World Cup Pesaro-25-27-Mar-2011

Official Website:
Competition Date: 25-27 March 2011
Competition Schedule:
Participants Lists:
Start Lists:
Zhenya in Group A!
Her Schedule-25-Mar: 16:00-18:00 26-Mar: 19:00-21:00 (Italy is GMT+1/ from 27-Mar: daylight saving time so it’s GMT+2)
Her Order: Ball, Hoop, Clubs, Ribbon (Zhenya is No.22)

Wish Zhenya ALL THE BEST and Good Luck to HER!!!

Created World Cup Pesaro 2011 Photos Album @photobucket (38 images! now)
(photo by Barny, many thanks!)

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12 Responses to World Cup Pesaro-25-27-Mar-2011

  1. Zhenya-Ribbon-AA-WC Pesaro 2011-Big Big Thabks Anita, I love sooo MUCH the clips of K & C, Zhenya and Shtelbaums <333

    Zhenya-Clubs-AA-WC Pesaro 2011-Big Thabks Anita!!! Wonderful performance!!!

    Award Ceremony Senior Individual AA-WC PESARO 2011 (Thanks Anita Again!)

  2. Zhenya’s new ball!!!!!-AA, big big Thanks Beatrice!!! beautiful beautiful beautiful!!! I love it!!!
    New ball routine music: Elegy in E-Flat Minor by Rachmaninov! Thanks the member of!

    download for more videos from AA

  3. Oldfield says:

    Congratulations to Zhenya!! 🙂

    Beautiful routines. And good results! And, with time, they will be even better.

    Always with her.

  4. Anita says:

    Oooh nice to see my comment there 🙂 Thanks I said simply my impression, and sunday I really loved Zhenya she’s improving this routine more and more adding a lot of expression on It!!!! But all her routines are very good and It’s really a pity that she messed up ribbon and clubs 😦

  5. A comment about Zhenya’s new ball routine from my Italian friend-Anita, she was there in Pesaro watching Zhenya’s ball final 🙂
    “It was absolutely beautiful!! And I was very surprised to see It I didn’t know It, Zhenya performed It very well for a new routine and the audience was amazed by this routine!! Can’t wait to see It again!!”
    Thanks Anita for the information <3333333

  6. Zhenya ribbon-EF! Thanks 4erquelle!

    Hoop-EF! Thanks kremiket!


  7. EF full results

    Ribbon, mistakes again 😦 27.500 silver…

    Zhenya won 2 golds @EF now, Hoop-28.775 Ball:28.700 but clubs with big mistakes only got 26.900 no medal, Charkashyna won clubs gold! Congratulations to Zhenya and Liubov!!!

  8. AA and Apparatus qualification results, Zhenya won AA gold! and enter to 4 finals! Congratulations Zhenya!!!
    Individual senior AA and Apparatus qualifications results
    Zhenya Clubs-Qualification-28.550!, Ribbon-Qualification-28.375!

  9. Qualification-Hoop and Ball-official results, Zhenya got 10 in Hoop D1!

    Click to access SENIOR_QUALIF_HOOP_BALL.pdf

    AA-Hoop and Ball-official results, Zhenya ranked 1st with 57.300

    Senior AA Group A results, Thanks Beatrice!

  10. Zhenya-Hoop-28.350 I think she made mistakes
    Zhenya Ball-28.950!!!!!!! with new music!

    Zhenya changed her ball music, pity…I love that music…but I know this is possibile because Svetlana discuss this with me before…since Zhenya is not comfortable with that music and made many mistakes in ball routine it’s understandable to change it…

  11. Tatiana says:

    Good luck, Zhenya!!!! I’m anxious to see these competition 😀

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