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Oleg Kanaev: we can say that Zhenya has finished with sport

(Oleg Kanaev – Zhenya’s father) Posted on http://www.allsportinfo.ru/index.php?id=71549 on 26-05-2013 Originally written in Russian by Vladimir Ivanov and Maria Vorobyeva Translated and edited by catts (many thanks to catts!!!) The first ever two-time Olympic all-around champion in rhythmic gymnastics, Evgenia … Continue reading

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Evgenia Kanaeva is going to get married next month (June)

Original article link: http://www.om1.ru/news/sport/12120/ English translated by Alyona, many thank!!! only translated the first part, the other parts are old news/rumors last year! (Note by Zoe: the previous report about Zhenya is going to get married in July is a … Continue reading

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