Oleg Kanaev: we can say that Zhenya has finished with sport

Oleg Kanaev
(Oleg Kanaev – Zhenya’s father)
Posted on http://www.allsportinfo.ru/index.php?id=71549 on 26-05-2013
Originally written in Russian by Vladimir Ivanov and Maria Vorobyeva
Translated and edited by catts (many thanks to catts!!!)

The first ever two-time Olympic all-around champion in rhythmic gymnastics, Evgenia Kanaeva, has winded up her career and getting ready for the wedding. This is a special report by Vladimir Ivanov and Maria Vorobyeva of the Sport Information Agency “All Sport”, after talking with Oleg Kanaev – Evgenia Kanaeva’s father.

‘We can say that Zhenya has finished with sport,’ said Oleg Kanaev. ‘Soon she will get married, and everything will be fine if God is willing.’

Q: When is the wedding?
A: Most likely, in June.

Q: Has her sporting career really come to an end?
A: How much more can be won totally? Enough!

Q: Why has this decision taken so long? In spring, Zhenya herself could not give a definitive answer.
A: It is necessary to ask Zhenya herself. She is an adult, and she makes the decisions. As far as I know, now Zhenya is going to get married, and to have children. This is the most important thing in life. She makes the decisions well!

Q: So, do you support her decision?
A: Of course!

Q: What are the reasons that Zhenya managed to reach such heights?
A: You may say, it was a collective effort (literally, ‘ the stars come together’ – ed). She has enormous talent but because, as a child, she was a “crumpet” (smiles). She was led by her grandmother to do sport, and then Zhenya was lucky to have a great trainer in Vera Shtelbaums. In addition to talent and hard work, a lot is dependent on the mentor. All these came together for Zhenya. This is the character needed in order to win in two Olympic Games!

Q: Are the emotions in Beijing and London Olympics comparable?
A: The first victory, of course, was incredible. I was all broken, holding onto the brandy, lemon and TV. I had never been so nervous. But in London, everything went as expected. Victory was granted for Zhenya as it should, although I should not say that.

Q: Is there a possibility that Zhenya now gets married, gives birth to a child, and then come back and go for victory in the Olympics in Rio in 2016?
A: I do not know. And no one knows. How can anyone say that now? Although one Belarusian “artist” has returned to sport after giving birth.

(the man behind Zhenya is her father – Oleg Kanaev)

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2 Responses to Oleg Kanaev: we can say that Zhenya has finished with sport

  1. M says:

    First time I’ve seen an interview with her dad. I believe she might be done with the performance aspect of the sport. She has done a lot and if she wants to settle down, that is good as well.

  2. ZKG-Zoe Wan says:

    off topic:
    CSKA gala show 2013, Zhenya was there to make a short speech, about 1:00:00, thanks Alyona for the translation
    Zhenya: Good evening! Dear club members, with all my heart I congratulate all of you on this great event. Thank you for being who you are! I want to thank club CSKA for being the place where the great sportsmen grow up. I am happy to represent CSKA club. Thank you!

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