Silver Doe Award Ceremony-Best 10 Russian Athlete 2010-20-Apr-2011 (with news video)

News report-article:
English translated by google
Leadership of the Federation of sports journalists of Russia (FSZHR) at a
ceremony held Wednesday at the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), awarded the best
athletes of 2010 Award “Silver Doe.”

Winners of last year, as voted by sports reporters the country was named (in
alphabetical order): Catherine Gamow (volleyball), Yuliya Efimova (swimming),
Evgenia Kanaeva (gymnastics), Olga Kaniskina (athletics), Nikita Kryukov
(skiing), Alia Mustafina (gymnastics), Irina Skvortsova (bobsleigh), Ivan
Skobrev (speed skating), Eugene Ustyugov (biathlon) and Alexander Shustov
(athletics), RIA Novosti reported.

Team of the Year was named women’s volleyball national team of Russia, Tatiana
Pokrovskaya (synchronized swimming) received the award the best coach.

The ceremony was attended by President of the International Sports Press Association
(AIPS), Gianni Merlo, who arrived in Moscow to sign a memorandum on the
establishment of schools of young sports journalists and communication.

News video, thanks the uploader! (Zhenya @0:48-0:52)

and pohots
or check ZKG photobucket account
Silver Doe Award Ceremony-2011-Photobucket


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6 Responses to Silver Doe Award Ceremony-Best 10 Russian Athlete 2010-20-Apr-2011 (with news video)

  1. I also don’t know why Zhenya holding two…maybe one from last year I guess, because she didn’t show up in Silver Doe Award Ceremony 2010

  2. Ana says:

    she looked so pretty!!!

    why was she holding two does??

  3. Michel says:

    Congratulations Evgeniya!!!! You have a deer breeding? Every year a new! *g* and btw cool clothes, nice style.

    Happy Good Friday Evgeniya & all other!!!! This year is Easter in the west and east on the same day.

  4. 額 偶居然搶輸兔子, 我自己的網站耶

  5. 恭喜小兔寶!!!! 這身衣服超帥氣 <333
    Congratulations Zhenyaaaa!!! She looks sooo cool and beautiful!!! <333

  6. kaninchenrc says:


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