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English translated by Tatiana, many many thanks ♥ ♥ ♥

The first time in the history of contemporary rhythmic gymnastics an absolute score of 30 points was achieved. The Olympic Champion of Beijing Evgenia Kanaeva managed to do it in her ribbon routine at the Grand-Prix stage in Brno.

Evgenia Kanaeva was approaching to this score during all her gymnastics life. She started from winning all competition for the past 7 years. The day before nobody could imagine how the Sunday EF will be going. In spite of strict judgment on previous day, Evgenia won anyway.

She set the pace already in the hoop final. 1st record – 29.950. She proved it in the ball routine. Clubs – 29.650. Kanaeva had many scores like that in her career life. And the EF with ribbon has begun. Ribbon is one of the most difficult apparatus in RG. 6 meters snake can never stop for a second. It can’t ever touch the body even for a fraction of a second only if it’s not an element of routine. Nobody managed to perform ribbon routine perfectly till today. Evgenia Kanaeva did it. Thankfully to her efforts the whole idea of 30 points judging system, that it’s impossible to reach the perfection, crashed. The 1st in the history of RG score of 30 points has appeared on a screen.

Daria Dmitrieva became  2nd in all routines with grandmaster scores. Yulia Sinitsina won the junior tournament.

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