Picture of the Day: Best Team-Vera Shtelbaums+Zhenya!(Slide Show)

From “Can’t Be Better” TV documentary 2010…
People say that you were very lucky to have such a coach.
Zhenya: I have a wonderful coach and I am very lucky, because she always tells me the truth, even if it’s a bitter truth.
You mean that it is that rare case when the relationship of a coach and a student are based on the trust?
Zhenya: Absolutely
Vera Shtelbaums: We spend so much time together. She sees me much more than her mom or granny.
Alina Kabaeva: The secret of her success is in the way she listens to her coach. She listens to her as if she hears this or that thing for the first time. At that she is very smart. She has a strong Siberian character and she goes till the end. She is such a good girl!
Svetlana Ustintseva (Zhenya’s friend in OMSK): We must thank Vera Shtelbaums, because it is she who develops these wonderful characteristics.
Vera Sessina: As far as I remember, they always get on perfectly well in comparison to other gymnasts and coaches. I don’t know any other cooperation between gymnasts and coaches as smooth as they have. On one hand it’s pretty surprising, but on the other hand Zhenya herself doesn’t provoke any scandals.

Devoted to the BEST TEAM in RG with this article and some photos Zhenya+Shtelbaums with slide show, 42 images now! will upload more…please wait!
GO Zhenya and Vera Shtelbamus!!!

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