Grand Prix Holon 2011-04-05Mar2011

New banner designed by Hershey! BIG BIG THANKS!!! SOOOO BEAUTIFUL (L)

This is Zhenya’s 2nd competition this season
Friday 04.Mar.
9:45-10.45 – Junior Individual
11:00-11:30 – Junior Groups
11:35-11:45 – Opening ceremony
12:15-13:45 – Senior Individual competition
15:00-20:00 – Grand Prix Competition

Saturday 05.Mar.
10:00-11:00 – Junior Individual
11:15-11:45 – Junior Groups
12:00-13:30 – Senior Individual competition
13:30-14:00 – Awarding ceremony
18:00-20:00 – Grand Prix Finals

Participants list: check here

Start List-Friday-04/03/2011-AA (Qualification)
Zhenya in Group A!

I will update the newest results and videos once I have the information


Training video-team Russia-GP Holon 2011 (Big Thanks Marc!!!)

Download link: (mp4 78.65MB)
Created a mediafire folder for Zhenya’s videos in Holon 2011
here you are (Zhenya 4 routines in AA, a training video and Gala)

Full results-AA (Zhenya 1st)
Full results-EF (Zhenya won 3 golds)
Grand Prix Ranking (- after 2 Events)

Created GP Holon 2011 photos album @photobucket, check here (31 photos now!)
(Thanks Tom and Barny’s wonderful photos)
Grand Prix Holon 2011 photos album

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5 Responses to Grand Prix Holon 2011-04-05Mar2011

  1. EF results: Thanks Lisichka!
    Zhenya won 3 golds! Congratulations!!!

    1. Evgenia Kanaeva – 29.075
    2. Daria Kondakova – 28.400
    3. Aliya Garaeva – 27.800
    4. Ulyana Trofimova – 27.025
    5. Anna Alyabyeva – 26.400
    6. Joana Mitroz – 26.200
    7. Neta Rivkin – 26.100
    8. Elena Meirzon – 25.950

    1. Daria Kondakova – 28.750
    2. Daria Dmitrieva – 28.500
    3. Aliya Garaeva – 28.075
    4. Neta Rivkin – 27.200
    5. Ulyana Trofimova – 26.925
    6. Anna Alyabyeva – 26.725
    7. Anna Gurbanova – 26.125
    8. Crystalleni Trikomiti – 25.300

    1. Evgenia Kanaeva – 28.150
    2. Anna Alyabyeva – 27.600
    3. Neta Rivkin – 27.500
    4. Daria Dmitrieva – 27.250
    5. Aliya Garaeva – 26.750
    6. Joana Mitroz – 26.500
    7. Ulyana Trofimova – 24.300
    8. Ganna Rizatdinova – 24.300

    1. Evgenia Kanaeva – 29.100
    2. Daria Dmitrieva – 28.200
    3. Ulyana Trofimova – 27.950
    4. Anna Alyabyeva – 27.100
    5. Aliya Garaeva – 26.775
    6. Neta Rivkin – 26.350
    7. Joana Mitroz – 26.000
    8. Anna Gurbanova – 25.500

    Zhenya’s Gala, Thanks Marc!

  2. Zhenya’s 4 routines in AA (BIG THANKS MARC!!!)
    Created a mediafire folder for Zhenya’s videos in Holon 2011
    here you are

    Ribbon, Ohhh even a mistake in the beginning I am in love again (L)

    Clubs, problems with catches…

    Ball, big mistake in the beginning…but the routine is still very beautiful (L) and Zhenya is sooo good to save that drop 🙂

    Hoop, beautiful trademark pivot in the end 🙂 and a small drop…nice routine!

  3. laura says:

    Congrats Zhenya!!!

  4. impression from dalit from many thanks!
    As i wrote she wasn’t at her best and she made only 3 finals.(no ball)
    She started with ball and had 3 drops but the routine is beautiful and she showed beautiful pivots.
    Her clubs was better but still not good-one drop and some problems in the catches.
    Her ribbon was her best,not as good as in Moscow because she had small mistakes in the start but this routine is a masterpiece-the music,the choregrhpy,the skills everything is really amazing,if till now i couldn’t decide what is my favourite ribbon routine-Bessonova from 2003,Lipovskia from 1997 or Kondakova from 2010, now i know-Kenaeva’s 2011 !
    Her hoop was beautiful with nice expression but with small mistakes as well.
    Thanks Tom!!! Congratulations Zhenya!!!!!
    Senior AA results…

    1. Evgeniya Kanaeva RUS 112.700
    2. Daria Dmitrieva RUS 111.525
    3. Aliya Garaeva AZE 111.075
    4. Daria Kondakova RUS 109.350
    5. Anna Alyabyeva KAZ 109.075
    6. Yana Lukonina RUS 109.000
    7. Neta Rivkin ISR 108.200
    8. Ulyana Trofimova UZB 107.800
    9. Joanna Mitrosz POL 106.025
    10. Alexandra Merkulova RUS 105.850

    All Zhenya for sure!

    Zhenya’s score is much lower compared with GP Moscow and Daria D is very close to her.
    Maybe it’s because of her hands injury and she made mistakes or maybe it’s because of the competition is out of Russia…
    Hope Zhenya perform well in finals! Best wishes for Zhenya!!!

  5. Start List-Friday-04/03/2011-AA (Qualification)
    Zhenya in Group A!

    some quick random notes by Tom Theobald for training, Thanks Tom
    “Dynamics of RUS seniors… Zhenya is queen of the show here no question. Vibe within the team knows as much. Zhenya was with few errors in trainings just now finished. Just she had a painful hand injury at one point from hitting clubs and had to be sprayed & taped.” :((((

    Poor Zhenya :((( hopefully, it’s not serious and Zhenya is fine. Good Luck to Zhenya!!!

    Added training video to article, big thanks Marc’s sharing!!!

    And created GP Holon 2011 photos album @photobucket, check here (31 photos now!)
    (Thanks Tom and Barny’s wonderful photos)
    Grand Prix Holon 2011 photos album

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