Translation-News Video: Evgenia Kanaeva become an absolute champion of the GP Moscow 2011

English Translated by Tatiana (Billion Billion Thanks!!!)

Evgenia Kanaeva has become Absolute Champion at the Moscow Stage of Grand-Prix. This tournament brought together the strongest gymnasts of planet. Some of them weren’t able to handle emotions (nervousness) and it led them to mistakes. This is related also to Prima of RG Evgenia Kanaeva.

With no doubt the main event at the Moscow stage was performance of the RG star Evgenia Kanaeva.

During past years her name is associated exclusively with gold medals of all possible tournaments. This is why she always gets great attention. This time Prima has prepared new program where the element with ball is the most difficult. Dramatic composition with the fatal music of “Dorian Gray” almost cost her gold medal (meant it almost deprived her gold medal).

Evgenia Kanaeva: “At this moment I’m trying to think about my program. I’m always trying to do it in all my competitions so that there is impression stayed (left) after routine. Because it can happen that gymnast makes mistake but she is so unique in her sport that not the mistake will be remembered but how she moved and what she performed.”

At the moment of mistake the audience bangs and becomes silent, but already in one second audience gives to disappointed Kanaeva standing ovation. And right after there is a performance of her main rival Aleksandra Merkulova. For her routine with no mistakes she gets high score but not high enough to beat Prima. The difference in scores was 0.05.

Aleksandra Merkulova: “I want to perform well. I don’t think about ranks. The most important for me now is to perform well.”

Irina Viner: “Zhenya made serious mistake but still judges gave her score 0.05 higher. Our sport is objective but I think that Zhenya is the strongest gymnast by the moment anyway”.

Evgenia Kanaeva excelled everybody in other routines and deservedly (fairly) has become Absolute Champion.

Russia was presented at the Moscow stage of Grand-Prix by 2 teams. This way coaches prepare national team to the Olympic Games.

Irina Viner: “Today we can’t see yet who will be a champion tomorrow. We have many contenders for those 2 ones for Olympics”.

Besides of Kanaeva’s  victories  Russia got 3 silver places of Kondakova and Merkulova.

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