World Cup Portimao-28.Apr-01.May 2011

Maybe the biggest World Cup series event before European Championships, the participants break the record according the news report of FIG, over 600 gymnasts participated!!! Almost like a small World Championships.

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Zhenya is Group B
-18:30-21:00 in Day One Qualification
-14:00-16:30 in Day Two Qualification
Her order: 17-44-4-29 Hoop-Ball-Ribbon-Club

Portuguese Time=GMT+1


Senior Individual AA results-WC Portimao 2011
Full results EF
Hoop final result-WC Portimao 2011
Ball final result-WC Portimao 2011


這應該是歐錦賽前規模最大的比賽了吧, 參賽選手眾多, 根據FIG報導還打破紀錄, 共有超過600名選手參加. 等於是個小型的世錦賽了.

小兔寶在B組, 她資格賽第一天的比賽時間是18:30-21:00, 第二天是14:00-16:30
她的簽序是17-44-4-29 Hoop-Ball-Ribbon-Clubs
葡萄牙的時間=GMT+1 (跟台灣/北京: 時差7小時)

小兔寶加油!!! 祝你好運!!! GO GO GO!!!

Senior Individual AA results-WC Portimao 2011
Full results EF
Hoop final result-WC Portimao 2011
Ball final result-WC Portimao 2011

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15 Responses to World Cup Portimao-28.Apr-01.May 2011

  1. ZKG-WanWan says:

    All megaupload links New password:

  2. ZKG-Z.Wan says:

    Zhenya-Hoop AA, Big Thanks Valeryia!!!

    Zhenya-Ribbon AA, Big Thanks Valeryia!!! Mistakes but still Beautiful!!! I love this routine sooo much!!!

    Zhenya Clubs AA, Thanks Valeryia!!!

  3. ZKG-Z.Wan says:

    All the megaupload links password:

  4. ZKG-Z.Wan says:

    **Ask if you want to post these links to other places, thank you!***

    Senior Individual-Ball Final-WC Portimao 2011.avi (575.43MB)
    Senior Individual-Hoop Final-WC Portimao 2011-NTV coverage (avi 526.95MB)
    Senior Group-5 Balls Final-WC Portimao 2011.avi (501MB)
    Senior Individual-Clubs Final-WC Portimao 2011.avi (490.99MB)
    Senior Individual-Ribbon Final-WC Portimao 2011.avi (436.05MB)
    Senior Group-3 Ribbons+2 Hoops Final-WC Portimao 2011.avi (682.38MB)

    Done! I uploaded the whole EF coverage!

  5. ZKG-Z.Wan says:

    I cut and upload Zhenya hoop and ball final videos to youtube-NTV coverage
    Hoop final
    Ball final

  6. paula says:

    Zhenya Bravo!!! Perfect leotard, routine, music, expression…

  7. ZKG-Z.Wan says:

    Zhenya-Ball final-WC Portimao 2011-RUS TV coverage,
    I cut and upload Zhenya’s ball final to vimeo, and post this video to article
    You also can click the video player @homepage to watch it 🙂

    Zhenya-Hoopl final-WC Portimao 2011-RUS TV coverage, Thanks the uploader
    Zhenya from 3:47 (not complete video)

  8. ZKG-Z.Wan says:

    Ball final official result:

    Ball final official result-WC Portimao 2011 pdf
    Zhenya Gold with 29.200!!! Congratulations Zhenya!!! I am so proud of You!!!

    Hoop final official result:
    Hoop final official result-WC Portimao 2011
    Zhenya Gold with 29.125! Well Done!!! Congratulations Zhenya!!!

  9. ZKG-Z.Wan says:

    Zhenya out of clubs and ribbon finals

  10. ZKG-Z.Wan says:

    Anyway no one can win forever and Zhenya know it perfectly! It”s not bad she finally lost AA, on the contrary she can restart with a new attitude 🙂
    小兔寶free了, 輸了AA後, 可以不用逼自己那麼緊, 反而可以調整心態重新再出發, 對她是好事. 畢竟不可能有人能一直贏的, 瑞士球王費神也不可能, 任何事情都有結束的一天! 🙂

  11. ZKG-Z.Wan says:

    Kondakova ribbon 28.775 she won AA! Congratulations to Daria K! Zhenya 2nd…not a good day for Zhenya, ribbon 28.575, clubs dropped twice, one out of carpet-27.600.Since 2008, this is the first time Zhenya lost AA…anyway, still a good results for Zhenya in qualification!

  12. ZKG-Z.Wan says:

    Zhenya ribbon-28.575!

  13. Tatiana says:

    Perfect Zhenya!!! Better and better from competition to competition!! about ball leo colour – it’s kind of beige or nude with white. We need to see better quality videos. Anyway I totally like it. Finally something so different!!! may be she will change it again, who knows. Waiting for tomorrow!!!! Vpered, Zhenya!!! Мы с тобой!!!!!

  14. ZKG-Z.Wan says:

    Zhenya hoop 29.000 with new green leo, ball 29.050 with new white (?) leo
    leads with 58.050 after 2 routines in AA
    Well done Zhenya!!! Keep going tomorrow!!! Good Luck!!!

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