Two Recent News about Zhenya…

(Photos by Tom Theobald @GP Holon 2011, Many Thanks!)1. Zhenya attended the opening ceremony of a RG tournament in OMSK on 10-Mar-2011
English translated by google

Today, March 10 start of the championship and the championship of the Omsk region in rhythmic gymnastics. The tournament will bring together more than 150 athletes. Chief Justice of the tournament will make the deserved trainer of Russia, International Judge Helen Arajs (Note by Zoe Wan: Vera Shtelbaums’ daughter).

At the opening ceremony of the tournament to attend the Olympic Champion, Honoured Master of Sports Evgenia Kanaeva . Among the strongest participants of the championship – the master of sports Margarita Kamynin, Anastasia Hordunova, Maria Maltsev, Alexander Protasov. Results of the championship and the championship will be taken into account when forming team field. Six athletes will go to the same district tournament to be held in Barnaul, March 23-25.

2. RG International Competitions in Eilat (Israel)
English translated by google

This coming Wednesday, March 9, in Eilat will host an international tournament in rhythmic gymnastics. The competition will be attended by stars of sport Olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva and Junior Olympics champion Alexander Merkulov. According to the Russian national team head coach Irina Viner, Russian woman Evgenia Kanaeva is by far the strongest gymnast in the world. Kanaeva won a landslide victory and has just completed phase of the Grand Prix competitions in Holon. Incidentally, this year’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation had discussed the issue of holding the championship Grand Prix in Eilat. It is possible that next year will go down in Eilat grid world tournaments and rhythmic gymnastics. And yet at 19.00 on Wednesday in the Hall “Begin” you will meet with the best gymnasts of Israel and the world. Entrance to the event free.

Note by Zoe Wan:Strange, the 2nd news,Zhenya just finished the competitions in Holon 0n 04-05-Mar. Then she and Merkulova stayed in Israel to paticipate this event??? And then the next day Zhenya flew back to OMSK for the opening Ceremony of a RG competition! This is really a crazy schedule for HER! Maybe the 2nd news was wrong…
(photo by unknow @GP Moscow 2011)

1. 原文:
是說小兔寶在3月10日時出席家鄉OMSK的一個RG比賽開幕典禮。比賽共有150個選手參加。比賽的主裁判是由Vera Shtelbaums的女兒-Helen Arajs擔任。

2. 原文:
3月9日在Eliat (地點在以色列) 舉辦RG國際比賽,奧運冠軍Evgenia Kanaeva跟青奧冠軍 Alexander Merkulova 會出席。
俄羅斯國家隊主教練Irina Viner 表示:Evgenia Kanaeva是當今世上最強的選手,她最近在Moscow跟Holon大獎賽都贏得絕對勝利。附帶一提,韻律體操協會正討論在Eliat 舉辦大獎賽的可能性,也許明年就能爭取主辦權。

Note by Zoe Wan: 有點怪,上上週才在以色列Holon比完大獎賽,難道小兔寶繼續留在以色列出席這個比賽???然後隔天馬上又飛回OMSK出席另一個RG比賽的開幕典禮,這行程也太滿太累了吧。所以也許第二篇新聞有誤。

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