Picture of the Day: Zhenya, Barsukova and Tchachina- A Meeting of Generations

Hello 🙂 it has been a long time I didn’t post “Picture of the Day” topic. The last one was someone’s favorite and never ending love – “Sweet Lemon” posted @last April hahaha

Today I found a good one! (Thanks to that someone -Michel for this pic! XD) This photo is most probably from WCH Moscow 2010….

Yulia Barsukova was behind Zhenya (orange leo with red ball) and Irina Tchachina was stretching on the other side of the chair, even couldn’t see her face, but we can recognize it’s Ira by the black leo (She wore that leo flying in the air in the gala show of WCH Moscow 2010). Also can see Kondakova was in the right corner of this photo.

Maybe this photo was not a good shot and not taken by a famous photographer. But it’s really precious to see three different generations and outstanding gymnasts practicing together, especially two of them had retired.

Moreover, Zhenya and Ira doing stretch at the same time, remind me three old photos – little Zhenya was watching Ira training…Now and Past, Time Fly!!! And I always feel like to burst to tears when I saw Zhenya and Ira meeting together…

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每日一圖: 小兔寶、巴蘇 跟 恰恰 齊聚一堂

哈囉 🙂 好久沒有寫 “Picture of the Day” 這個主題的文章了, 最後一次是某人的無止盡的愛 – “Sweet Lemon” , 哈哈哈. 那已經是去年四月份的事了.

今天我發現一張很不錯的照片 (感謝那位某人-Michel ! XD ) – 請看最上面那張, 這應該是去年莫斯科世錦賽的照片, Barsukova在小兔寶身後, 橘色衣服手拿紅球那位, Tchachina在椅子的另一邊跟Zhenya一起在作壓腿動作. 雖然看不到她的臉, 但從身上的衣服可以認出來是Ira (那是Ira在世錦賽Gala show被吊在空中時穿的衣服). 還可以看到Kondakova在照片右角落.

雖然這不是甚麼名攝影師拍的照片, 也不能說拍得很好. 不過能看到三個不同世代但都很傑出的體操選手一起在練習, 由其其中兩位已經退休, 彌足珍貴!

看到Zhenya跟Ira一起在作壓腿, 不免想起以前的三張舊照片, 小Zhenya看著Ira練習, 當年她還那麼小, 現在都長這麼大了跟師姐一起做伸展, 時光飛逝 ! 每次看到小兔寶跟恰恰同台都會令人感概且情緒激動的想噴淚 (嘿 這是套用兔子的話)。

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3 Responses to Picture of the Day: Zhenya, Barsukova and Tchachina- A Meeting of Generations

  1. Oh, and Putintseva was also there…in the right wearing Zhenya’s “la monture” gala leo 🙂

  2. Ana says:

    3 true RG goddesses!!

  3. Michel says:

    …….”The last one was someone’s favorite and never ending love – Sweet Lemon”……..
    No backtalk from me… never! *hehe*

    A meeting of the generations, nice photo. I like the second at most.

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