Announcement: Moment of Truth-Guess Zhenya’s Ball Leotard Game

Dear All:

I played a game @ZKG on 13-Feb. 2011-Guess! What’s the color of the leotard Zhenya will use with her new green ball? XD
Many friends leave comments here, and now the answer come out! Zhenya wore her new ball leo last night @WC Portimao 2011 day one qualification. The color is “nude”! I just checked all the answers in that article and my Chinese friend 米 her answer “cream yellow (乳黃色)” I think this is the closest answer to “nude” color.
So 米 is the winner of this game 🙂 I will send her a Zhenya photo-HQ without watermark! But because Zhenya changed her ball color to red, and this game is to guess leotard color to match her former green ball I decide to give all the participants in this game a smaller size photo without watermark (1024 x 768). I will send the photo to all participants’ e-mail address, if you didn’t leave you e-mail address in that article, please send a e-mail to ZKG’s mail box: Thank You 🙂

Zoe Wan

我剛已重新看過當時每個人的答案,”米”猜的乳黃色是最接近的!因此”米”是這個猜謎遊戲的贏家!:-) 我會送她一張小兔寶超高畫質無水印大圖-名攝影師拍攝作品。至於其他所有有參與猜謎的朋友,你們也不會空手而歸,因為這個遊戲原本是猜會穿什麼顏色衣服輩配綠色球球,可是小兔寶在GP Thiais就改拿紅球了,因此我會送所有參加猜謎的人一張小一點尺寸的名攝影師照片一樣無水印,(1024 x 768)。我會私下把照片寄到你們的e-mail address,上次留言沒留下e-mail address的人,請寄一封信到ZKG專屬信箱 謝謝!

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5 Responses to Announcement: Moment of Truth-Guess Zhenya’s Ball Leotard Game

  1. ZKG-Z.Wan says:

    I sent out the photo to those who took part in this guess game, but some persons don’t leave your e-mail address, please send a mail to then I can send the photo to you

  2. ZKG-Z.Wan says:

    @Tanya: Of course I can say 米 is the winner, if Zhenya get another new ball leo then other winners, but for this nude leo, winner is 米! definitely!
    and I can paly another game with you Tanya, Zhenya maybe will have another ball leo, but I don’t think she will change ball music again. her ball routine 2011 is this one that’s for sure, wait and see who will be right ;p

  3. Michel says:

    I saw only the video with bad quality and as far as I see without a better picture, the leotard is probably the most ugliest which Evgeniya wears since a long time. The crystals are really nice, but the color…. O.o

  4. Ana says:

    I don´t know what to think of the new leo yet, I have to see photos of it, or the routine with a better definition..

    Zhenya is going to leave us blind with that much crystals! xD 😉

  5. Tatiana says:

    may be it’s too early to say who is winner? hehe because many people wrote “dark” colors due to Dorian Gray mystic music. Now music is different, and i think she will change both: music and leotard again 😀

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