Irina Derugina’s interview about EC Minsk 2011

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Some part translation by Tatiana, many Thanks!!!
Interviewer: Which gymnast can you reproach for being too pragmatic?
Derugina: “The best example of that is Evgenia Kanaeva.Of course everyone can just envy how technically correct she execute routines. But her performances are lack of something special, temperament,inspiration which were so common among gymnasts of previous generation. But not everything bad in russian team. Daria D and Daria K are more artistic than Kanaeva. And in general it happens very often that gymnasts who don’t deserve to be in finals get there. After their performance audience is left surprised. You must understand that you can never become an outstanding gymnast only by hard work. And moreover it’s impossible to make people love gymnast who doesn’t have charisma and charm. As result there are practically no more gymnasts like Natalia Godunko, Irina Tchachina, Inna Zhukova… “

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  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Sky: I created this blog for Zhenya, and for her fans who need her information: news, interview translations, design pics, videos, music, photos etc…and what are the ones you called “rational comments”? I can’t say anything when I disagree with some comments? If I only want to read good comments then those what you called upsets me will be deleted! I also can set all comments need my approval then can be posted, and do I do it? NO! And to remind you, this is my blog, and this blog called “Zhenya Kanaeva Gymnasium” it’s not a RG forum, it’s a fan’s blog specially for Zhenya, I say it again will you go to Roger Federer’s official website to leave bad comments there? Even in internet world, it’s also a rule for it, different platforms have different functions (in Chinese I mean 定位), Who will leave comments in Faye Wong’s fans’ websites to say her signing is terrible? If you know they are fans’ websites, normally you won’t do it! And yes, I can’t control comments from others, same to you, you also have NO RIGHT to tell me what to do. I tell you this blog is not free, I paid to upgrade my space in, I paid for a pro-photobucket account (ZKG photos account) and I paid to upgrade ZKG Vimeo Channel to plus! If you invest your money or some other supports to my blog then you can tell me what to do, but obviously you do not…you say you appreciate my effort, I only can feel you just come here to criticize me…this kind appreciation NO Thanks! I know Zhenya and her Mum appreciate my works for them, that’s enough HAHAHA 😀 BTW, comment column here not only means criticize Zhenya (good or bad), people can leave comments here to ask me questions if they need my help and I can answer them…If you love to read those negatives you can go to some RG forums or youtube, you will find many many or you can create one yourself then you can do whatever you want…

  2. Sky says:

    Don’t put yourself in an absolute correct situation. You can’t control the RG World, you can’t control comments from others. If you only crave for “good” comments which can please you immensely, please disable the Comment Column. I really appreciate your hard work in setting up the Blog and providing useful information and news for Zhenya, but the way you try to defend your blog or standpoint is way too exaggerated, with too much anger towards other’s comments even with a tiny point which upsets you. Hey dude, this is the internet world, rational comments are essential in building up the relationship among each others.. Peace….

  3. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Melpopo, I watch RG since OG Beijing 2008, that’s the reason my feeling about Bess, I know her started from her last RG career years…

    About ring pivot, I guess it’s really a difficult element, so it’s hard to execute it all the times with high releve, depends on gymnasts’ situation that day…

    And in this post-a poll in ZKG, I posted my favorite Zhenya’s routines (with videos)

  4. Melpopo says:

    To ZKG-WanWan

    Well, Mazur is still very young ! Her apparatus handling is not great but she will improve. I was very impressed with Maksymenko; She improved so much in two years ! She is still 16 IIRC, she won’t “go” to major competition very soon.
    I can excuse Staniouta because it’s a new skill, Kanaeva has performed it for a while. Sometimes she has the high releve, sometimes not, I guess it depends on how she feels that day 🙂 She has the best ring pivots, Mazur’s is not that bad but I still prefer Kanaeva’s.
    Well, I loved Bessonova before noticing her bad sportmanship,I like her routines too much now. She reallly changed. I mean, in 2004, she was a smiley person, always looking nice but with time, she started to look angry all the time. She was the most popular but never the queen (first Kabaeva, then Kapranova, then Kanaeva)? The two first screwed her and I guess, she was just really bitter. It’s my guess though, I don’t know her personally, she looks really mad sometimes. It’s not an excuse to behave that way, I also guess her popularity made her overconfident about herself and snobby at the same time. But she produced some of my favorite routines, 2005 ribbon, 2007 Bolero (l) ribbon, 2008 hoop, 2003 hoop for instance. So I don’t think that much about it.
    Now she retired, it’s sad but I also think it’s a good thing especialy for Maskymenko who now really has a chance. She is not in Besso’s shadow. Same for RIzadtikova. I just hope the Daria”s won’t be to popular with judges. I don’t want to see poor RGymnastics winning medals like in AG. It’s suck a pleasure to watch gymnasts like Kanaeva who cares about execution, really the only thing I don’t like is her releve on some pivots. A part from that, she is PERFECT and some of her routines are also among my favorites like hoop 2010, ball 2009, 2010, 2011, ribbon 2008, 2009, 2011 for instance 😀

  5. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Melpopo, Of course I can recognize Zhenya’s imperfection, she is a human after all, not a machine. but you express your opinions, can’t I make mine to argue with you? I replied because I disagree with your comments such as saying Zhenya doesn’t try new catches in her hoop and ball…and the low releve…I disagree with you doesn’t mean I think Zhenya is perfect!

    And about sportsmanships, that’s my personality, I can’t like, appreciate a sportsman without that, no matter how good you are in sports, but if a sportsman doesn’t have that, sorry I will never be his/ her fans! That’s why I can’t appreciate Bessonova…

    P.S. I think Staniouta is a good, talented and very clean gymnast, I always thought she is the only one who can threat Zhenya at the moment, better than two Darias of course. She just needs time to mature her style, she has everything-difficulty, execution well and clean, it’s easier to make a gymnast with good technical skills to develop the artistry than to make a gymnast with artistry but without good skills to improve on it. but I found one problem, Melpopo you said Melitina always has high releve, yes she is, but have you noticed Melitina also rarely does ring pivots, actually she just added Zhenya’s trademark pivot in her routines last year, in fact she also performs that “with help ring pivot” with flat foot sometimes, actually I don’t think she performs Zhenya’s trademark pivot well, and her rotations is less than Zhenya, I think Mazur does Zhenya’s trademark pivot well, but don’t know why Mazur’s apparatus handling skill is…well very bad, sorry to say that…..

    Sorry for my poor English

  6. Melpopo says:

    To ZKG-WanWan

    I also noticed Besso’s bad sportmanship, it sucks but I don’t judge her on that. I like her on the stage when she performs. That’s the Besso I like.
    Well, she sometimes has low releve on the ring pinvot, and sometimes a high relevé, but also on some scorpion turn, the one where she has straight legs on the second phase of the pivot. Most of the time she has a sort of medium relevé, between low and high. I care a lot about high relevé so I make a difference between low, medium and high. but again, she can’t be perfect, it’s something she does that I don’t like but it doesn’t me she sucks ! Because she does not !
    Lots of people criticzes Kanaeva unfairly, I admit it. Most of them are Besso fan because they feel Kanaeva stole Bessonova’s medal. They probably don’t know that much about RG. Only once, I felt Kanaeva was severly overscored, it was in 2009, the ribbon final. But overall, I think Kaenva deserved everything she got! Besso was screwed by Kabaeva though not only once. But that’s another debate. Kanaeva is an excellent gymnast who is criticized to much and who deserves more respect. I agree with you. I also feel very sad for her when she makes mistakes and finishes the routine almost crying. It’s heartbreaking, she looks harsh on herself.
    I understand why you are so upset but if you like a gymnast, you also have to recognize her “imperfection”

  7. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Melpopo, Why I talked about ring pivots? Because that’s the only pivots I found from Zhenya she will do with low releve sometimes, in other types pivots she did great!!! If you find many evidence that Zhenya did other pivots except ring with low releve then show me!!! I don’t like Bess the most is she lack the ability to reflect herself, when she was unsatisfied with the results, it’s always others faults not hers! She made many mistakes in OG Beijing and she and Derugina complained Zhenya’s gold, I can’t believe this when I read that interview, they both lack sportsmanship, don’t know to respect their rivals! don’t know to learn how to lose. In this EC, Zhenya didn’t have brilliant results like she did before, but her Mom told me in her letter to me, She was very glad for Lyubov, Zhenya too very happy for her, they thought Lyubov deserved her titles! This is called “Sportsmanship”!!! And Zhenya always criticize herself badly, that’s one of the reason why I love her so much!!! She is always so modest and non-stop and knows to respect her rivals.

    Hoop with same catch 2008, 2010, 2011??? yes, she did some same catches, but she also did new catch, the last catch in 2010 hoop is NEW!!! And I have already explained to you in my previous comment she planned to do a new one this year but failed, It’s just that she needs time to manage it well! Her ball, the catch with her back that’s NEW OK!!! she did it just from 2010, how could you ignore her new elements and only mentioned the old one?? of course every gymnast will do some same elements for years! Don’t Staniouta do the same catches and same pivots (her hoop the famous catch, and her trademark pivots) in her routines??? Don’t Charkashyna do the same catches in her hoop and ball (again her famous catch)? And can you tell me Charkashyna have any new elements from 2005 till now? Why always likes to criticize Zhenya for this, nothing new I read thousands times, then what about some gymnasts do same elements for 10 years, Zhenya doesn’t have innovative? She tries new elements every year and still received this kind criticize, Zhenya try sooo hard to do her BEST and always gets strict criticize, I felt sad for her…So, please be fair!!! OK I really want to stop!!! This is a space for Zhenya, not like those RG forums so let us stop discussing the UKR and RUS RG style, I love some UKR gymnasts, Toma and Maximenko, but sorry not Bess, I can love both Zhenya and Maximenko and of course Toma, the true legend and so elegant, great gymnast. But will never like Bessonova…..

  8. Melpopo says:

    To ZKG-WanWan

    Why are u so upset ? I’ve never compared Besso and Kanaeva here ! Neither their releve nor their leaps or whatever ! You completely misunderstood my post ! Besso is not the only gymnast to have a high releve, watch Maksymenko, Mazur, Staniouta, Miteva, and some other. Kanaeva can have great releve somedays a really low one the rest of the time. I don’t get why BTW. Who talked about ring pivot ? YOU start the whole Besso bs Kanaeva ridiculous thing. I’ve never criticized Kanaeva. I appreciate her a lot but she is not PERFECT, like Besso had several form issue in her career as well. Noone is perfect. The only two thing I don’t like about Kanaeva is her low releve SOMETIMES (I instist on that word) and that some of her choregraphy are very very similar. The rest, I LOVE. She is ony of my fav (Like if it was impossible to love Besso and Kanaeva..) Besso lack of back flexibility was a real problem for her but I think she did very well without it. Maybe she can’t do what Kanaeva does but the other way round works too. There are plenty of skills that Besso did and Kanaeva doesn’t do.
    I like the Ukrainian for some reason. First, their base, they have a beautiful high releve, they have great oversplits on leaps, they are more confident, they are more fluid. I like their music more, and their routine more. And they is nothing wrong about it. It’s my opinion and they is nothing wrong with it. You tried in purpose to prove me wrong when I said I like the ukrainian team better. Very mature behavior. Russian athletes are my favorite of all time but in RG, I prefer Ukraine AND I live Kanaeva and Tchachi. I’ve never though Besso was the best either BTW, Kaneava clearly is the best, not only for Kanaeva’s fan.
    The Deriuigina’s especially Irina are not the kind of person I like. What they did to Vitrichenko is a shame but I won’t judge ukrainian girls because of their coach previous mistakes.
    Since you attacked me because I like Besso, I’m gonna explain why I liker her ! I like her because she is a fighter. She never gave up despite the unfair judging she was the victim of. She had good routines, good music, good skills in general, she had charisma, she had great artistry (I think Besso is more artistric than Kanaeva, the way she moves her body, her expression, she adapts her body movement to the music) And again this is my opinion. Never I would have said ‘I laught my ass of when I read people saying Kanaeva has a better artistry”. There is nothing wrong about being a Bessonova fan.
    Kanaeva’s ribbon is her best event by far. I love her new routine, great skills and so on. But sorry her hoop and ball are so similar. Nothing innovative in there. She used the same catches in 2008, 2010 and 2011 (not sure about 2009, can’t remember that routine”. Ball, same catches in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Three year in a row. I don’t ask for innovative skills all the time, but just to change a little bit. She did it for her ribbon and clubs routine. Why not for ball and hoop ? I’m tired of her hoop catches especially. Copy paste of previous years. Like Besso’s rope 2007 is a copy paste of the previous one. Well Besso’s rope are copy paste in a row, actually 😀 and I almost never watched them. I have no problem with recognizing Besso fault.
    Anyway, this debate is ridiculous. Kanaeva and Besso are two completely different gymnast and that’s why I like BOTH of them.
    At least we agree about the Daria’s, I don’t even understand why Irina started to critcize Kanaeva instead of the Daria’s. Their releve are a catastrophe. It’s so cheated !

    To Tatiana:

    I read that the Deriugina were trying to make a new Besso with Maksymenko, I don’t get it. To me Maksymenko has her own style, I don’t see Besso in it. She used the same skills but her style is very different. I almost have a slight preference for Maksymenko. The Ukrainians have the same style but IMO, they also have the best fluidity and connection to the music.
    Bad choregrapher. I don’t hesitate to use that word. The choregraphy were terrible. No “dance” connection between skills, no link to the music, wrong body movements, it was unprecised and so on. Kapra the same but a little better though. What bug me is the overuse of some skills. IMO, it’s bad choregrapher, to that point it really is.

  9. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Melpopo, Zhenya vs Bess again? Zhenya’s releve is not high enough, then in which pivots you are talking about, her ring pivots? to compare with others’ attitude or something easier pivots? Do you ever watch Zhenya’s AT, Arabesque or some other not ring pivots, for example her AT is very well executed, high releve, free leg fix position and in very high position!!! she seldom did AT 2008-2010. But she bring it back in her 2011 routines. And how about Bess? Her free leg’s position is very low and can’t fix it, always keeps up and down. If you want to talk about Zhenya’s pivots to compare with others, please be fair, compare with the same elements, Bess can’t do ring pivots, who knows, maybe she also will do it with low releve. (And we all know Bess can’t do ring pivots for sure XD) And Zhenya is not always with low releve in her ring pivots. Bess’s AT+ others pivots are terrible, you don’t like low releve, I also don’t like to watch a UP AND DOWN free leg! Moreover, Bess always hop in her pivots and sometimes a big movement with her supporting leg (sorry I don’t know which words in English is a proper one, anyway I mean not free leg) Also Bess did the similar skills in all her routines for years. To say Zhenya’s hoop and ball are very similar, can you kindly tell me who have all brand new skills in her routines nowadays? For me, Zhenya is a very innovative gymnast, she brings new skills almost every year, for 2011, she rolls the stick of ribbon from her right arm to her back then to her left arm, she uses the hard-apparatus rolling skill convert to the soft one-ribbon, this is really amazing, we can hear clearly the audience applaud for her when she shows this skill in each her competition. Actually she planed to do a new catch in her hoop initially, check my gif (she did it @Russian Youth Championships in Samara on very early this season) but it’s too difficult, she can’t finish it with high success ratio…so she bring back her 2010 hoop last catch, and 2010 hoop last catch was new in 2010! OK! and She also tried a new last catch in her Dorian Gray ball routine this year, but again she needs time to master with it, or maybe that catch is a wrong design, because my friend Hershey told me a senior group (I forgot the country name) try to do the same catch, but failed too…So, what do you want from her, she just use that hoop catch for two years and it’s unacceptable??? I can tell you, she will try that new hoop catch, or maybe with another one next year, because that’s the same story with her back-catch ball, she can’t do this catch with high success ratio in 2010, so she took it out in 2nd half last year. But she bring it back this year because she can do it now more stable. To do a new element, need time to manage it well, Zhenya talked about this in one of her interview too, she also said she don’t like she always need one or two years to master a new element. But that’s normal, I think for many other gymnasts too, most of them need time to do a new elements well. So Please be fair to her, not just because you don’t like her and treat her with different standards!!! What I dislike is many (OK sorry to say this) Bess fans’ are so double standards, many of them like to criticize Zhenya, not so artistry comparison with Bess…I always burst to laugh when I read this, can you compare a 18-old years girl to a 24-years old woman in expression or like those people said in artistry? And watch Zhenya now! She is 21 years old already, she is more and more mature, sorry, for me in artistry Zhenya has already surpassed Bess, not to mention Zhenya’s skills, way much better than Bess. Bess can do great leaps, But can she do 7 in a row leaps with back-arch? I think RG fans all know the answer, but Zhenya can do it, check yourself to watch Zhenya do it @gala-GP Moscow 2010 and gala-WC Portimao 2010.

    I stop here, and hopefully not to talk about Bess again, I rarely talk about her because I never like her, and that’s not my personality to talk a gymnast I dislike. For me, Tamara Yerofeeva is the true legend not Bess, many UKR gymnasts copied her elements even now, and even Bessonova! I can’t believe that Bessonova copied Toma’s dance movements in 2009 hoop and ball, and because many her fans didn’t familiar with Toma’s routines, they cheering for Bess for those dance movements, and thought that’s Bessonova’s original…(watch this montage: ), I just felt … words, I felt sad and sorry for Toma, she is such a great gymnast but with such so low rated and underappreciated by fans and media…I am very glad BLR head coach invited Toma to do galas in EC Minsk 2011! Because you mentioned Bess then I posted my opinions, but I hope we can stop to compare Zhenya and Bess in my space, never will have a consensus, for Bess fans she is the best, for Zhenya fans, Zhenya is the BEST!!!

    P.S. Please don’t compare Zhenya with two Darias, for me they are not in the same level!!! Zhenya’s pivots her releve are much better than these two, and Zhenya’s leaps, apparatus handling skills are way much better than 2 Darias!!!

    @Tanya, I agree with YOU 100%!!! RUS-Bad coaches? Then what about UKR, Two Deruginas just lives in old days, they don’t have new in everything!!! They had their prime time but not now. Right now they are just old and repeatability, they should be replaced in order to save UKR RG!!!

    Sorry for my poor English.

  10. Tatiana says:

    @Melpopo I wouldn’t throw the words that gymnasts don’t have good coach or choreographer?? and who is good one? Deruginas? they are also good, but Ukranian style is also might seem boring “black leos, angry faces, drama”. I already told that Maksimenko such a bright and expressive gymnasts, why are they making this “black” image to her. Looks like conveyor of Bessonova clones, and it’s not nice. Every gymnast is different and what suits to one doesn’t suit to another one. Maksimenko has kind smiley face, and that serious drama face she is trying to put on looks so ridiculous.

  11. Melpopo says:

    To ZKG-WanWan

    Kabaeva was nice to watch but after 2001, she was a hot mess ! I dislike her gymnastics but the girl was immensely talented, she was made to be a RG star but she did not have good coach or choregraph that could have used her talent correctly. What can make lots of people upset is to think about how many medals she won that she did not deserve. And I feel the same way when I think about Besso in 2003, Tchachi and Besso in Athens, to some extent, Besso in 2005 with Kapranova. Kapranova, the other big russian joke. Amazing talent, she was also made to be a RG star but for some reason, she was sloppy, unprecised, and the choregraphy especially that ribbon in Beijing did not suit her at all ! It’s more a coachin issue IMO.
    Kanaeva doesn’t have that problem, fortunately. She is an amazing gymnast but at the begining, I had a love hate relationship with her. She has amazing skills, clean execution, nice musics, but somehow, there is always something wrong about her routines. She doesn’t let go enough, she is too much controled. But now, I feel it’s part of her charm, what makes her special. However what start to really annoy me is the low releve she often has on her pirouettes ! And, also, that her routines are almost the same. The hoop and ball routine are very similar, same skills, same catches, same risks. The ribbon, though, is still magical, her best event IMO.
    Anyway, I have a preference for Ukrainian RG, even though my favorite artistic gymnasts are all russian. Besso and now Maksymenko are my favorite whereas the Daria’s represent everything I don’t like in RG: LOW RELEVE 🙂

  12. Tatiana says:

    @ TinaBayLina “It more about showing off back flexibility and cramming one million elements in 90 seconds”
    Ok, I have things to say to this. Again and again, everyone should understand that RG is SPORT not a SHOW! it means that Olympic motto “Faster!Higher!Stronger” relates to it also. This is why difficulty was brought up in last years to RG. Another thing is artistic: in 2009 10 points for artistic was brought back to judgment system, so that gymnast don’t just take music for background to do set of elements. Now they have to think of each step and movement they make, they have to unite it with music.
    And again Viner words: if you want to kick out RG from Olympics, let’s take out difficult elements.

  13. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @TinaBayLina moreover, you don’t like balletic and elegant style. sounds like you are just like those people whenever find a routine is with “classic music” then means this routine is boring. and un-will to watch carefully the routine. Actually I don’t care which music style, but all should be based on the connection with the routine, classic, rock, jazz whatever, everything is ok, just need to match the routine. Ballet or not ballet really that important??? and sorry again, you don’t like balletic style, but many people love it! I find you said “no one is able to speak critically of Evgenia Kanaeva on fan message boards”…but your criticism is so weak, it’s all about your personal taste, then can this kind comment consider as a “criticism”??? If you said Zhenya’s relevé is not high enough then I can take it, but not this kind opinion “Kanaeva bored me because I don’t like balletic style”. Myself even said I don’t like her new hoop black leo, looks like she wears a black under wear inside. so no one is able to speak critically of Evgenia Kanaeva??? Also, I don’t like her rope routine @WCH Moscow 2010, very very bad choreography. I can’t believe, Zhenya Kanaeva, with such amazing rope handling skill, with sooo many outstanding rope routines in her past days and presented so bad rope routine like this :(((. I think there are some comments not good for her in my space even it’s very few. If you are new in my space, then please make your conclusion when you really read many articles/informations of my space. And from where you read many people criticize Alina badly here? I even defended for her in my previous comment, read my reply to Melpopo. I know in many forums many people like to criticize Alina, but not here, so please don’t bring other forums’ comments to my space, thank you!

  14. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @TinaBayLina, who said “no one is able to speak critically of Evgenia Kanaeva”??? But if you want to criticize her, then should be logical, do you really read Derugina’s comment? she said ““and moreover it’s impossible to make people love gymnast who doesn’t have charisma and charm.” yes, No one can please everyone, but how come Derugina can say Zhenya lack charisma and charm??? You don’t like Zhenya, that’s you, not all the worlds, but many others love her!!!!!! and you are really funny, this is my blog, a blog build for Zhenya and her fans, not a blog build for RG, I serve for her fans, of course her fans love her and how come her fans will say bad words to her?? Same with other gymnasts or sportmen’s fans page, I really don’t get you, if you don’t like her style why come to my space??? This space is almost all about Zhenya!!! So you think you can go to Roger Federer’s official website and leave comment “OHHH Roger is sooo boring”!!! ???

  15. TinaBayLina says:

    I haven’t read all of the comments yet, but I skimmed them. It seems like no one is able to speak critically of Evgenia Kanaeva, Anna Bessonova, or Irina Chaschina in the press or on fan message boards. It seems like the three gymnasts mentioned about are put on a pedestal and are deemed perfect while gymnasts such as Alina Kabaeva are constantly put down so badly, it starts to sound like hatred. Personally, I am bored with Kanaeva. In my opinion, I am not attracted to the balletic and elegant style. I feel Kanaeva is predictable. Kanaeva is almost perfect technically, but as far as the performance, it is like going to the ballet. And some people like that, I do not. I do like Alina Kabaeva and Irina Chaschina because I can appreciate both styles. Bessonova was a bit too masculine for me (sorry). But in response to what Derugina said, it is understandable. Also, gymnastics has changed dramatically since the 90s and even 2000s. It more about showing off back flexibility and cramming one million elements in 90 seconds. But, just voicing a comment. ~Peace

  16. ZKG-WanWan says:

    @Melpopo, Kabaeva had her peak time, she was not always messy, vulgar and unprecised….and about why Derugina doesn’t criticize the Daria’s that much, just like I said in my previous comment, Derugina like to criticize the winner, that’s it. What’s the purpose to attack 2nd or 3rd one? And that’s common sense people also like to criticize the winner, treat the winner more strict.

  17. Melpopo says:

    To ZKG-WanWan :

    Well except that Kabaeva, if judged fairly, would not have been on the podium in 2004. You can’t compare Kanaeva and Kabaeva, the gap is too big between them. Kanaeva is clean, magical, elegant. Kabaeva was messy, vulgar and unprecised. She was so overscored. Since Thachi dropped the ribbon, and not Besso, if Kabaeva was judged fairly, Besso could have been olympic champ.
    Dergiuina’s word about Kanaeva are way too extreme. She doesn’t have Bessonova charisma and presence, she has her OWN. And she deserved what she won ! I don’t think it’s envy, she recognized Kanaeva’s execution. What surprised me is that she doesn”‘t criticize the Daria’s that much. I guess they give lots of attention to artistry and interpretation.

  18. Laura says:

    WHAAAAT TheF*** IS WRONG WITH YOU IRINA?????? Really do you think so??? I guess no!
    She knows perfectly her gymnasts has nothing to do next to ALL the Russians!! First of all, I think she must be professional. Generally, rivals “applaud” one another!! Or just they shut up!!! But don’t critize!! It’s not good….it’s not professional…
    On the other hand, what would have happened if Irina Viner (or just a Russian gymnast) would have said something like that?? It would have been terrible!! Russians would be aim of penalty….??¿¿
    Please Irina, I love RG, but I sometimes think that competitions aren’t competitions but life or death battles. IMO Irina has wound of Besso’s injustices and now she thinks her gymnasts suffer the same injustices. ( at this moment my dear Irina, NO).
    Sorry for say that but SHUT UP IRINA. Learn to lose and learn how to respect people who love your sport!!!!!And please accept that Zhenya and the rest of the Russians are today the best, and please be more respectful with Zhenya, because you should admire her!! Like most of the RG fans all around the world do!!!

  19. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Derugina’s envy is obvious, read her last sentence, she said: “As result there are practically no more gymnasts like Natalia Godunko, Irina Tchachina, Inna Zhukova…” Notice! She skip, not to mention the previous leader of RUS team: Alina Kabaeva, as the result, she just like to criticize the winner, the Champion. If at this moment, the leader is not Zhenya, then Derugina will criticize another one

  20. Oldfield says:


    I don’t know if it’s envy or not. Maybe it is. But what is for sure is that Deriugina must not tell us who to choose as favourite gymnast. When people look RG, each one looks for different things or feelings. RG is a mix of objective and subjective aspects, so it’s not only about being technically correct, or not about only being artistic neither. Is a mix. And Zhenya represents better than anyone that mix.

    For example: my girlfriend likes Alina Maksymenko and says that she is very funny doing her routines. And the spanish commentator (Paloma Del Rio) uses to say that Ukranian gymnasts are underrated by judges, she liked Bessonova and now she likes Maksymenko too. But other people can prefer other things. I like the seriousness of Liubov Charkashyna, and of course who I like most is Evgenia Kanaeva because of her own expressiveness, her routines, music, and because of her mix of sweetness and leadership.

    In spite of Deriugina, Zhenya has charisma and charm.

  21. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Irina Derugina “and moreover it’s impossible to make people love gymnast who doesn’t have charisma and charm.” ??? Then what about those people who love Zhenya??? Sooo many people were applauding and screaming Bravo after Zhenya’s performances, especially her Chopin ribbon!!! Those people are not “human being” ??? Then those people including me must be GHOST!!! 😀

  22. Ana says:


  23. ZKG-WanWan says:

    from Tanya: in another newspaper i read Irina Derugina words: “Kanaeva it’s ANTIGYMNASTICS! She does technically evevrything good but not artistic” hahahaha I just burst to laugh when I read this :DDD Derugina , common more please tell us more joke to laugh hahaha, life is hard so Derugina must just want to tell some jokes to relax us XDDD

  24. ZKG-WanWan says:

    Tanya!!!!!!! Thanks for Viner’s comment!!!! totally agree with her 100%!!!!!! Good call! good call!!!! Zhenya make a BEST ribbon routine and I can say best routine in this Olympics period, her Chopin ribbon sooooo many people admire it and say it’s master piece and say fantastics many times (Barny’s reaction @Corbeil ribbon final, my freind RC told me this) and my another friend Catherine said she will never forget Zhenya that performance, she said Zhenya is an artist!!!!!!!
    Derugina just envy Zhenya, I bet you, if it’s one of two Daria defeat Bess then she will say Zhenya or other RUS RG gymnasts is better than one of two Daria in artistry!!!

  25. Tatiana says:

    Zoe, thank you for posting it! I was so damn mad after reading this (*^^%$$YI!!!! (bad word).Kanaeva is lack of charisma??? Derugina must be blind or deaf saying that, probably she didn’t see how people were applauding and screaming Bravo after her performances!!! Personally I started watch RG after I saw Evgenia ribbon routine 2008 in Olympics. It’s inspired me in many things and still inspiring. All her performances which I can watch billions of times and never get tired.

    By going to judging personalities and bad-mouthing Derugina just proved to me how envy they are to Russian team, that Evgenia is russian but not ukranian.

    By the way in the same newspaper there’s Irina Viner interview who said (i think referring to Derugina words about lack of arthritics on present days) “It’s not a dance group it’s a sport. Difficult elements are combined with music. But if you want to kick out RG from Olympic sports let’s take out all difficulty”.

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