News Video+photos slide show: Zhenya Return to OMSK after EC 2011-01Jun2011

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01-June-2011 Zhenya returned to OMSK after EC with her Mom-Svetlana and her coach Shtelbaums…
English translated by Alyona!!! many many Thanks!!!
Zhenya: I have come for just one day. Then I will go to Korea (there is a RG exhibition show in Korea recently, many famous gymnasts are invited such as Bessonova, Maximenko etc…). It’s great that children are interested in sports. And it’s a real pleasure when they come to meet me.
Shtelbaums: Well actually we managed to do what we had planned. There were mistakes with clubs and ball, unexpected ones, but it’s ok, we will work on them. Everything is fine, we got three gold medals and one silver. Nobody else got so many medals like she did, so everything is fine!

And below some photos-slide show

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六月一日小兔寶又衣錦還鄉了, 跟著小兔媽媽還有 S奶奶一起回到了OMSK
中譯: Zoe Wan
Zhenya: 我這次只回來一天, 然後就要去韓國 (最近韓國那裡有個RG exhibition event, 據說 Anna Bessonova, Maximenko, 還有好多名將都會去). 小朋友對RG有興趣是件很棒的事, 且我真的感到非常榮幸他們特別來見我.
Shtelbaums: 恩, 一切都按我們的計畫進行, 球跟棒發生失誤, 這不在意料之中, 但沒關係的, 我們會針對這部分加強改進. 一切都很好, 我們拿了三面金牌跟一面銀牌, 沒有人像她一樣拿到這麼多面獎牌, 這樣已經很棒了.

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5 Responses to News Video+photos slide show: Zhenya Return to OMSK after EC 2011-01Jun2011

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    加上中譯, Added Chinese translation!

  2. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Ana and Daniel Mesa Santana, I guess it’s because the copyright, the TV channel doesn’t have the right to use RUS TV coverage clips, and they just got those Spanish TV coverage clips from internet…YTB is the most probable source, of course they doesn’t have the Spanish coverage copyright eigher, but…Spanish TV won’t know I guess

  3. I think they use spanish coverage because Paloma del Río (the commentator) doesn’t speak during the routines

  4. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Added English translation, big big thanks Alyona!!!
    Wow Zhenya will go to Korea??? interesting I need to check what’s that event, and sooo busy schedule for Zhenya!!!

  5. Ana says:

    interesting how the used videos of Spanish coverage rather than the Russian one!

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