The Opening of the School of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Arctic Kirovsk

1:17-1:33 Viner says: (Many Thanks Tatiana for the translation!!!)
Evgenia Kanaeva who is Olympic Champion, ask her where is she from: she is from small town near Omsk. Her grandma brought her to RG. Let’s look at Daria Kondakova: she is from place near Sochi
1:47-1:53 Zhenya says:
The most important is that they enjoy what they are doing, listen to their coach and enjoy life.

news article:
English translated by google, and many thanks Tatiana for some parts correction!!!

Russian national rhythmic gymnastics team performed at the opening ceremony of theSchool of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Kirovsk with elements of the Olympic program of 2012.

There was held the special opening ceremony of the School of Rhythmic Gymnastics based on educational centre “DROZD-Khibiny in arctic Kirovsk”

It was attended by President of the Russian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics, honored coach of Russia, head coach of Russian national team Irina Viner, the founders of the movement “DROZD” – world-class athlete, honored coach of Russia, Federation Council member from the Murmansk region Andrei Guriev, Main Director of Education Center “School of Sambo-70”, the first vice-president of Federation of Russian Sambo and Judo, president of the movement “DROZD” Renat Laishev and president of the Moscow Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics Andrei Guriev.T

The School of Gymnastics under supervision of world-class athlete, winner of the World Summer Universiade, medalist of Russian Championship Elena Eremenko will deal with almost 90 kids aged 3 to 7 years. This school became a part of an all-Russia movement “DROZD” (Children of Russia are educated and healthy), the permanent partner of which is the company “PhosAgro”, and Honorary President – Irina Viner. The main task of the movement, which originated 10 years ago and now operates in 40 cities ofRussia, is to increase the level of physical and general education of the younger generation, bringing them to a healthy lifestyle.

Our outstanding gymnasts, including Olympic and world champion, honored master of sports Daria Kondakova Darya Dmitrieva, Evgenia Kanaeva, Natalia Bulycheva, Elizaveta Nazarenkova, Margarita Mamun and Alexandra Merkulova, performed at the exhibition show and Gala show for children and their parents, citizens of Kirovsk and Apatity. They included elements of the program that our team will present at the Olympic Games in London.

In her speech at the ceremony Irina Viner noted that “it’s rarely happens to gather together senior and youth teams. Today we have cancelled all the competition that we had planned after the World Championship, various tournaments and participation of our top gymnasts in the clubs in order to come here toKirov, and to perform at the opening ceremony of the hall of rhythmic gymnastics. Here is the cream of Russian and world rhythmic gymnastics, the entire gold reserve. All the wealth of rhythmic gymnastics is here, in the Kirovsk. ”

“You are the first who saw group exercise, with which our girls will be performing at the Olympic Games inLondonin 2012,” stressed Irina.

Wrestlers from the renowned center of education, “School of Sambo-70”, who are the masters of sports of international class, held the exhibition performance at the opening ceremony in Combat Sambo, which they recently presented at the competition in China.

Opening of the School of Rhythmic Gymnastics, Master Class, Gala-show of Russian national team in rhythmic gymnastics, wrestlers performance were timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of polar city Kirovsk. Kirovsk and Apatity with support from the “PhosAgro” turned into a sports capital of the Arctic At the time of the celebration – the 1st stage of the Russian Cup in Alpine skiing is planned to be held this week within the framework of the international calendar of FIS; and in early December – Russian Chess Cup with participation of Russian chess grandmasters.

Check photos here by Oleg Naumov

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3 Responses to The Opening of the School of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Arctic Kirovsk

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  2. activschorle says:

    Cool,zhenya has got pretty shoes 😀

  3. janyeating says:

    北極….好冷!! 無法想像下飛機時會是什麼感覺…. 現在台中都覺得冷了:(

    話說Nazarenkova又穿上Zhenya的衣服了, 真不習慣欸
    09ribbon那件還好(她或Yana穿好像都滿好看, 可惜Yana退休了)
    另外, 集體的衣服 好恐怖ˊˋ

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