Vote: favorite Zhenya leotards (multiple choice)

Just want to try the wordpress’s polls option 🙂 let’s vote your favorite Zhenya’s leotards (including Gala leos) You can have multi choices, and I only listed the leotards those were wore FIRST TIME by Zhenya. here we go, this poll will continue one week! Let me be the first!

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10 Responses to Vote: favorite Zhenya leotards (multiple choice)

  1. Agree with you two, I don’t see any problems with the red boots. it’s lovely and suit that gala’s style ♥♥
    I also love Hoop 2010 colorful leo @EC, imo better than the green one and more match the “Rite of the Spring”. looks more powerful in that routine.

  2. Michel says:

    I like these boots, too! And with the pigtails Evgeniya looks so cute, like a little girl (of course, she was at that time only 17/18 years young).

  3. Ana says:

    oh definitely!!! the rear of that leo was what made me vote for it, so carefully designed, the colours combination is great and all those swarocksy crystals placed perfectly.

    oh and I also voted for the 2 ribbons red gala leo.

    I´ve read that many people don´t like the boots but I loved them, plus Zhenya looked adorable in that outfit and with her hair done like that♥

  4. Ana, thanks for your voting and comment 🙂
    I love Hoop 2009 leo too, just I prefer the rear of that leo 😀

  5. Ana says:

    I voted for the 2009 hoop leo, while I think it wasn´t in much accordance to the music, it was a gorgeous leo.

    and for the galas leo I vote for the Thiais 2010 gala.

  6. Michel says:

    My mistake, I looked only after “gala” and read only the word “ribbon”. So I have overlooked it and click on “others” 😉

  7. @Michel: so you only voted one leotard? because I didn’t see the 2 ribbons gala red leo got any vote. this is a multi choices poll 🙂 you can choose more and no limit 😉

  8. Michel says:

    Thanks Zoe for changing the name 🙂

    Well the first two are very easy! On the first place is of course the “Sweet Lemon Gala-leotard” from 2010, on the second my favourite till March this year, the “Red Gala-leotard” from 2007/08. The third isn’t so easy, because Evgeniya had many beautiful leos in the last years, but because I love green, I say the green/pink rope leo from 2010.

  9. Michel says:

    Why “EC Bremen Gala Green Leo” isn’t called “Sweet Lemon”-leotard? 😐

  10. I voted 8 leos! but my top 3 are hoop 2008, ribbon 2008 and ribbon 2009-red 🙂
    and I always won’t forget her moscow night pink leo, so much miss her in 2008

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