Novogorsk Documentary 2010 with some parts translation

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English translated by Tatiana, many many THANKS!!!!!!!!
from 8’27” Zhenya said:
“I know that sport career in RG is short, like 23-24 years old is our maximum. That’s why I don’t regret about anything, anyway I got my whole life ahead. Therefore I do everything possible at this moment, everything I want to (Zhenya means that she works hard now trying to do as much as she can). And then, well, that’s all. I will have fun”

At the beginning an anchor man says that England is proud to be motherland of soccer, Canada – of hockey. And what we (Russia) can be proud of? Of being a motherland of RG. At the beginning of 20th century the 1st school of high art movement was opened in St. Petersburg. Then this sport has become very popular in USSR and soviet gymnast went to conquer the world and achieved that. In 1963 was hold the 1st World Championship. So we’ve got a lot to be proud of.

The anchorman speaks about RG school in Novogorsk. Honored Coach of Russian and Doctor of Pedagogy Irina Vinner put in practice her motto: “Harder, Stronger, Louder”.
She says that this method leads girls to pedestal, fame.

Anchorman talks about their daily routine: they are up since 7:30 a.m., and training 4 hours 2 times per day every single day. They are preparing for World Championship. During day girls will receive portion of tenderness and … portion of cruelty in order to bring up Olympic Character. The most important is to have a right proportion of both.

Viner says that sometimes she can say to the girl: “You’ve got blue eyes, nice eyebrows, you are so beautiful and at the same time behaving so absurdly, you are like fool”

then comes stuff about cow and accommodation.

All video is made about RG centre in Russia. How they prepare the future gold medalists and champions. The episode with cow is to say that girls drink that milk, it’s an olympic cow. So girls get the best. And then the food, that they always have big choice what to eat, but there are notes about how many calories each product carries. So it’s easy for them to maintain weight.

Viner says about methods they use (“carrots and sticks”) It’s necessary to give right proportion of both, “sweet” to cheer them up, and “bitterness” to bring up Olympic character.

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  1. Michel says:

    A new translator? Thanks on Tatiana also from me 🙂

  2. Many Thanks my new friend Tatiana’s translation (L)

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