Video Report+Translation: “Evgenia, The Gold Gymnast” by German russland TV (3 parts)

A three-parts report (the other two parts come later) from German “russland.TV”
English Translated by Michel, Many Many Thanks!!!

Evgenia, The Gold Gymnast – part1
Evgenia Kanaeva is the most successful rhythmic gymnast in the world. Reason enough for us, russland.TV made three-parts report for her -“The gold gymnast”. In it we show two outstanding performances of the young Russian woman and as a culmination at the end a short report.
Today we begin with Evgenia’s ribbon performance at the International Grand Prix Innsbruck in Austria last year. (Off-commentator at the end) Evgenia Kanaeva from Russia. Clearly leader in all hand sets.

Note by Zoe Wan: the training clips in the beginning are from GP Marbella and GP Holon last year.

Evgenia, The Gold Gymnast – part2

Evgenia Kanaeva is the most successful rhythmic gymnast in the world. Reason enough for us, russland.TV made three-parts report for her -“The gold gymnast”.
In today’s second film, we show Evgenia’s ball performance in Grand Prix Innsbruck 2010.
Evgeniya Kanaeva of Russia. By many of the presentations, one would simply want…(end of the video)

part3 – Evgenia Kanaeva Backstage

Evgeniya Kanaeva is the best known rhythmic gymnast in the world. The young woman, born in Omsk, enjoys in Russia genuine cult status, comparable only with elite football players in Germany. She was awarded “Sportsman of the Year” in 2008 for her outstanding achievements. (note by Zoe Wan: 0:28-0:33 is the award ceremony for “Sportsman of the Year” in 2008 – selected by Federation of Sport Journalists of Russia. They choose Best 10, and each winner will be granted  a statuettes “Sliver Doe”)

The successes of Evgeniya and the other Russian gymnasts are not accidental. It is not only the hard training, as here in Spain before a competition, also a great tradition in her own country. Even in Germany has a good part of the young RG-gymnasts Russian roots. Evgeniya also comes from a traditional sports family, because of her mother and grandmother she came to this sport. At twelve, she was discovered and came to an elite training school in Moscow.

Despite the tough competition, she asserted herself and the top of the podium became her regular place. In 2008 she reached her career peak with the Olympic title in Beijing. Seven times she reached the top position in the World Championships (note by Zoe Wan: should be 11 times)- and nine times in European Championships.

Privately she stay on the ground, what still increases her popularity in her country of course. You can see it in this recordings, made sidelines of a competition in Jerusalem.

Asked about her plans after her active time, Kanaeva answered: read, learn and play piano. In fact, she should save her prizes money completely for her future education. So we hope, that she fulfil  all her education dreams after the hectic years in professional sports.

Evgenia,体操金牌选手 – part1
中譯 : 兔子 (RC)

俄罗斯选手Evgenia Kanaeva是当今体坛最成功的艺术体操选手,并因此当选了本年度俄罗斯最佳运动员。russland.TV对这位知名选手进行了三篇报道。第一段里包含这位世锦奥运全能冠军在Innsbruck比赛的带操录像。

Note by Zoe Wan: 影片前面的訓練畫面是來自去年的GP Marbella跟GP Holon。and 後2個部份的報導會陸續推出。

Evgenia,体操金牌选手 – part2
Evgenia Kanaeva是当今体坛最成功的艺术体操选手,我们的节目将用三部分向您介绍这位金牌选手。

part3-Evgenia Kanaeva
Evgenia Kanaeva是当今艺体界最知名选手,这位年轻的女孩出生于OMSK,她在俄罗斯体育界的地位相当于德国顶级球星的待遇。08年她因为出色的发挥加冕俄罗斯最佳运动员称号。(note by Zoe Wan: 0:28-0:33 是2008年最佳運動員的頒獎典禮, 這獎項是由俄羅斯體育記者協會票選年度Best 10,得獎者會獲頒一個銀鹿雕像。)

Evgenia的成功不是偶然,不仅仅是因为艰苦的训练,(例如影片中呈现的西班牙一个比赛前的训练画面) 还由于在俄罗斯,Evgenia和队友们接受到的是具有国家传统优势的训练体系,Evgenia自己也是出身体育世家,因為她的母亲和外婆 (note by Zoe Wan: 她媽媽以前也是練RG的,外婆則是一個花式溜冰跟體操迷),她投入了這項運動,她在年仅12岁的时候就被视作希望之星入选莫斯科的预备队。

现在她获得了所有艺术体操选手都梦寐以求的荣誉,比如在2008年的北京奥运会的全能桂冠。截至目前,她已经获得了7次世锦赛冠军 (note by Zoe Wan: 應該是11次世錦賽冠軍),9次欧锦赛冠军。

私底下她没有明星架子,这只有增加她在自己国家受欢迎的程度,画面里是拍摄于以色列比赛 (Note be Zoe Wan: GP Holon 2010) 时观光耶路撒冷。


P.S. (by Zoe Wan) PART3的報導感覺有些部份不是很正確,問到退役後計劃那裏,Zhenya的回答又像是在說她閒暇時喜歡做甚麼…orz,可是”彈鋼琴”,確實她曾在以前的訪問中提過退役後想學鋼琴。

大大感謝兔子中譯 !!!

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  1. Part 3 was released, added English and Chinese translation-Many thanks Michel and RC again!!! I made some edition for both English and Chinese translation.

  2. Laura says:

    Billion thanks Michel and RC!!

  3. Today, I received a little angel angelsending by Svetlana ♥

  4. Added part2 translation, many thanks Michel and RC!!!
    Last year Spanish TV, this year German…I hope one day there will be a Chinese special report for Zhenya 🙂
    Except Russian report, I think the best one I ever saw is Japanese report from WCH Mie 2009! I watched it by on-line TV program. Pity it couldn’t be recorded and I never found Japanese friends recorded and uploaded it…I miss Mie veeeery much! It’s my favorite World Championships! The hall, the podium, the broadcast camera, the background music, even the medals so much better than Moscow, imo.

  5. Michel says:

    The short report will be nothing special, maybe 2-3 minutes and nothing new for us (the page wants to present Russian things in German and this time sport). But no matter what, I’m glad that something comes in German… yeah :P.

  6. 繼去年西班牙電視台做了小兔寶的小專題報導後,今年又有德國的了,小兔寶真了不起啊!希望有朝一日會有中文的專題報導!

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