Zhenya was rewarded national award “Russian of the Year” (03-Nov-2011)

1:07-1:23 Zhenya says: (Big Thanks Tatiana for the translation!!!)
I have always worked pretty intensively because the rhythmic gymnastics “life” is short. At this moment we are getting ready for the new season, Olympic season. We are going to have qualification round to see who will compete at Olympic games. So that I’m training and training.

Congratulations Zhenya!!!

(photo from http://visualrian.ru/ru/site/gallery/#984065/context[feature]=91952 )

News Link: http://www.gorod55.ru/news/article/show/?rubric=9&id=9971
Another one: http://omsk.kp.ru/online/news/1015775/
Translated by google

On the eve of  National Unity Day in the Great Conference (Note by Zoe Wan: Russian National Unity Day is on 04-Nov) Hall of the presidential administration in a solemn ceremony of awarding the atmosphere VI National Prize of public recognition of the achievements of citizens of the Russian Federation “Russian of the year.”

The award “Russian of the year” was established on the initiative of Russian public organization “Russian Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship,” in 2005. Over the years it has been noted such prominent figures as Nobel laureate Vitaly Ginzburg,chairman of the Children, a doctor Leonid Roshal, a film director Nikita Mikhalkov,a figure skater Irina Rodnina, conductor Vladimir Spivakov, Valery GazzaevCSKA coach, writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, People’s Artist Russian Sergey Bezrukov, National Artist of the RSFSR Karachentsov Nicholas and many others.
This year’s expert jury, which included People’s Artist of USSR, Joseph Kobzon,People’s Artist of the USSR Vladimir Spivakov, People’s Artist of Russia Yevgeny Mironov has identified 14 prominent Russians. Award applicants were selected among those who showed an example worthy of execution of service and civic duty and has achieved outstanding success in the profession for the benefit of Russia, and to take part in the competition could become a citizen of Russia, regardless of occupation, age, education and residence.

So, this year celebrated the rescue workers, teachers, astronauts, MP, and representatives of culture and sport. The award, among others, were the art director of the ballet show TODES Alla Spirit and directed by Andrei Zvyagintsev, whose film “Helen” was this year’s jury prize of the competition program “Un Certain Regard” at Cannes. “To be recognized in our country must come from the international arena, unfortunately, it’s true. But I will not compare the fun and excitement of recognition there(in Cannes – approx. Aut.) From the senses for recognition in Russia. I think that this is insignificant and in any case, nice, especially for the person who engaged in art because art – a language understood by all and sundry “, – confessed Zvyagintsev.

But the Olympian and 17-time World Champion in rhythmic gymnastics Evgenia Kanaeva did not expect such high recognition: “- I am very pleased to be here, but I did not quite expect, and nothing could guess – admitted Omsk gymnast at the ceremony. – I came to start a series of exercises. I did not expect that I will be in the company of such famous and talented people, the heroes of our country. I am very proud that I represent Russia. ”

Check the info for this award here

(photo from http://visualrian.ru/ru/site/gallery/#984065/context[feature]=91952 )

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6 Responses to Zhenya was rewarded national award “Russian of the Year” (03-Nov-2011)

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Just take a look for the list of the former winners of this award, film director Nikita Mikhalkov, figure skater Irina Rodnina, writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, etc. Wow!!! many big names!!! This is really a great honor for Zhenya! here’s the info for this award

  2. xSleepingAwakex says:

    thank you ;D

  3. ZKG-WanWan says:

    To Joanna, Thank you! It’s an opening ceremony of the RG school in Kirovsk. I posted the news article already.

  4. xSleepingAwakex says:

    Congratulations to Zhenya! 🙂

    By the way, will you write something about this event?

  5. activschorle says:

    is zhenya a star in russia or ,,just”a relly good sportsmen?
    besause i think zhenya is a person too,a normal girl.and in intderviews she doent say that she feels like a star,i like it
    because that makes her so lovely?i dont know which word 🙂

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