I remember, just AA competition.

  7. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Anonymous, NO, tomorrow is only the training day. EC competition date is 01 June-03 June, and senior individual AA is on 02 June (no EF for senior individual this year)
    EC schedule please check here

  8. Anonymous says:

    hi,i love it! tomorrow is EC ,right?

  9. Ksenia Semenchuk says:

    I like this new leo, but I have already got accustomed to the blue one. And I waited for something like previous. Can not wait to see it on Zhenya. And I still dislike her new clubs leo… too much of everything (IMHO).

  10. ZKG-WanWan says:

    edited: Alyona told me, in the video, the designer says this leo is for Zhenya’s ribbon routine!

    @Tanya, when you click the original article link, you can see these words on the photo, “Модельер из Нижнего сшила купальник для Евгении Канаевой с 7000 камнями Сваровски”

    And the whole article says the designer shows us Zhenya’s leo, and her design concept for Zhenya’s this leotard.

    PS. I know Zhenya’s new ribbon leo is almost done when she was competing in WC Corbeil 2012.

  11. Tatiana says:

    where does it say in article that it’s her ribbon new leo? it’s just one of the many leotards designer decided to show.

  12. Anonymous says:

    well…let’s see when it’s worn!!

  13. Laura says:

    I also prefer the old one. I think the new doesnt suit Chopin music as well as Zoe said.
    And it remembers me to the one she used in Moscow 2010 with rope. Same colours…. They could change a bit…

  14. Anonymous says:

    I prefer the one that she uses now…

  15. ZKG-WanWan says:

    I don’t think these colors and design suit Chopin music…sorry, I much prefer the old one…T_T

  16. Michel says:

    I love green with pink! It’s not the best motive, but the colors are great (H). I had hoped green / yellow, but green / pink is even better.

  17. xSleepingAwakexRG says:

    it’s beautiful and it suits Zhenya perfectly! I knew she’ll have something pink, just as in Beijing ❤

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