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Picture of the Day-Zhenya-Ball-Final-World Cup Debrecen 2010

  Zhenya-Ball Final-WC Debrecen 2010 Another very good vertical view photo! sooo beautiful!!! (LOVE) (LOVE) (LOVE) Last year in WC Budapest had a similar photo (see below), I prefer this year’s a little bit… 又一張拍的很美的高空俯視圖,去年在WC Budapest也有一張類似的 (見下圖),比較起來更喜歡今年的。  Zhenya-Ball-Final-WC Budapest 2009 For … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day+Zhenya Short Interview+Finals vedios of WC Debrecen 2010

這是WC Debrecen AA照片! 高空俯瞰圖效果很棒,彩帶看起來就像一朵花 Photo from AA-World Cup Debrecen,Beautiful photo! Zhenya’s ribbon looked like a flower Below is a short interview of Zhenya,english translated by Gergely! Billion Thanks!!!!! answers. We had about 2 questions/medium, she had about 5 minutes between … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day: Zhenya+Shtelbaums ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  From World Cup Debrecen (HUN) 2010 VERY VERY NICE PHOTOS,LOVE ZHENYA AND SHTELBAUMS (BIG HEART) THEY ARE ALWAYS SOOO CLOSE MANY THANKS THE PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THIS WONDERUL PIC!!!  Few days ago,when I traslated the article-“Ascension“- from ETO Sport 2007,I … Continue reading

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Zhenya-Desk Calendar 2010

寬頻網路公司送我一個旅行相簿桌曆,當然我首先想到的就是用Zhenya的照片。 要從我電腦裡頭那一大堆Zhenya的照片挑12張真的好難,一開始我都是從HQ的照片先選, 總之選了老半天就是選了這12張,有的是配合她運動生涯大事紀-譬如奧運跟去年世錦賽,就分別放在八月跟九月。 今天終於收到相片送來的桌曆了。贈品嘛,這樣我覺得很OK了。只是有點討厭有的照片被切了一些。 12張桌曆照片我放到相片區了: 我是用掃瞄的 Zhenya-Desk Calendar-2010 Today I received my Zhenya-Desk Calendar-2010,It’s a free gift from my internet company。 Sooo hard for me to pick just TWELVE photos from my tremendous collections! Anyway, I finally chose these 12 photos。 Some … Continue reading

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World Cup Debrecen (HUN), 05-07 Mar. 2010

New Photo @World Cup Debrecen(HUN) This weekend,Zhenya will take part in World Cup Debrecen (HUN)Below are some informations… Senior Individual AA Start List – Group A: Individual AA Start List – Group B: is in Group B! Official Website: … Continue reading

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The Siberian of the Year-2009

The Siberian of the Year-2009written by Alyona On March 2, 2010 internet site will start voting for the title “The Siberian of the Year”. There are 28 candidates chosen by the Experts’ Committee and only seven of them are going … Continue reading

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