Zhenya in Japanese TV program 2009-Reupload

This program is called “Beautiful Female Athlete in the World”.
It was filmed when Zhenya visited Japan to be the ambassador of culture exchange between Japan and Russia (Japan Premium Project) at the beginning of 2009.
I saw this video first time on youtube but later it was deleted due to against copyright, so I reupload to ZKG Vimeo Channel, if anyone never see this before…
@0:24 It’s Zhenya’s self-portrait, sooo cute 紅心 She understand herself very well, Zhenya is really like a sun ^-^
@01:41-01:49 Zhenya says: Hama san (the host), Good day! Why didn’t you come to support me at Olympics Beijing? Next time please must come to support me紅心

BTW, created “Japan Premium Project” videos album @ZKG Vimeo Channel, 6 videos totaled

and check more informations (photos and news) about Zhenya in Japan Premium Project @this blog: http://kanaeva.exblog.jp/

Note by Zoe Wan: My Japanese is very poor, please correct me if my translation is wrong. Thank You!

這是2009年初小兔寶去日本當日俄文化交流大使時 (Japan Premium Project),一個叫做”世界美女運動員”的日本節目簡單介紹她。當然啦影片中那身高體重的資料現在都不對了。當初是在youtube看到的,但過不久就因為違反版權被移除了。所以我把影片重新上傳到 ZKG Vimeo Channel,有人沒看過的可以看一下。
@0:24 是小兔寶的自畫像,畫得非常非常可愛啊 紅心~~~她很瞭解自己,小兔寶就是個太陽小孩 ^-^ 嘴巴畫起來像個兔子,哈哈哈 真是不負我們給她起的小名-小兔寶 紅心
@01:41-01:49 小兔寶說: Hama san (主持人),日安!為什麼你沒到北京(奧運)來支持我呢? 下次記得一定要來支持我喔 紅心

BTW, 開了 “Japan Premium Project 2009” 影片專輯 @ZKG Vimeo Channel, 裡頭有6部影片

and 小兔寶訪問日本的一些資料照片可以到這個blog看: http://kanaeva.exblog.jp/ (包括了Mie世錦賽後在日本參與的一些活動新聞跟照片)

Note by Zoe Wan: 我的日文很爛,如果我翻錯了請糾正我!謝謝!

P.S. 趕著在一月的最後一天PO一篇新的,可以說是灌灌水吧 哈

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2 Responses to Zhenya in Japanese TV program 2009-Reupload

  1. All the relative videos had been deleted by youtube and Japan Premium Project website. I reupload to mediafire if anyone wants the videos.
    http://www.mediafire.com/?ip6oy34sr7dkz76 (91MB, 9 videos totaled )

  2. Michel says:

    In these blog are many pics and clips from Evgeniya’s visit in Japan: http://kanaeva.exblog.jp

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