Russian Lyrics: Kadril Veselaya-Zhenya 2 Ribbons Gala

I remembered some people would like to know the Russian lyrics of Zhenya’s 2 ribbons Gala-Kadril Veselaya. So I asked my new friend-Tatiana to write down the lyrics for me. MANY THANKS Tatiana!!! And let us review Zhenya’s Two Ribbons Gala performance in OG Beijing 2008 🙂
Kadril Veselaya-by Svetoch-mp3 download:

here’s another version by German TV recorded by Michel (Many Thanks!!!)
I also uploaded to dailymotion.

*Кадриль веселая* (Kadril Veselaya)

Когда-то россияне Катюши, Тани, Мани,
Танцуя на гулянье, открыли новый стиль.
Штиблеты и сапожки под русские гармошки,
Под бересту и ложки прославили кадриль

Теперь почти забытая, гитарами забитая,
Но всё же непокорная жива кадриль задорная,

На дедов мы похожи, веселье любим тоже,
Кадриль забыть не можем, улыбка в ней и стать.
Окончена работа, опять пришла суббота,
И нам с тобой охота кадриль потанцевать.

Кадриль моя сердечная, старинная, но вечная,
Фабричная, колхозная, смешная и серьёзная.

Lyrics with Transliteration (by google translator)
Kogda-to rossiyane Katyushi, Tani, Mani,
Tantsuya na gulyanʹe, otkryli novyĭ stilʹ.
Shtiblety i sapozhki pod russkie garmoshki,
Pod berestu i lozhki proslavili kadrilʹ

Teperʹ pochti zabytaya, gitarami zabitaya,
No vsë zhe nepokornaya zhiva kadrilʹ zadornaya,

Na dedov my pohozhi, veselʹe lyubim tozhe,
Kadrilʹ zabytʹ ne mozhem, ulybka v nyeĭ i statʹ.
Okonchena rabota, opyatʹ prishla subbota,
I nam s toboĭ ohota kadrilʹ potantsevatʹ.

Kadrilʹ moya serdechnaya, starinnaya, no vechnaya,
Fabrichnaya, kolhoznaya, smeshnaya i serʹëznaya.

And there is a video in YouTube (Thanks Tatiana again for the video link) with this song. So you can even find another version of it 😀

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3 Responses to Russian Lyrics: Kadril Veselaya-Zhenya 2 Ribbons Gala

  1. Ana says:

    omg thank you!!!

    I had been looking for this lyrics for while now….

    please tell thank you very very much to Tatiana!

  2. @Michel: That’s why I said I will upload to “dailymotion”, OG videos will not be blocked there 😀
    2 hours ago, I also uploaded my video to youtube and then it was blocked, so I deleted it.
    Anyway, now the compelete Zhenya 2 Ribbons Gala in Beijing has been uploaded to my dailymotion channel and I have putted it in this article right now.

    Since your video is blocked, I removed your link, sorry…

    And Added the Lyrics with Transliteration, thanks google XDDD

  3. Michel says:

    This gala is till today my absolutly favorite routine – even before the Sweet Lemon gala! I uploaded them in Youtube, what I had taken 2008 in German TV (the same as the Japanese version only with German comments). Unfortunately there are missing the first 3 seconds of the routine :(, I was too slow, because I didn’t know that an RG gala comes. BTW: It’s locked in some countries… content of NBC blablabla…

    *edit by Zoe Wan: remove youtube link. because it’s blocked due to copyright

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