Gymnast Evgenia Kanaeva and Yana Lukonina Visited GUM for the Exhibition “Two Sides of A Medal”

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English translated by Tatiana, Chinese translated by Zoe Wan

Evgenia Kanaeva and Yana Lukonina visited GUM exhibition “Two sides of a medal”. Heroines of this exhibition Yana and Zhenya said that they saw the whole exposition for the first time. The one side of stand displays girl during training session while another side represents girl during fashion-shoot. The Olympic Champion Evgenia Kanaeva liked more the “artistic” side of medal. Yana Lukonina said that she likes more pictures of herself during training session.

Dressed in suits of new Bosco  Spring-Summer Collection girls had another photo session for magazine O’K (will be released on April 28th).

This material will be also published in add to Bosco magazine – newspaper “Beauty of Success”.

Taking an opportunity, Bosco congratulated Evgenia Kanaeva with past birthday and wished she continued to be a living embodiment for its motto: “Beauty of Success”

Check more photos here: (photos by Oleg Naumov)
Or BOSCO Sport website
or here
Zhenya Kanaeva @GUM-19-Apr-2011

體操選手-Evgenia Kanaeva跟Yana Lukonina參觀”一面獎牌兩種風貌“照片展

照片展的女主角 Evgenia Kanaeva跟Yana Lukonina表示這是她們第一次完整看到這個照片展。展覽呈現女孩們訓練跟拍攝藝術照兩種面貌。奧運冠軍Evgenia Kanaeva比較喜歡藝術的部分,而世界冠軍Yana Lukonina比較喜歡她自己在訓練的時候。

穿著BOSCO Sport的春夏款新裝,女孩們替O’K雜誌拍攝另一組時尚藝術照 (雜誌將於4月28日發行) 。這內容也將會在BOSCO Sport的雜誌 “成功的美麗”發佈。

藉此機會,BOSCO Sport向剛過生日的Evgenia Kanaeva祝賀。願她能繼續當BOSCO Sport的座右銘”成功的美麗”活的化身。

更多照片請往俄羅斯體操協會網站觀看 (photos by Oleg Naumov)
或 BOSCO Sport 網站
或到我 photobucket相簿
Zhenya Kanaeva @GUM-19-Apr-2011

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2 Responses to Gymnast Evgenia Kanaeva and Yana Lukonina Visited GUM for the Exhibition “Two Sides of A Medal”

  1. Tanya, I agree the blue one is very beautiful~~and I also love VERY MUCH the beige coat that Zhenya wore <333

  2. Tatiana says:

    Amazing pictures, and amazing Zhenya and Yana!! I like the blue sportsuit, i want one now 😦

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