The Perfect Action-About Zhenya’s 2011 Routines written by Joao Lucas

(photo by Tom Theobald @GP Holon 2011, Many Thanks!)

At first time, I left her ribbon routine for the last one that I would see, so I watched her hoop, her ball, her clubs and then… her ribbon. For me, her ribbon is perfect, and when I mean perfect, I mean the most beautiful work that I ever seen in my whole life. The piano, the colors, the shapes, her leotard… and the expression, everything makes the show. Cause yes, her ribbon is one show, not a simple routine.  Her start position is very original, her movements are in the same time of the piano beats, the music matchs too much with this routine.  So… no doubts, she will be the first with this apparatus. She is one wonderful dancer, her expression is very good.

When I saw her hoop routine, I felt in love with the music, I love happy musics for routines, so her energy , her skills and everything she does for me is awesome… I enjoyed her new hoop very much, soon it will be better then 2009 routine, we can not forget that we are only in the start of the season, so as the firts gymnast… Zhenya will show us the perfect in action.

Her performance with the ball reminds me a lot one mistic character, like oneself… her green leaotard is beautiful… and the music is very exciting, her spins, pirouettes are really good and strong. The final is very dangerous, her last catch is very breathtaking… I feel scary with her when it’s time to finish the routine, but one powerful routine.

The bolero, the new leotard… oh, her clubs routine are my second favourite above all Zhenya’s new routines, she is very ellegant. One thing that cacths all the time my eyes in this routines is her jumps, so high and really fast. The final is brillant… and of course, her kick club to make the difficult is fabulous, really loved it.

She is a champion, so… if she is in the national team, no doubts she is very good, so, don’t worry about anything Zhenya, we trust you and believe in you. Go Go until the last stand in London. Kisses of Brazil. João Lucas Nunes.

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5 Responses to The Perfect Action-About Zhenya’s 2011 Routines written by Joao Lucas

  1. Evgenia says:

    Evgenia’s smile is beautyful

  2. João Lucas Nunes says:

    ohh Laura, Thank you so much for your words, it made me very happy, ok ? best wishes ♥

    ohh my friend, Zoe, thank you again, and again. It’s too much to say, you always give me the chance to express my love and my feeling about Zhenya, no matter how, photos or words, so my heart is vey thankful for you. ♥

  3. Laura says:

    Joao, I totally agree with you! Also for me, ribbon is her best this year, but we’ll see. The season has just started. The second I like the most is clubs too. Amazing clubs handling!! Every time I see her routine( more than once per day) my eyes can’t blink and I breathe slowly! About hoop, I have to recognized that at first I didn’t like the music nor the routine, but now I’m completely in love! I love the music so much, and the routine let me to know what Rhythmic Gymnastics exactly is!
    My opinion about ball is also good. The music, her leo, her pure elegance and the beauty of all of her movements…
    But,no doubt, I definitely chose ribbon. It remembers me the classic Rhythmic Gymnastics.
    I have no words to describe what I feel when I see her performances. Since I become a very big Zhenya’s fan I have realized perfection can’t be described. It only can be seen.

    Thanks Joao for writting and thanks Zoe for sharing 🙂

  4. João Lucas Nunes says:

    Thank you for everything my friend, for every chance, for every support. (L)

  5. Bravo Joao Bravo ♥ I finished my reading and very expressive and enjoy 🙂
    And I agree with you, Zhenya’s ribbon is the most artful ribbon routine I have ever seen! For me it’s her best routine ever! and of course she will be the first in Ribbon this year! This is the “Queen of Ribbon”!Her clubs also my 2nd favorite, I am just enchanted by each sigle of her movement and all her tricks, the kick clubs definitely a smart and classic arrangement. I have to confess, when I knew Zhenya will use “Bolero” for clubs routine, I didn’t like the music choice at all, because it’s a overused music, I always love to see more variation in music. But when I saw this extraordinary clubs routine first time, I was totally in Love and completely forget about the music matter. I watched her masterpiece performance-the Chopin ribbon and Bolero clubs in EF of GP Moscow everyday. I saved those routines videos in my cellphone so I can watch them at any time 🙂
    Her ball is also a brilliant routine, so mysterious and I can’t take my eyes off that beautiful and magic green ball! (I am reading the book-“the picture of Dorian Gray” it’s fantastic! so well writting Oscar Wilde! no wonder Zhenya named this book as one of her favorite!) It just needs time to polish it! When Zhenya is ready, When she can clean her ball, it will be a great rouitne just like her ribbon and clubs! And about her hoop, I didn’t feel much at first, but yes! just few hours later, the music keep playing and playing in my head, I am totally in love with that song and also with the routine ♥

    Thank you Zhenya! for all these wonderful routines, also thanks to Vera Shtelbaums and Irina Zenovka, YOU THREE are the BEST! ♥

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