Picture of the Day: Zhenya’s new nickname “Sweet Lemon” XDDD


My friend Michel said he love this photo very much, then I told him my friend Hershey said this one looks like a big lemon 
one hour later Michel told me @msn, I quoted his words:
My personal nickname for Evgenia is no longer Zhenya, but now “Sweet Lemon
. The first lemon, which is not sour, but sweet… *hahahahaha* Say your friend a thanks from me, for the idea with the lemon *hahaha*”
And Michel hope me to choose this photo as “Picture of the Day” …so as his request  

Sweet Lemon Gala video with good quality, Many Thanks voltigierclips
Music: Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla

More beautiful “Sweet Lemon” photos check
fotobeethoven’s photos album, Billion Thanks
Some my favorite

Plus two photos by RC @EC Bremen, I translated the wonderful stories of these two, the stories were written on RC’s EC Bremen 2010 photos Album. sorry for my poor English and Big Big thanks RC’s amazing photos and sharing us the warm stories.

This little girl was waiting to take photo with Zhenya, but was stopped by staff, and she was scared and step back, Zhenya saw her then pull the little girl back and hug this little girl to let the girl’s parent to take a photo quickly.

Zhenya gave her flower to Shtelbaums when she returned to the stand.

每日很多圖: 小兔寶新綽號 “甜心檸檬

故事是這樣的,今天在俄羅斯RG Federation網站看到今年EC的照片,德國朋友Michel跟我說他很喜歡小兔寶那張Gala照片,我跟他說巧克力說那張看起來像個大檸檬   。Michel 聽了覺得很有趣,沒多久他在msn跟我說 :對他而言 Evgenia的nickname不再是Zhenya, 而是Sweet Lemon-“甜心檸檬” (內容詳見上面英文)。之後他又說希望我選這張照片當作每日一圖,所以如他所願

and 轉貼兩張兔子的EC照片,因為這兩張照片背後的故事都很感人。小兔寶真的很體貼很Sweet的。哈哈,就好像她的個性,她說喜歡吃甜食,然後新綽號又叫”甜心檸檬
這是 兔子的EC相簿

Youtube已經有畫質好的甜心檸檬 Gala video,感謝 voltigierclips



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14 Responses to Picture of the Day: Zhenya’s new nickname “Sweet Lemon” XDDD

  1. Michel says:

    Congratulations to your first name day Sweet Lemon!!! 🙂

    I’m glad that you have wore this gala suit a whole year, that isn’t always common. I LOVE (L) him since the first day one year ago, because I like this bright luminous green yellow (my favorite colors with beige), he has something elegant and yet playful for me, it suits to an pretty girl. And how the suit looks, so elegant and playful sounds the nickname Sweet Lemon. These elegance is what I love on this kind of sport. I would love to embrace you in this suit *big digital hug*. Can I say as man that it looks a bit sexy, without that somebody misunderstands it? I don’t know it, but I do it! 😉

    The nickname & leotard is become somehow to me for the synonym of the elegance of the sport.

    As far as I’m concerned you could always wear this leotard in your galas, but unfortunately it will soon be over, you will wear a new one. The leotard will DISAPPEAR, but your nickname REMAINS and for me the elegance of the sport is expressed by the name. I come to Berlin this year, there you could once again wear this leotard, or? 😀

    I swim against the flow. A boy who likes rhythmic gymnastics. People always look confused when I tell them that. I tell them from these aesthetic and elegance. It manifests itself for me in this nickname/leotard (ok, this I say not to the people *g*)……. exaggerated? crazy? probably! 8)

    That were only a few of my thoughts to the name…….. that’s why I love this name, this suit (with Evgeniya inside of course). The leotard goes, you stays! Sweet Lemon stays! YOU ARE SWEET LEMON!


    PS: Why I must think just on a Cheburashka in a bright luminous green / yellow jersey? 😛

  2. Michel says:

    Well, I’m incorrigible :mrgreen:. You can even change the button 1000 times and I will click always on it. Promised :D.

  3. Michel:)))) I know you immediately click the facebook “like” button as you got my message! I think facebook should add more functions for “like” button, such as +100, +1000, +∞ (infinity) XDDD because “1 like” is not enough to express your deeeep LOVE to this article 😉

  4. Michel says:

    Zoe…. it was only a matter of time, that was clear, or? 😉

    I saw the “like” button in the newest article and thought at first on this article 8). One of my favorite articles, perhaps my favorite. And I like the name, like on the first day. He sounds great till today, even Evgeniya has next year a new leotard. Evgeniya is Sweet Lemon. Forever!

  5. hahaha Michel! you are so cute. especially find out this artile to click “like” button XDD

  6. Wan and catts says:

    Added Sweet Lemon Gala video (good quality) in article, Big Thanks "voltigierclips" (文章將甜心檸檬的gala video加進去了, 不能看ytb的, 我貼了下載地址)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo2sc47kPiIdownload link:http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5PL9AML0@Laura & marie-angélique: Glad to know you and the French forum all love this nickname ^_^

  7. Laura says:

    Hahaha! Sweet Lemon! 😀 I like it!! So nice!

  8. marie-angélique says:

    @Wan and catts Wan : Oh i\’m quit often here, i just forget to leave comments :)French forum like this little nickename btw :)Coolmadgick.

  9. Wan and catts says:

    And I love Zhenya\’s hairdo, love the plait beautiful and lovely :)喜歡甜心小檸檬的髮型, 那條小辦子太可愛了 ^-^

  10. Anita says:

    =P …very nice!! Good Luck " Sweet Lemon"

  11. Wan and catts says:

    As Zhenya said in her interview she like sweets 🙂 so "Sweet Lemon" suit her perfectly <333@Michel: me too! I love this nickname more and more ^_^@marie-angé​lique: thanks for your comment, it\’s nice to see you here :)再一次謝謝兔子大方分享, 而且告訴我們這麼美好溫暖的故事and 後來看到fotobeethoven分享的照片都想選別張了, 不過既然Michel已經說喜歡這張, 還是po了 哈

  12. Michel says:

    Thanks for the article, Zoe! The more often I hear the name, the more I like it.

  13. marie-angélique says:

    Zhenya is a such nice girl…And i like very much this nickename ! Sweet Lemon is perfect !! Very good idea ! Thanks for all those news, Coolmadgick.

  14. RC says:

    oh yeah,坐下每日很多图DI沙发~~~顶顶我们尊老爱幼的甜心小柠檬~~~

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