Evgenia Kanaeva: I am the main rival for myself

Photo by Naumov-Schreyer: http://www.vfrg.ru/index.php?dn=photos&to=cat&id=58
A short interview after EC Bremen 2010
Original article link: http://news.sportbox.ru/Vidy_sporta/hud_gimnastika/spbnews_Evgeniya-Kanaeva-YA-sama-sebe-glavniy-sopernik
Translated by Alyona

The Olympic Champion of 2008, the present World Champion from Russia Evgenia Kanaeva, who won the All Around competition at the European Championship for the second time, tells about her tradition to sing anthem on the podium and her desire to take part in the Olympic Games once again.

– I am always happy to win. But then I think: well, and what’s next? And the next is the Worlds in Moscow. I have to look good there. And then comes one more Olympics. I would love to take part again. For this I need to keep a good form.

– Daria Kondakova comes closer and closer to you with every competition. Do you ever think about that?
– No. I am the main rival for myself.
– This time there was a touching moment when you were singing the Russian Anthem aloud at podium.
– Not only this time. I always sing it. Well, when I win.
– Everyone says that you didn’t have enough power at the last apparatus. Why?
– Well, it’s true. Why did it happen? Probably because I spent too much energy on the previous three routines. I agree that I haven’t performed ribbon the way I can.
– Isn’t it connected with the fact that you have lost much weight recently?
– On the contrary, it helped me a lot. I needed to do it long time ago! Finally I decided to pay attention at my body to look better on the carpet.
– And how much did you loose?
– About 2,5 kgs. It’s pretty much for a gymnast.
– During the award ceremony you invited all the first six gymnasts (note by Zoe Wan: it should be top 8 gymnasts) to the podium. What evoked such a gesture?
– It was evoked by my big respect for all these girls. For me the soul of a person is more important than the place she wins. I know that every one of these girls works not less than me. But there is only one first place. And many gymnasts deserve it. This was what I wanted to show.

And here’s another similar interview
Some different parts are: (translated by google)
1. The correspondent asked Zhenya: How can this(lose weight) be achieved?
Zhenya: Very simply: has to consume less food. As it turned out, it is quite possible. bandoned flour and all sorts of sweet gazirovok. Previously was a sin (laughs). For a little, but allowed himself. We refused completely.

2. Still allowing two observations? The first – in the zone kiss & cry, when you get the latest assessment, the therapist suddenly appeared in our team. Do you really okay with health?
Zhenya: What do you mean – I’ve long since a great feeling not! I just wanted to see all those people who helped me on the way to this victory, who put me in a lot of strength. I wanted to somehow repay them.

3. Your personal trainer Vera Efremovna Shtelbaums reported that after the European Championships you are going to hometown Omsk, but the rest there still will not.
Zhenya: How it will not? But to me she said something quite different (laughs). No, of course, have to train, I can not do without. But I would like to get at least one relatively free for a week – to deal with the backlog cases. In the same study, for example. And since the beginning of May – back in the battle.

And this is Vera Shtelbaums’s interview
at the end of the article she talked about Zhenya’s schedule after EC: (translated by google)
“now ten days go on vacation to her native Omsk, there and feeding. Just kidding, of course – a vacation in the middle of the season? Just potreniruemsya home, still it is psychologically easier. In May we have a new series starts – the World Cup and Grand Prix in Corbeil-Essonne, Marbella and Minsk. Perhaps only then will give Zhenya a little rest.”

And Viner’s interview

photo by Barny: http://barny-th.de/em2010_bremen/em_bremen10_03.htm

photo by Barny: http://barny-th.de/em2010_bremen/em_bremen10_03.htm
Evgenia Kanaeva: 我主要的對手是我自己
原文連結: http://news.sportbox.ru/Vidy_sporta/hud_gimnastika/spbnews_Evgeniya-Kanaeva-YA-sama-sebe-glavniy-sopernik
中譯: Zoe Wan

2008年奧運冠軍,現任世界冠軍Evgenia Kanaeva贏得了她第二個歐錦賽個人全能桂冠. 她談到自己唱國歌的習慣跟參加第二次奧運的渴望。

– 對於勝利我總是感到很開心,但接著我會想: 那麼,接下來呢? 接下來是莫斯科世界錦標賽。在世錦賽我必須看起來很好。然後是奧運,我希望能再次參賽。為了這個目標我必須保持好的狀態。

– Daria Kandakova在每一次的比賽越來越接近你,你曾想過這個嗎?
– 沒有,我主要的對手是我自己。
– 這次有個感人的時刻,你在頒獎台上很大聲的唱國歌。
– 不只這一次,我每次都唱,呃,當我贏的時候。
– 每個人都說最後一項器械的時候,你體力不繼,為什麼?
– 嗯,這是真的。為什麼會這樣? 可能是我在前三輪花費太多精力。我同意彩帶我沒發揮應有的水準。
– 難道不是跟你最近減重很多有關?
– 不是,相反地,這對我有很大的幫助。這是很早就該做的!終於我決定讓自己的身體在地毯上看起來更好。
– 你減了多少重量?
– 大約2.5公斤。對體操選手而言,這樣是很多的。
– 頒獎典禮的時候,你邀請前六名選手(應該是前八才對) 都站上頒獎台,是什麼原因促使你這樣做?
– 這是來自於我對這些女孩們的巨大尊敬。對我而言,一個人的精神比她的名次更重要。我知道這些女孩們每一個都不會比我練得更少,但第一只有一個。很多選手都有資格當第一,這是我想傳達的。

不同的地方是: (用google翻譯的)
1. 關於減肥, 記者問Zhenya是怎麼做到的?
Zhenya: 很簡單,吃少一點,不要吃澱粉類跟甜食。(大概是這意思)

2. 記者: 最後一輪結束,在Kiss & Cry的時候,隊醫突然出現,你的身體狀況還好嗎?
Zhenya: 身體沒事,是因為想見到對於我得勝幫助很多的人,我想回報他們。

3. 記者: 你的教練Vera Shtelbaums說你將會回家鄉OMSK,但還是不能休息。
Zhenya: 為什麼不能? 但她跟我不是這樣說的 (笑)。當然,必須要訓練,不能不訓練! 但我希望至少有一個禮拜的空閒時間,讓我處理一些積壓的事情。例如我的課業。然後在五月初繼續比賽。

Vera Shtelbuams的訪問:
結尾談了EC後,Zhenya的Schedule,會回家休息10天,但還是要訓練不能放鬆。五月初繼續開始新的系列賽-World Cup Corbeil-Essonne,Grand Prix Marbella and World Cup Minsk。

Viner的訪問: http://www.allsportinfo.ru/index.php?id=39766

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6 Responses to Evgenia Kanaeva: I am the main rival for myself

  1. Wan and catts says:

    I am happy that Zhenya always keep modest and she doesn\’t look down other gymnasts. and agreed marie-angé​lique, "the podiums are ALWAYS fun to watch when she is on." ^_^

  2. Laura says:

    I haven\’t got words to explain what I\’m feeling after reading the interview…" I am the main rival for myself."" For me the soul of a person is more important than the place she wins"Zhenya(L)(L)(L)(L)

  3. marie-angélique says:

    Like a lot Kanaeva\’s state of mind, a lot think like her but few gymnasts act. That\’s nice from her. Anyway, the podiums are ALWAYS fun to watch when she is on. She\’s fun to watch, she relaxes the atmosphere.It is very cool to know she will come to Corbeil !Coolmadgick

  4. Wan and catts says:

    看到這樣的兔寶, 再一次讓我覺得當她的fan很幸福。Once again, I am proud to be Zhenya\’s fan!

  5. RC says:

    我最感动的也是邀请大家上领奖台那段这个姑娘始终都是当年Omsk队友所说的Mother Teresa

  6. Wan and catts says:

    Many Many Thanks Alyona\’s translation!!!!!Very good words by Zhenya at the end, quoted "- It was evoked by my big respect for all these girls. For me the soul of a person is more important than the place she wins. I know that every one of these girls works not less than me. But there is only one first place. And many gymnasts deserve it. This was what I wanted to show. "小兔寶結尾那段講的太好了!!!

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